The Inhibitor

There’s this new super hot guy at work, and I’ve been popping boners all week! I went online to find something to do about it and this company popped up, selling some high tech cup that’s supposed to keep things chill down there. I got one and put it on, but now it’s saying something about a passcode and ‘not wanting to take it off?’

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The acquisition meant a lot of changes to the company Ian had been working for for the last five years. Most of the employees had had time to prepare for the inevitable changing of hands, but it didn’t make things any less chaotic when the time came that the new parent company decided to do some restructuring.

Even though he would have happily accepted being let go due to the small nest egg he’d built for himself, Ian was glad that he was one of the lucky ones that had the fortune of staying on. He had no concrete plans to remain in the company’s employ in the long term, but he wanted to at least see how the company culture would shift before making any final decisions.

Despite the chaos on the office floor, between the sometimes-tearful goodbyes with old colleagues and the often-chilly welcomes to newcomers, nowhere was the upheaval more apparent than in the ranks of management. Things were shuffled around, people got transferred to the parent company and from the parent company.

One good thing that came out of all of it was that the parent company seemed able to pinpoint the lazy, incompetent managers with uncanny accuracy. Within days, people that had bene protected for one reason or another despite being just generally terrible employees and managers were ejected from the company with a viciousness that Ian just had to admire. Nothing had quite made him happier than seeing that two-faced bitch Janet get kicked out.

Things managed to settle down for a little while until pressure from the board forced the VP of Ian’s company to resign. It was all rather sudden, and everyone had it right in thinking that it was meant to head off a major controversy as the news hit the papers a week later.

Apparently, the VP had made some significant personal donations to some groups with rather extremist views. Considering the clientele of the company and the parent company, it wasn’t much of a surprise that he was let go. No one liked a bigot, least of all a bigot with power.

Ian sighed. He actually enjoyed the way that the atmosphere in the office had changed over the last few weeks. Things had become rather more casual than more corporate, and most of the bigger clients that their company had been a bit ill-equipped to handle had been transferred over to the parent company.

There was still more than enough work to go around as not all of the positions had been filled yet, but it was balanced out by the change in the environment. Regardless, today was one of those days that Ian just ended up with nothing to do by some quirk of the system.

Sitting at his desk, Ian was bored out of his mind. Rumor had it around the office that the new VP was supposed to be arriving today, but he had seen neither hide nor hair of the guy.

Ian was about to take his lunch break when the doors to the office opened and someone walked in. Ian’s breath hitched in his throat at the sight of him, his golden blond hair, his piercing blue eyes, the imperious confidence that he seemed to exude as he crossed the floor of the office like he owned the place.

"Who is that?" Ian whispered, unable to take his eyes off the man. He could feel something stirring inside him, a strange excitement that he couldn’t quite control. His cock twitched and swelled in his pants, pressing up against his thigh.

Andrea, the girl in the cubicle next to Ian’s, said, "That’s the new VP. Nicholas Brille. He’s from the parent company. I’ve heard from a couple of friends over there that he’s a nice boss but is a cold person. No one’s ever seen him attend a social function."

"Huh," said Ian, smoothing down the front of his shirt. For some reason he wanted to look as presentable as he could, even though he doubted that he’d get to talk one-on-one with the VP. "Well, at least he’s a good boss… I’m gonna go take lunch. Want to come?" he said.

"I’ve already had mine," said Andrea. "Enjoy. If anything happens, I’ll tell you when you get back."

Ian nodded. Thankfully, his erection had gone down. Seeing such a beautiful man walk into the office had definitely been the highlight of his day, but it also reminded him of how long it had been since he last had someone in his bed.

It wasn’t that Ian was desperate for some company or anything, he just hadn’t felt particularly interested in sex for a few weeks. Seeing the new VP had rekindled Ian’s desire, though, and he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Ian adjusted himself in his pants. The cup was comfortable, but he just wasn’t used to the sensation of it yet. Ever since Nicholas, or "Nick" as he told the employees to address him, started working at the office, Ian had been having a hell of a time focusing.

The first few days, merely seeing Nick got him hard in his pants. As if it wasn’t awkward enough trying to explain what he did to the VP of the company, he had to do so whilst hiding a massive erection.

Nick really did make a great boss, but it meant that he was around the office far too much for Ian to get any breaks from his state of constant arousal. To make matters worse, Ian was starting to get attached. Even just thinking of Nick was enough to set him off.

A few days ago, Ian told himself that enough was enough. He’d always had a minor interest in chastity and figured that now was as good a time as any to look into it, if it could help him keep down the awkward boners that came with working in the office with an extremely attractive man.

After a few hours of research, Ian settled on a product from a company called DIQ. Unlike most other chastity devices, the one that DIQ offered was a cup that adhered tightly to the groin, making sure that there were no unsightly bulges or anything of the sort.

The package arrived earlier in the morning, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Ian was delivering a presentation after lunch, and Nick was supposed to be sitting in. With the cup, Ian wouldn’t have to contort himself into uncomfortable positions to hide his erection.

Though he didn’t have to be concerned with unwanted boners, Ian had other things to worry about during his presentation. Nick was watching him like a hawk, though he seemed less interested in the presentation than in Ian.

After the meeting concluded, Nick approached Ian with a knowing smile. "I’ve seen the way you look at me," said Nick. For someone described as not particularly social, he definitely seemed quite forward. Ian gulped, not sure how to respond, though he didn’t get the sense that Nick expected anything of him. "I hope you’d appreciate the way I look at you," said Nick.

Ian blushed. "I-I did notice that you were watching me closely while I was speaking," he said, voice hushed even though most everyone had already left the room but for a few stragglers speaking by the door. "I thought you were trying to see if I had made any mistakes."

A small smirk tugged at the corner of Nick’s mouth. "None by my reckoning. Now, I hope that I don’t come across as too pushy, but would you like to grab dinner sometime?"

Ian shivered, his cock swelling in the confines of his cup. "W-When are you thinking?" he stammered out, a bit too hastily. He hadn’t wanted to sound so eager, but there was no taking it back, now.

Nick patted Ian on the shoulder and said, "Just tell me whenever you’re free and looking for company and I’ll pick you up."

The reality that he was going out on a date with the VP of the company didn’t really hit Ian until he got home later that evening. He was giddy, at first, and then terrified. Not in the least because he wasn’t sure how to act around someone like Nick, but also because he was afraid he’d lose his job if it all went wrong.

Whatever the case, Ian had been so horny since the meeting ended that he had managed to get absolutely nothing done. Now that he was home, he finally had a chance to free himself of the cup and have some special alone time.

Ian went to his room and stripped off. He still didn’t quite understand how the cup was able to adhere so well to him. It hadn’t shifted so much as an inch over the course of the day, nor had it loosened in any appreciable way.

It was after ten seconds of tugging on the cup with increasing amounts of force that Ian realized something wasn’t quite right. He looked down and saw that the cup was displaying a prompt for a passcode on its surface. He didn’t remember any mention of a passcode on the box, or in the product page.

Ian fought down the panic that he was feeling. He must have accidentally activated some optional feature of the cup when he was putting it on. He figured that there must be some sort of default passcode that he could use to get the cup off.

Spotting the box that the cup had come in, Ian retrieved the user manual. Sure enough, there was a section on the passcode lock, and it recommended setting a new passcode before putting the cup on. His heart sank as he read the words "initial passcodes are randomized. Please consult the DIQ support portal if you need help with finding out the initial passcode of your device."

Cock hard and so horny that he felt he was going to burst if he didn’t get to jerk off, Ian jumped on the computer and navigated to the website mentioned in the user manual.

Ian quickly clicked through the website until he reached the FAQ. One of the questions close to the bottom of the table of contents, "I put on a cage without setting a passcode. How can I take it off?" seemed promising.

Ian scrolled down to the question and its associated answer. Something flickered at the edge of the screen as he started reading. He’d barely finished making his way through the first word when the flickering distracted him. And again on the second word. And the third.

By the time that Ian had finished reading the answer, he realized that two hours had passed. He’d completely lost track of time, only to find out that his only hope was to brute-force the passcode if he wanted to figure it out. Not that he had the energy or the will to do so, anymore.

Just like the answer had said, it would take a lot of effort to figure out the passcode if he didn’t already know it. It would be much easier of he just let it go. He wanted to be a good boy, after all, and good boys kept their cocks locked up.

Crawling into bed naked but for his cup, Ian rested his head on his pillow. Words that weren’t exactly his own bounced around his skull, leaving him feeling strangely foggy and fuzzy. Good boys need protection. Good boys stay locked. Being locked makes good boys horny.

The more the days went by, the less Ian felt the desire to take the cup off. Every night, he logged on to the support portal in the hope that there was some new solution to his predicament, and every time he closed his eyes he heard those words repeated endlessly in his head.

Work was an exercise in futility and distraction. Every time he felt like he could get something productive done, he would get caught up in another fantasy about Nick and his train of thought would get derailed. By the end of the workday, Ian would realize that he had gotten nothing done.

It wasn’t long before Ian felt other urges come to the forefront. Without access to his cock, his ass had become more sensitive. He spent many a night facedown on the bed, ass in the air, fingers gently rubbing against his twitching hole.

The boxer briefs Ian liked to wear to work were replaced with jockstraps, the first week, then thongs the next. Though the string rubbing up against his hole did nothing to help the horniness that he felt. It felt quite good and by then he was more interested in feeling good than getting back to the productivity he used to be able to boast of.

Of course, it was inevitable that the higher-ups would take notice of Ian’s performance. He expected that he would get called in to his supervisor’s office, but he received a summons to Nick’s office instead.

The moment Ian walked in, Nick had a knowing look on his face. The blinds were drawn, and Nick got up from behind his desk to lock the door behind Ian. "I see you’ve been a good boy," said Nick, coming up behind Ian and tracing a finger up the smooth mound that the cup formed between Ian’s legs.

"W-When did you notice?" Ian whispered, shivering at Nick’s proximity. He’d fantasized so many times about the sorts of things that he and Nick might do, but the real thing was so much more intense than he could have ever imagined.

"I’m a stock-holder in DIQ," said Nick. "The moment you came into the office with that cup I knew you had it on, and I took the liberty of changing the passcode to my personal one. You don’t mind, do you?"

"Of course you don’t. You’re a good boy, aren’t you, Ian?" said Nick. "I’m sad to say, though, that good boys just aren’t very well cut out for office jobs. Horny boys don’t do much thinking, do they? But that’s okay, that’s how good boys should behave, anyway."

"I have a new job for you, Ian. I’ve been needing a house boy for some time. I think you’d make a wonderful candidate. I’d happily take care of your needs if you were to accept," said Nick. He slid his hands down the back of Ian’s pants, his fingers plying at Ian’s twitching hole. "What do you say? Would you like to come live with me as my boy?"

"Y-Yes," Ian managed, between moans.

"That’s a good boy," said Nick. He gently pushed Ian toward the desk. "Bend over, boy," said Nick. Ian did as he was told, and watched as Nick went around the desk and pulled something out of the drawer.

Nick pulled Ian’s pants down, revealing his supple ass cheeks and the thong string wedged between them. Nick slid a finger underneath the thin strip of fabric and pulled it aside, spitting on Ian’s winking hole once he had done so. Ian could only moan as he felt something large, velvety, and bulbous press inside of him.

A thin stem and a small curved base that hugged the crack of Ian’s ass helped keep the plug inside of him. "This should help take care of that emptiness you feel for now. You’re not to take it out unless I say so, do you understand?" said Nick.

In the weeks since he entered Nick’s employ, Ian hadn’t done much thinking of his own. Thinking was difficult for a good boy like him, especially with the constant buzzing of the plug in his hole, and the constant dribble from the hole at the base of his cup.

Most days were spent in a horny haze as Ian moved from one chore to the next, keeping Nick’s uptown apartment spick and span. He started dinner as his last task of the day, and waited naked by the door as he was expected to.

The buttplug that Nick had Ian wear could be controlled remotely. Every now and again it would buzz separately from its default program to remind him that Nick was thinking of him. Horny and fuzzy as he always was these days, Ian could only look forward to the sound of the keys turning in the tumbler.

Contrary to the lonely nights that Ian spent in his past life, Ian couldn’t be happier in bed with Nick, getting railed against the mattress so hard that cum inevitably came flying out of his cup.

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