Oral Exercises

Dear Pink Fairy, I love my boyfriend dearly but there’s one major issue I was hoping you could help with: my boyfriend is a terrible kisser.

While being shy about using his mouth to please me is something I’ve been trying to help him with, he just can’t wrap his head around why kissing is just so enjoyable for me. Do you think you could help loosen his mouth enough for more than just a few short pecks on the lips?

Story Request by @exulen
(Source: @sweetaswine)

It can be done, of course. The question is only ever at what price. It’s too late now to back out. You’ve uttered the words. You’ve asked your question. The pact is struck and all that’s left is to work the magic and pay the price. Don’t worry about the fog that’s starting to take over your thoughts, that’s slowing them down, making them simpler, making them revolve around sex, around arousal, around cock and cum. You don’t need to worry. Shouldn’t worry. Besides, you’ll be much happier from now on. And I can promise you that you will get exactly what you wanted.

The approach is two-pronged, of course. The truth is that your boyfriend has entered a negative feedback loop. He has never particularly enjoyed kissing, but likes kissing you. Except he’s not as into it as you are. Which makes him self conscious. Which makes him not as good at kissing. Which makes him even more self-conscious. And around and around it goes. The solution is pretty clear. He just needs to not think so much. Just drain all those smarts out of his head. Let them pop away like delicate soap bubbles. Let those facts slide out, drip out. He’ll be much happier. Much more amenable to kissing.

The second front of attack is obvious. Kissing is a little thing. Obviously if he’s more used to taking bigger things in his mouth, it will be easier for him to open up to kissing. That’s pretty easy to remedy. A well-placed itch halfway down his throat that can only be scratched by cock should do the trick.

And to make sure that he’s always horny enough to suck cock for practice, and horny enough to stay dumb, let’s lock his cock up in a chastity cage, too. He’s not going to be using it much these days. And besides it would be better if he wasn’t distracted by his own cock while practicing to get better at kissing, wouldn’t you say?

There you go. Wish granted. Is it everything you wanted? Yes. Is there stuff that you didn’t necessarily want? Yes. But you’re too dumb to care now, aren’t you, little slut? Maybe next time be more precise in your wording. 😉

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    • Hi! There should be a link under the image that tells you the source of the image. As for the identity of the couple, I’m afraid I don’t have that information for you. Sorry.

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