Hey Pink Fairy. I’ve always been pretty versatile, but recently my Daddy saw me stroking while I played with my dildo.

He says that I should be a real slut for him and never touch my cock or else he’ll leave me. Is there a way that you can help me?

I’ll do anything to please him, even if it means a cage or worse.

Story Request by @vaguely-dark
(Source: manhuntdaily)

A chill runs down your spine the moment your Daddy says those words. You want to protest, but your voice seems to get stuck in your throat. That’s a threat that should never be dropped in what is supposed to be a reciprocal relationship. Your Daddy shouldn’t be able to deny you love, companionship, and pleasure just because you don’t happen to meet certain sexual standards. As it happens, the Pink Fairy agrees with you.

But he’s not so interested in shaking things up as he is about changing them for the better. Or at least, that’s the sense that you get one day when you wake up with a cold sweat, the hot pink neon sign of the Pink Fairy’s sex shop at the crossroads of two streets that shouldn’t exist already a fading memory in the back of your head. You try to think, grasping at those straws, but there’s a pleasant haze draped across your thoughts that you can’t quite dispel.

You sit up in bed and reach down between your legs to the throbbing need that you feel down there. Your swollen cock presses up against the cage of clear acrylic that’s wrapped around it, and you can’t help but moan needily as you thumb at the part of your cockhead that you can reach through the opening at the tip of the cage.

You’re intensely horny and there’s nothing you can do about it. And you find, as you get hornier, that the fog in your head is getting thicker. It’s getting harder to think, almost like your thoughts are sliding around in molasses. All you can really focus on is cock. Specifically, your Daddy’s cock. Which you know is hard from the way that it tents the blanket in the bedspace next to yours.

Without needing any prompting you slip down under the blankets as new memories fill your head, crowding out old knowledge like math and science, pushing out intelligence and leaving behind empty space that quickly gets filled with thoughts of sluttiness and horniness and in general being a cute little airheaded fucktoy for your Daddy.

Especially since he needs you now. You’re not sure when it started, but then again, you’re not sure of many things these days. But Daddy used to be a very smart guy, with a very successful job, but one day he just started thinking with his cock a lot more. He got bigger. Broader. Manlier. But he also got a lot emptier in the head. Just like you.

He also got a lot hornier. You’ve been taking care of him ever since. He never seems to get any less horny. Especially since he can’t cum anymore. Or at least he hasn’t come for a while. You never lose track of that, even if you lose track of so many other things. Since you want nothing more than his cum.

But you haven’t gotten it in a while. Doesn’t keep you from trying, though. Daddy wanted you to be a good little fuckslut for him or else he would discard you, so you turned into one. You let all your smarts bleed out of your empty little head. But now Daddy doesn’t have any smarts either, and no one’s going to put up with how horny he is all the time. So now he needs you.

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