Purity Preserved

Rob escapes small town life when he receives an invitation from a prestigious institution in Scotland to study there. He is glad for his newfound freedom, but soon regrets not paying closer attention to the rules of the Aurelius Academy for Arts and Sciences.

Inspired By: a tweet from @conqueredmanhood

The Aurelius Academy of Arts and Sciences was a prestigious institution of learning that has survived two world wars and the great recession relatively unscathed. Tucked away in a quiet college village in a remote corner of Scotland yet furnished with all the trappings of the modern world, Aurelius showcases a strangely idyllic mixing of the old and the new.

Few people know of Aurelius but those who do believe that earning admission into its hallowed halls of learning is an accomplishment and an accolade even higher than being admitted into the likes of Harvard.

One of the few remaining all-male institutions of higher learning in the world, Aurelius is the possessor of a dubious title that, strangely enough, hardly anyone seems to seriously question. Of the 100% of students that graduate from Aurelius, 100% are proudly and openly homosexual.

As the institution does not care to advertise itself, and all of its graduates are homosexual, the question is raised as to how the academy meets its enrolment goals each year. There are those who speculate that the founders made some sort of deal with the devil, but such suspicions are often spoken in jest and hardly ever taken seriously.

Rob was excited and apprehensive all at the same time. His stomach wouldn’t stop doing somersaults as the sedan rumbled along the country roads of Scotland. This was the first time he would be away from family for more than a few months—and he wasn’t even in the same country as them!

Having grown up in a small rural town in the middle of the Bible Belt meant that Rob had had very little space to grow as a person. Once he started questioning the faith that had been pushed on him since he was little, he’d had to hide the doubts that were gnawing on him from the inside.

The pressure of Rob’s religious family, religious school, and religious community had eventually proved smothering. But since he didn’t want to rock the boat, he kept his head down, did as he was told, and worked as hard as he could to get good grades in school.

Even in just the last few days of freedom, Rob had discovered so much that he hadn’t known before. Now that he had unfettered access to the internet, he indulged in it as much as he could.

Sure, it was strange to Rob that he got an invitation to study at a prestigious academy somewhere in Scotland, but the chance to get away from the small town life had been too good to pass up. Rob felt he needed to accept the invitation before he suffocated in that little backwater town.

Before the invitation from Aurelius arrived, he had been destined to move to another Christian town, to study at another Christian university, and meet other good Christian people who would be more than happy to keep applying the smothering pressure that fundamentalists liked to apply on people they had power over.

Rob was just glad for the opportunity. Of course, when he announced his intentions, there had been a fight, and threats thrown around, but the university had kindly offered to help him when he explained his situation. Since he was an adult, his parents couldn’t legally stop him from entering the driver’s car, and the heat that those guys were packing put a stop to any more illegal ideas that they might have had.

Rob sighed happily as he watched the Scottish countryside roll by the window. He couldn’t wait to see Aurelius. He couldn’t wait to meet new people, with different opinions, and different worldviews.

Truth was, Rob felt like a starving man who had just been shown a buffet. There was so much he didn’t know, so much his upbringing had failed to teach him, and he wanted to learn everything that he could.

Rob had been so taken by the headmaster, a Lord Lucius Prince, that he hardly remembered anything that had been said in their meeting. The only thing he did manage to recall, thank goodness, was his House assignment. At the moment, he was sitting in the common room of House Longvaulter, whose crest, it appeared, was a leaping deer.

The head of the household, a rather handsome young man named Oscar, had just given him the basic spiel about house rules. Rob had been too enamored by his surroundings to actually listen and only really noticed once Oscar had gone off to retrieve the keys to his room.

It didn’t take long before Oscar made a second appearance. He handed the keys to Rob and told him not to lose them because it was a pain to get them replaced. Rob promised he would try his best and followed Oscar up the stairs to the room that he would be staying in for the duration of his studies at Aurelius.

Rob entered the room and got settled. It was small, but it was cozy, and at least had its own bathroom. The culture around here certainly was different, but in a good way, Rob thought. Everyone seemed a lot more liberal and relaxed, and he felt like he could be himself, even though he didn’t quite know what that entailed at the moment, anyhow.

As he laid in bed later that night, Rob thought about how much he had left to discover about the world and about himself. His cock was hard. Painfully so. But his parents had always made sure to drill into his head that masturbation was wrong. He’d learned to ignore the sensation.

Except, now, Rob didn’t have to. He had no idea if he would even like it, or if it would even feel good. But he would never know if he never tried.

Rob had tried touching himself down there once or twice before, while he was hard. He had never gone further than that. He’d always felt so scared of being found out and punished for what little touching he did do that he’d never even thought of doing more.

Now, though, Rob had no limits and no punishment hanging over his head. He put his left arm over his eyes, strangely nervous and excited all at the same time. He squeezed his eyes shut and stuck his right hand down the front of his pyjamas, gently rubbing his fingers up and down his shaft.

It felt good. Much better than Rob had anticipated. Now he understood why his classmates had all liked doing it so much even when they knew it was a bad thing to do.

Feeling a little braver, Rob wrapped his fingers around his shaft. The sensations were intense. He moved his hand up and down his cock in long strokes three, four, five times, and it became too much.

Rob felt like he was going to explode so he pulled his hand away. He felt something hot and liquid dribble out of the tip of his cock and for a moment he thought he’d played with himself so much that he’d pissed himself. But when he turned on the light by his bedside, he saw that something white had come out of him. Semen.

Although his cock was still rock hard and he had felt no relief from the dribble of cum out of him, Rob didn’t feel brave enough to do anything more that night. One step at a time—or, in this case, a few strokes at a time—was more than enough for him.

When Rob woke up the next day, the mattress was dipping beside him and there was a strange, unfamiliar sensation around his cock. As he shifted around in bed, wondering what could have happened overnight to make his bed so misshapen, he realized that he was naked, too. The soft, silky blankets slid over his bare skin, making him tingle.

Having never been naked except to bathe, the sensation was just jarring enough that Rob’s eyes shot open in shock. Rob’s cheeks warmed as he realized that the deformation on his bed was from another person’s weight. He felt even more embarrassed when he realized that the person sitting on his bed was Oscar.

"W-What are you doing here?" Rob stammered. He knew very little about the Brits, so he didn’t know if it was common for them to barge into other people’s rooms unannounced. "C-Could you please l-leave my room?" he said.

Rob’s cheeks turned an even darker shade of Scarlet when it finally registered in his mind that Oscar was naked but for a pair of tight red briefs that left very little to the imagination. His cobbled stomach and the deep-cut V of his torso drew the eye, invariably, to the sizable bulge between his legs. "Morning," said Oscar, sounding strangely happy, "I see that you didn’t listen to the house rules."

It was normal to wake up with morning wood, but Rob could feel something pressing around his cock that certainly hadn’t been there when he went to bed. He tossed the blanket off him and gasped when he saw what was between his legs. A metal ring was cinched around his balls and the base of his cock, while his shaft was wrapped in what looked to be a metal cage.

The cage was small enough that Rob couldn’t get fully hard inside of it. His cock could only uselessly strain against the stainless steel bars. He reached down to try and take it off, but the cage and ring seemed to be made of a single piece of metal. "W-What’s going on?" said Rob, horny and terrified in equal amounts.

Oscar clambered onto the bed. He crawled on top of Rob, pushing Rob back down onto the bed when he tried to sit up. A smirk twisted the corner of his lip as he said, "I told you yesterday, tradition dictates that you shouldn’t indulge in self-gratification during your first night at Aurelius if you want to get anywhere in life," said Oscar.

Fingers traced along the side of Rob’s face, making his skin tingle. His cock twitched, straining and leaking helplessly in its cage. He tried to pull the cage off, but all he managed to do was pull his sack taut as it refused to relinquish its grip on his cock.

Desperate for some semblance of relief, Rob tried to rub himself through his cage but could feel no stimulation whatsoever through the metal cage.

"You could think of it as a test, so to speak, to see whether you will have the self-control and discipline required to survive the regular track of Aurelius," said Oscar. "Those who are able to pass the test, like me and most of our brothers in Longvaulter House, will continue through the regular program and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to gain success in the wider world."

Rob’s heart was pounding in his chest. He had no idea what was going on, and was silently cursing his inability to pay attention. He’d gotten so used to tuning out authority figures that it had come back to bite him in the ass.

"W-What about the rest?" said Rob. He couldn’t even look Oscar in the eye for more than a heartbeat. There was a gleam there that he could only describe as predatory. It was the same look he’d seen in his father’s eye when they cornered a deer the one time he was taken hunting.

Oscar’s body, his closeness, the way that his bulge hovered just a few inches above Rob’s locked cock did things to Rob. He’d never had sexual thoughts before, about either sex, but now all he could think about was being ravished by Oscar. And he didn’t even know what that entailed!

"Don’t you worry about that," said Oscar, rubbing gentle circles on Rob’s cheekbone with his thumb. "You’ll find out soon enough, and I can promise you that you’ll enjoy what’s in store for you. It might not be what you had in mind coming here, but you’ll love it all the same."

"B-But," said Rob, still caught halfway between terrified and aroused out of his mind. "I… I only did it once! I’ve never done it before! They kept telling me I shouldn’t and I obeyed them! That must count for something, right? If the test is about self-control and discipline?"

There was a twinkle in Oscar’s eye. He seemed pleasantly surprised by Rob’s confession. "Never?" he said. Rob shook his head. "I suppose that is a credit to your self-control and discipline to have never succumbed to the temptation…"

Rob took a deep breath, but whatever relief he felt was short-lived. "But I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it. Rules are rules," said Oscar. "Don’t worry. It’s a good thing that you’re pure, that you’ve only had one taste of the pleasure that you could get from your cock."

Rob moaned as Oscar’s fingers splayed across his stomach. He felt tingling heat spread from where they touched through his lower body, eventually concentrating in his ass. His hole twitched, his ass suddenly feeling so empty as an itch deep inside of him made itself known.

"Please," Rob begged, not really sure what he was even asking for. He just knew that he needed something. His body needed something.

"Please, what?" said Oscar. He chuckled. "Oh, I guess that’s a stupid question to ask. You must not even know what to ask for. Well, tell me how you feel and I’ll tell you what you do. Might as well get you used to that," he said, with a smirk.

Rob felt like he was burning up from the inside. "Empty…" he moaned. "I feel empty!" He spread his legs, raising them just a little bit. It felt better. It helped the sensation deep inside him, but not by much.

Oscar grinned and pulled down his briefs. "Cock," he said. "Cock is what you need."

Rob looked down between his legs. Oscar’s cock was big. Next to his locked-up cock it seemed even more obscene. His looked pathetic by comparison. He wanted it. Needed it. Craved it. "Give me your cock, please!"

Oscar grinned and grabbed Rob’s legs. He pushed them into the air, and he spread them even further apart with his weight. Rob moaned as he felt Oscar’s cock rubbing up against his hole. "Please… please!" Rob whimpered.

"My pleasure," said Oscar, slamming his cock into Rob in one smooth movement. Rob’s back arched off the bed as his world went white with pleasure.

Somewhere on the campus of the Aurelius Academy of Arts and Sciences is a smaller institution known to the students as Himbo High. It may seem demeaning to name a college within a prestigious academy as such, but it is a fitting name considering how little actual education takes place within.

The hallways and corridors of Himbo High ring with moans and groans and vapid giggles from the wide-open classrooms. In the place of textbooks are porn videos. The posters along the walls contain instructions for sex positions and body maintenance rather than anything even remotely educational.

Rob’s first encounter with Oscar was not his last. For a time, he tried to fight the urges, but he’d already proven that he had very little self-control. As his horniness built, no thanks to the cage around his cock, the more desperate he became for sex.

Before long, Rob was asking the other members of his House. The ones who weren’t locked like he was, at least. He tried to keep up with his lessons, but it was almost as if every time he got fucked, more and more of his brains got turned to mush.

Within two weeks of starting at Aurelius, Rob had dropped his performance badly enough to get relegated to Himbo High. Not that he minded at that point, as he could barely stop thinking about sex, and about getting fucked.

The day he started taking classes in how to be the best slut he could be, Rob stopped closing the door to his room like the rest of the boys in the himbo track in his House. With the help of his brothers in Longvaulter House, Rob passed all his pussyboy and cockgobbler assignments with flying colors.

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