To Not Be Left Out

You seem to know about this stuff… There is this new drug running around and everybody says it’s the best they’ve had. They say it doesn’t have any side effects, but you know, I don’t believe that…

My cooked friends have left all past addictions, but they act a little… sect-like. Fuck that! I’m not staying behind. I don’t know what it will be, but I’m in.

Story Request by @worthtrying

The first thing that needs to be said is: don’t do drugs. Addiction is unbecoming, and is a burden that can take over your life before you know what’s happening. But in this case, it’s okay. The public likes to brand it a “drug,” but the truth is that it’s a well-researched, well-documented legitimate pharmaceutical with minimal side-effects and virtually no risk of addiction that’s being sold at extremely accessible prices.

It’s a small purple pill, and the only reason that you’ve not heard more about it is the fact that the other big pharmaceutical companies are doing everything in their power to bury it. That’s why the manufacturer, Hierarch Industries Pharmaceuticals, decided to let word of mouth do their marketing for them. Of course, that means that they don’t really have control over the message, and that’s why we’re in this mess right now.

But seriously, there are no negative effects on the pill. It improves your life in ways that might be unfathomable to you right now. The fact that your friends are acting a bit strangely, is it really all that bad when they all seem to be healthier and happier? This pill will introduce you to a brand new way of life, one that you won’t be able to resist, one that you for sure will not regret.

Your friends are there with you when you take your first pill. It’s a bit weird, if you’re being honest, the way that they watch you. They don’t appear to have pills of their own, but you’ve come too far to let this stop you. You take the pill, and knock it back with a gulp of cool water, and sit there for a few minutes, waiting for it to kick in.

It isn’t long before you feel pins and needles all over your body. It’s a warm tingling under your skin. Sweat breaks out across your body, and your shirt suddenly feels too-tight against your torso. Smiles break out on the faces of all your friends who are nearby and it’s almost like the dynamic of the room changes. They pair off, but it’s clear that in every pair, there is a more dominant one, and a more submissive one.

You don’t get to think about it for very long because your own transformation is sending profound sensations throughout your body. You feel your self-confidence improving. You feel at peace with yourself, with your body. But at the same time you begin to feel a need to serve, a need to make someone else happy, a need to complete someone.

You pull at your clothes, taking your shirt off, followed by your pants. You’re stunned by the chiseled, lean physique that is revealed under your clothing. Your cock twitches in your underwear, but it never even occurs to you to touch yourself. You look around the room, moaning as you begin to smell musk from the more dominant men that surround you. You feel submissive and happy, even though there’s something still missing.

It isn’t until one of your friends, the one you had a crush on, who had suspiciously been missing this whole time, enters the room that you realize what you need. It isn’t long after that when you throw yourself at him. And before you know it, you’re swept up in his arms, his cock pumping in and out of you, making you whole, filling you and fulfilling you.

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