As All Things Should Be

My roommate recently came back from a vacation to some island. He’s been a bit strange, although he looks a lot better than he used to.

The problem is, soon after he got home, he turned on the A/C, took off his clothes, and laid in bed. After that, it was almost like he couldn’t stand clothes. Stranger still, some of the other people in the building started doing the same thing. None of them leave, except to buy groceries when necessary. At all other times, they’re just in their rooms, naked in bed.

Ah… It’s so hot… I have to take off my clothes. I… I want chicken.

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It was one of those trips that, really, only rich people could reasonably take. And for all intents and purposes, at least relative to Shaun, his roommate Jeremy was loaded. Jeremy didn’t necessarily have a lot of personal wealth, but he had been born into old money, and the trip was supposedly his reward for getting an A on his senior-year thesis.

Shaun only knew three things about the trip when Jeremy left for it: that Jeremy would be backpacking for at least a week before he finally got to the remote island, that Jeremy would be going to a remote island somewhere in the Mediterranean, and that he would have the apartment to himself for a good month or so. All in all, it had seemed to be a great deal. Jeremy got to enjoy seeing the world while Shaun enjoyed some time to himself.

When the day came for Jeremy to leave, Shaun sent him off with thinly-veiled glee. The next month of Shaun’s life wasn’t perfect, or idyllic, but it was certainly great. He was able to bring home girls whenever he wanted, and he didn’t have to deal with Jeremy’s habits. It was enough to celebrate.

The only thing Shaun wasn’t counting on was Jeremy getting home a changed man. He seemed almost unresponsive, barely saying a word about his trip. Usually, Jeremy couldn’t shut the fuck up soon enough about his travels and experiences. It was a bit concerning, but he chalked it up to Jeremy being tired. At least until they got home and Jeremy immediately walked up to the thermostat to turn it all the way down while stripping off his clothes.

Shaun was too stunned by the sight of Jeremy’s hot, tight body and muscular ass to say anything before Jeremy marched to his room. The sound of Jeremy falling into bed was the thing that jarred Shaun back to the real world. When Shaun went to Jeremy’s room and asked if he was okay, the only thing that Jeremy did, without so much as looking in his direction, was say "Worry not. Everything is as it should be."

At first, Shaun was sure that Jeremy was just tripping balls, but as the days wore on and there was no change in Jeremy’s condition, he started to get concerned. The one thing he was glad for was that Jeremy had at least turned the thermostat back up a little bit. The previous night had been hellishly cold in the apartment.

Shaun would have spent more time worrying about his roommate, but he had work to do and he couldn’t very well call in to take care of Jeremy. He was sure that if anything bad did happen, Jeremy would be able to take care of himself. It wasn’t like Jeremy was unconscious or anything. He just refused to move, sweating like a pig onto his sheets despite how cold the apartment was.

After work, Shaun bumped into Jeremy walking back to their apartment with bags of groceries in his arms. "Glad to see that you’re back on your feet," he said, clapping a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder.

Jeremy looked at him with a small, dopey smile. His eyes were glassy, glazed-over, and dull. The way that Jeremy looked at him, Shaun felt like Jeremy was gazing right through him. "Only for the moment," said Jeremy. "This body needs fuel to burn. Then it shall return to its earlier state. As it should."

Shaun shivered a little, concerned by the words but by now used to Jeremy’s strangeness that he didn’t really give it too much thought. He didn’t actually notice that Jeremy was naked until they were halfway up to their apartment. "Jesus Christ, man. Did you go out like that? And you didn’t get arrested?"

"No," said Jeremy, with that same little dopey smile. "Why should this body be arrested? It is precisely as it should be at this time," he added.

Shaun tried to digest those words for a moment. He didn’t really understand. But whatever. He was pretty sure there were public indecency laws, and no doubt Jeremy had been reported to the police or had been seen by the police while out grocery shopping. If they didn’t see any problem with the nudity, Shaun figured there was nothing to worry about.

Back at the apartment, it felt like Jeremy had kicked the thermostat back up another notch. "Hey, thanks for being considerate and not keeping the apartment fucking freezing," said Shaun. It was still a little uncomfortably cold, but at least now a blanket would work to warm him in bed.

Jeremy just smiled at Shaun. "It is, as all things, as it should be," said Jeremy.

Shaun gawked at Jeremy as he stuffed his face. The groceries that Jeremy had bought were devastated, and Jeremy himself had eaten so much that his stomach looked horrifically distended. "Are… Are you okay?" said Shaun, as Jeremy glugged down the seventh glass of whole milk since the beginning of dinner.

"Yes, of course," said Jeremy, with a grunt. He pushed off the table for leverage to get back up on his two feet, wobbling unsteadily from his bloated gut. "It is, as all things, as it should be," said Jeremy.

Shaun sighed. Well, Jeremy knew himself better than anyone else, so Shaun supposed it was okay. He was a bit concerned that Jeremy might throw up all over himself during the night, though, so he brought a pillow and blankets over to Jeremy’s room. Jeremy didn’t seem to mind. "Soon, all things will be as they should be," said Jeremy, softly, before drifting off to sleep.

The next day, Shaun realized that he had tossed the blankets off his body at some point during the night. The temperature in the apartment had risen again, and he was feeling it. He figured that Jeremy had probably gotten up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature.

Speaking of whom, Shaun jumped up to his feet and looked over at Jeremy. There was no sign of vomit, or the bloating that Jeremy had shown the previous evening. "So you see, it is as it should be," said Jeremy, his eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. He was right, of course. Shaun couldn’t even remember why he had worried. But he could have sworn that Jeremy wasn’t nearly as cut or as muscular the previous night. Nor did he think Jeremy had that nice thick ass before.

Whatever. Shaun figured he just needed some fresh air. He went out of the apartment and into the hall. It was hotter than he remembered. He pulled at his shirt and fanned his collar as he scratched his bare ass and fondled his balls. One of his other neighbors came out and waved at him, this one stroking his hard cock. "Hey, have you noticed anything strange about your roommate?" said the neighbor.

"Yeah, I guess," said Shaun. "He ate a whole fuckton of food last night. And he’s been going around shirtless for some reason. It’s really a bit weird, you know?"

"Tell me about it," said the neighbor. "Mine raided the fridge before I got home last night. I had to order take out. And you know what? He piled on to the order before I could get a word in edge wise. He probably ate enough to feed eight men!"

"Oof. Sounds rough, man," said Shaun. "Anyway, I probably should get back inside and see if mine needs anything."

"Me too," said the neighbor.

Inside was warmer again than Shaun remembered. But it was comfortable. Balmy. Toasty. He checked in on Jeremy, who was as he should have been, and sat down to watch some TV. Every hour or so he checked in on his roommate, but there really was no reason to. Jeremy was, as all things, as he should have been.

At some point in the afternoon, Shaun stepped out into the balcony, letting the cool outside air caress his erect cock. Some of the other neighbors were out, too. Some were visibly masturbating. Shaun just didn’t feel the urge to join in.

Down at street level, he noticed that there were a lot more people like Jeremy walking around. They were shirtless, carrying large bags of groceries. It reminded him that they were out of food and that he should probably go and get more. But only when the time was right.

When he came back into the apartment, Shaun realized just how hot it was. He had gotten accustomed to the heat, but now he almost couldn’t stand it. He hooked his fingers under the collar of his shirt and pulled it over his head, sighing with relief as the temperature immediately became bearable.

Shaun sat down on the couch again and started palming his pecs. They felt firmer, more solid than before. And his abs were also starting to show. It was great. It was as it should be. For now, at least. He knew that he hadn’t reached his full potential yet. But that could wait. For at least a little while longer. He needed to stay to watch over Jeremy. To ensure that Jeremy remained as he should remain, and that Jeremy became what he should become.

It was about 9 PM when Jeremy came out of his room. His body was covered in glistening sweat. His arms bulged, his pecs were like pillows, and his abs looked like the perfect washboard. "I am, as all things, as I should be," said Jeremy, with a wide grin. "It is time for you to become what you should become, friend," he said.

Shaun nodded, feeling a surge of pleasure up his spine and through his cock as he walked over to Jeremy and allowed the big man to embrace him, smothering him in musky sweat. "Go," said Jeremy, "Find fuel for this body as you should."

Again, Shaun nodded. Come to think of it, he was beginning to crave chicken. As he should be.

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