Not Quite Fitting In

I recently met up with some old family friends from my childhood. All of the three boys grew up to be huge muscular jocks and I have always been the skinny, nerdy friend.

Any way that you think the Pink Fairy could help me out and be more of one of them?

Story Request by @murraymania63
(Source: @fantasists || Model: Trevor Signorino)

A shuddering moan escapes you as you’re roused to wakefulness. Something hot, wet, and slick is painted across your chest and stomach. The smell of sex, sweat, and cum fills your nostrils. You can’t help but roll your hips, pumping your rigid cock into the thick muscular hand of one of your three friends.

As you rouse from your groggy state to look over to your side, you see the man jerking your cock looking at you with bright mischievous eyes. “Finally joining us, I see,” he says. You try to think about how you got here, but you can’t remember. The only thing that you do, and even that is fading, is the sensation of cold rain against your skin awash in the hot pink light of a neon sign hanging over a sex shop that shouldn’t exist.

You feel your brain throb and pulse, your nerdy interests slipping out of you with every stroke of your friend’s hand. Up and down and up and down. With every up stroke, with every leak of pre-cum from the tip of your cock, you feel your body swell, muscles appearing where they weren’t before, and you feel your brain getting lighter, smarts popping out of existence like delicate little soap bubbles adrift in a howling wind.

With each stroke down you fall deeper and deeper into that pleasurable haze in your head. You chuckle dumbly, flexing your arms as your friend encourages you. “Fuck yeah, that’s it bro, empty that fuckin’ head,” he grunts, like a total neanderthal. You hear yourself chuckle, and the low baritone of your new voice only makes your cock harder.

By the time that your friend is done with you, you are irrevocably changed. Your memories, are, too. A new reality sets into concrete around you. One where you never moved away. One where you stayed in town because you were too dumb to finish High School. Getting a labor job. Spending most of your waking hours at the gym.

Getting fucked and sucking cock whenever you could manage, believing that the extra protein from your friends’ cum was helping your gains. Of course, the last remnants of the old you know that this is false. But the new you doesn’t know better.

Your summer memories are filled with images of you kneeling for your friends, one at a time, or all three at the same time. Skewered on both ends. Penetrated by two cocks at once. Left drenched in cum and sweat but absolutely bouncing with happiness.

There’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

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