So, for some time now, I’ve had a crush on two of my friends. Well, they’re twins, actually, who came here from The Philippines. They’ve been two of my best friends since we were young. They’re cute and fun and outgoing and just… perfect.

They actually wanted to see what Hierarch Industries was about. Like everyone else, I’ve heard rumors of what goes on in there. But after brushing up on what little knowledge is available to the public (you know those Corporate Press Releases and Marketing stunts, etc.), I decided to join them.

I’m hoping this will give me a chance to be with one of them as their Alpha. Maybe if I’m lucky I can be with both of them chuckles one can only hope.

Well, see you after the meeting.

Beta Patron Request by @karkat-kanaya-mix
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Day in the Life

So you’ve talked extensively about how an Alpha/omega is processed and transformed by Hierarch Industries, but you’ve never really gone beyond that initial coupling… Could you go into detail about what the average day in the life of a mated omega would be like?

Do things continue on just as they had before they’d been mated, do they now act subservient or completely submissive to the demands of their new Alpha, or is it somewhere in the middle?

I’m curious to see what life is like for omegas once they’ve bonded with their Alpha.

Alpha Patron Request by @cam121496
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Birthday Body

So, today is my twentieth birthday and so far it has gone pretty well… As a hipster, I’ve always wanted to grow a beard, but I’ve never been able so I was wondering if you could help me out and give me a little birthday gift of change.

As it’s a present, I’ll let you decide to make it more of a surprise, but just know that I’ve always wanted to be ginger or blonde, and be pretty dang hairy. Thanks for your help.

Story Request by @unabashedwinnerboi
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