Fitness Fix

I’ve made a terrible mistake. A fitness magazine is doing “be the next face of” and I signed up!

They want me to come in for a photo shoot. I am not ready, what am I going to do?

Story Request by @Jeff S

Philip. Was. Freaking. Out. Three months ago, Philip graduated from university. He wasted two months celebrating the fact that he would never have to go to school anymore and procrastinating on the inevitable job hunt. Three weeks ago, he went on an application spree, thinking nothing of what he signed up to knowing that he’d probably get rejected for the vast majority of things anyway.

If he was being honest, Philip didn’t even remember signing up for a job for a fitness magazine at all. He must have misclicked and submitted an application for the wrong thing at some point.

If only he didn’t need the money, Philip would have explained the misunderstanding and gone on with his life. Problem was, he did. He’d already burned through his nest egg, and since he was planning on moving out of his parents’ home soon, bills, student loan repayments, and rent were looming just over the horizon.

Philip had some time to prepare for the shoot since it wasn’t happening for at least another month. The issue was that he was nowhere near good-looking or fit enough to go on the front cover of a fitness magazine.

On top of all the partying he’d managed to do in university, the stress of student life had left Philip with very little time to care about his body in the way that some of his peers did. He had never been the most motivated to exercise in the first place, and had been happy enough with his body.

Unlike when he was younger, though, Philip was getting older. All those beers and pizzas had taken their toll. He had a paunch, and it wasn’t a pretty sight in the mirror. Much less on the cover of a fitness magazine.

Deciding that the risk was worth the reward, Philip signed up for a local gym and started talking to one of the personal trainers that worked there. Of course, they were skeptical that he would be able to get himself in fitness magazine shape within a single month, but he swore up and down that he would do everything it took to get there.

The first day of his workout routine, Philip was woken by the sound of knocking at his apartment door. A deliveryman for a company he didn’t recognize gently pushed a large cardboard box into his arms, bid him good morning, and promptly left.

At first, Philip thought that the package had been mistakenly delivered to him, but upon closer examination, it seemed it was his. The shipping label on the box said that it had come from Fitness Fix, the magazine that he was supposed to do a shoot for.

Strange. The representative hadn’t said anything about a package. Deciding that he didn’t really have much to lose, Philip opened the box and took a look inside. A much nicer black box was nestled within, cushioned by packing peanuts, with what appeared to be a letter taped to the top.

Philip retrieved the letter, which revealed a logo, a stylized "diq" on the lid of the box. "Hello, Philip," said the letter. "We here at Fitness Fix are excited to work with you. We hope you’re not under the impression that we brought you on under the false assumption that you are a very fit person."

The tips of Philip’s ears warmed. So the magazine had known what he looked like before they hired him? Well, it wasn’t too much of a surprise now that he thought about it, considering the prevalence of social media.

"We saw that you’re committed to working hard to be in tip top shape for our photo shoot in a month," the letter continued. The scarlet that was spreading on Philip’s cheeks turned darker. Yeah, he wasn’t regretting that tweet at all. "And we thought that we’d send you something nice as a thank you for your dedication, as well as some encouragement for the weeks ahead."

Philip glanced at the black box. "This box contains pairs of briefs from DIQ that are very similar to the ones that you will be wearing for the photoshoot. We’d like you to try them out and we hope that they will encourage you to do your best to look amazing in them."

The letter was signed by a Martin Lance, apparently the CEO of Fitness Fix. It also said, "P.S. I confess. We have an ulterior motive. We’d also like you to try these out so you can give us a few words about them after your shoot."

The letter had more. "P.P.S. I’m told by our liaisons at DIQ that these undies are specially designed for workouts. We hope you’ll consider using them while you train for your shoot."

Huh. Philip smiled. He hadn’t expected Fitness Fix to be so nice. He popped open the box and took a look inside. It was packed full, almost to bursting, with colorful pairs of briefs. They were tiny by the relatively modest standards that Philip was used to, but he could see how they would look sexy on a fit guy.

Since he was about to change to head out to the gym anyway, Philip took one of the briefs with him into his room and changed into it. It felt nice. It supported his junk well. It was snug and comfortable and breathable.

The only thing was that once Philip had gotten the briefs all the way on, he felt a strange prickling sensation in his ass and crotch. He guessed that was just probably because they were new, and he hadn’t even bothered to wash them. Oh well. He really didn’t feel like taking them off, finding another pair of underwear, and then putting those on.

When Philip got home that night, he was exhausted. He didn’t know whether his trainer was pushing him super hard because of his unrealistic goal or if he was just that out of shape, but all the same, his entire body was sore. He was miserable but, strangely enough, somehow satisfied.

After he had dinner, Philip took a long hot shower to soothe his aching muscles. It was a major relief. When he stepped out of the bathroom wearing just a towel around his waist, he saw the box of DIQ underwear still sitting on the table.

Philip tapped himself on the forehead. He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten to put them in the wash when he’d gone through all the trouble of setting a reminder to do that when he got home. Oh well. It wasn’t like the pair he’d worn was uncomfortable brand new.

Other than the weird stinging sensation when Philip had first put them on, the briefs had actually been super nice throughout the day. Martin hadn’t been kidding when he said they were designed for workouts. The underwear moved so well with him that Philip hadn’t even noticed they were there.

Though normally somewhat modest even in private, Philip just didn’t have the energy to be concerned at the moment. He grabbed another pair of the undies from the box, dropped his towel, and slipped them on. He felt that strange prickling sensation again, but it went away quickly. He wondered how comfortable the undies would be to sleep in.

That night, Philip had an unusually intense dream. He didn’t remember much of it, but when he woke up, he was sweating like a pig. His cock was rock hard in his new DIQ briefs, and leaking. He reached down between his legs, desperate to cum.

As soon as Philip rubbed his engorged shaft through the silky fabric of the briefs, he came. The orgasm was unlike any other that he’d felt before. It was earth-shattering. He moaned and gasped, his back arching off the bed as shot after shot after shot of thick white cum blasted out of his cock and splattered against his stomach, despite the underwear.

It was so intense that Philip couldn’t even hear himself think for a few seconds. Eventually, the pleasure subsided, and he landed back on the bed, panting.

If he’d known that workouts would lead to this much excitement in the mornings, Philip would have started years ago. Rather than draining him, the orgasm seemed to almost energize him. He was, despite himself, excited to head to the gym.

Every day that passed saw the workouts getting more and more manageable for Philip. What used to leave him breathless quickly became just another part of the routine. All the while he marveled at how good the DIQ underwear felt, how it cupped and caressed and slid against his skin in all the right ways.

To top it all off, every morning, Philip woke up to an even more powerful, more intense orgasm. He’d soaked through more than a few pairs of the DIQ underwear with thick, musky cum and had taken to guzzling his own loads to minimize the mess he made every morning.

While Philip’s enthusiasm for the gym continued to grow, his enthusiasm for everything else seemed to wane. Not that Philip minded. He reasoned that he could always go back to the the things that liked doing after the shoot was over. Still, the lack of motivation meant that he’d been putting off laundry for a while, and the DIQ briefs were starting to form a musky, sweaty pile that smelled of sex in a corner of his bedroom.

His trainer and the other members at the gym were amazed at the progress that Philip was making. Just after a week of working out and dieting, he’d slimmed down enough that he was starting to see some definition, and his paunch had completely evaporated. People were asking him for tips and all he really had to tell them was that he followed the plan to the letter.

Halfway through his second week, Philip had felt particularly brave and had worn one of the backless briefs that came inside the box. The feeling of his gym shorts against the skin of his ass had caused him to pop a boner. He got so horny that he came explosively at the end of his workout, which didn’t escape the notice of his trainer and the closest patrons.

Right as he was about to take a shower, Philip got cornered by his trainer and a couple of guys. Despite having never really thought of other guys like that before, the thought of servicing all those cocks excited him so much that he didn’t even fight when he was forced to the floor and spit-roasted.

The more muscle that Philip put on, the less he cared about things other than going to the gym, eating right, and getting fucked. The gangbang at the shower became a regular thing, helping him wind down at the end of his workouts.

Philip stopped watching the news and most of the shows that he liked. He found it difficult to follow the quiz shows that he used to enjoy so much. There was a fog in his brain these days, making it hard to think, but making it so fucking easy to get in the zone for a good workout.

Philip stopped visiting online communities for more high-minded things and started going to fitness-focused forums and message boards. He was obsessed with getting bigger, getting stronger, looking better.

By the time that the photoshoot came around, there wasn’t a single thought in Philip’s head that wasn’t about working out or fucking. Not that there were many thoughts in there, anyway. He was just glad to be posing for a camera and an audience, sporting a full erection the whole time from all the attention.

The shoot ended with a gangbang that was surreptitiously recorded and sent to DIQ as thanks for the care package that they had sent. By the time that the guys left, Philip, naked but for his DIQ underwear, was soaked in cum.

The empty-headed, musclebound himbo that Philip had become walked home as he was. The only addition was the wad of cash he clutched in a big, meaty hand. The only reason he didn’t get mugged was because the first guy who tried wanted a blowjob more than he wanted the money, giving Philip’s trainer enough time to find him and rescue him.

Philip’s copy of his issue of Fitness Fix was delivered while he was getting his ass cored out by one of the guys he’d met at the gym. There he was on the cover, flexing his biceps, with a wad of cum dripping down his face. The few words that he had to review the new underwear line from DIQ were printed next to him. "Like, bruh, they feel so fucking good!"

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