Cocklander: Reckoning

In this instalment, Shawn clashes with other Players as he aims to become the one and only Cocklander.

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Shawn draped his arms over the backrest of the sauna bench and sighed. He luxuriated in the heat and the sensation of sweat beading on his skin.

Jun was between his legs, suckling on his softening cock. The boy had a talented tongue on him—that was for sure.

It wasn’t long before Jun’s warm mouth and pretty lips managed to milk the last drop of cum Shawn’s balls could give. He seemed almost disappointed when the Shawn slipped out of his mouth with a soft wet pop.

He pulled back, slowly and respectfully. He knelt on the floor—which couldn’t have been comfortable—and lowered his head in deference.

His proud endowment stuck out from between his legs. It was still substantial—and looked especially so on his twinkish frame—but it wasn’t quite as hefty as before.

Jun’s missing length and girth had been added to Shawn’s cock. It looked big, now, even when soft.

What little muscle mass and definition Jun had managed to put on during his time as a ‘Player’ had also been stripped away. Shawn felt a little bad about it, but fuck if the sensation wasn’t amazing.

Shawn’s muscles swelled with new power. His whole body thrummed with energy. He felt he could conquer the world and, quite frankly, he was pretty sure he could.

It was intoxicating. Addictive. He wanted more.

But before he could pursue anything, he had a problem. Jun.

Jun was sitting up straight with his knees on the floor and his legs folded underneath him. His back was arched pleasingly, his perky ass perched on his feet.

He had his hands on his lap, and his chest puffed out proudly as he raised his head and met Shawn’s gaze with wide-eyed adoration.

The reality of the situation hit Shawn like a sack of bricks. He had to take a moment to process.

He had won. Jun was his, now.


He’d not really understood what the app had meant when it said the losers would become devoted cock slaves until he saw the look in Jun’s eyes.

He owned a man. On a fundamental level.

Jun belonged to him, mind, body, and soul. And that was the problem. Because he couldn’t very well bring another man home, call him his slave, and expect Ray to just be fine with it.

But then again… Couldn’t he?

He was an Alpha. He was in charge. If he said he wanted to bring a live-in slave to their home, then he would, and Ray would just have to get used to it.

Shawn nodded. He’d made up his mind. "You," he said, leaning forward to hook his finger into the D-ring at the front of Jun’s collar. "I’ll give you three days to get your affairs in order."

Jun’s breath hitched. "Yes, sir," he said. The way his cock twitched didn’t escape Shawn’s attention.

Shawn smirked. His pulse was thundering in his veins. Bossing someone around was a pleasure in and of itself and just knowing that he had Jun’s life in the palm of his hands had made him half-hard again.

"I’ll send you my address," he said. "Come at noon in three days. Get rid of all your shit. You won’t need it. Don’t even come with clothes."

Jun grinned. He looked… overjoyed. "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!" he said, as if he were just that eager to get rid of all his worldly possessions.

Fuck, Shawn muttered to himself. He was getting hard again.

"Actually," he said, "you can have one pair of shoes, socks, and a jockstrap. Sell your car if you have one and walk to my place. Make sure you arrive on time."

Damn. It felt good to be a king. He gave the collar a final sharp tug before releasing it. "Get to it," he said.

Jun ducked his head reverently. "Yes, sir. Right away, sir!"

Shawn spent a few more minutes in the sauna after Jun left. When he got back to his things in the locker room, he noticed he had a few notifications from the Cocklander app on his phone.

The first one read:

Congratulations! You have conquered a Player more than 3 ranks above you!

As a reward for your achievement, you have received the following trait:

[Giant Slayer] – When facing another Player, your traits become 5% more effective for every conquest they have more than you. But choose your battles wisely because you are now uniquely vulnerable to lower-ranked Players.

Shawn couldn’t help but grin. Perfect. [Giant Slayer] was exactly the kind of trait someone aiming at the top would hope to get.

The bigger the enemy, the harder he would fall, and the closer Shawn would get to his goal of becoming The Cocklander.

The other notification was just as interesting.

Congratulations! You have conquered a Player with one or more special traits!

As a reward, you can copy or steal one of the following traits.

Shawn was treated to a basic rundown of the traits Jun had won. Most of them weren’t really worth the attention, but one, in particular, caught his eye.

[Mesmerizing Manhood] – With an extra inch of length and girth, your endowment’s going to be more than impressive; it’s going to be downright hypnotic.

It was a no-brainer when he saw what the rest of the traits were. He didn’t even hesitate when he chose [Mesmerizing Manhood].

When prompted whether he wanted to steal the trait or copy it, he chose to copy instead. He liked that Jun was hung.

Whenever Shawn felt like bottoming, he could use Jun’s juicy cock like a dildo. And once he got around to fucking the guy, he was sure it would look amazing flopping around uselessly while he bounced the cute twink on his dick.

After the sauna and a nice shower, Shawn was still feeling a little sore. He figured it was as good a time as any to get a massage since there was a place literally right next to the gym.

Almost as soon as he entered, there was a quiet ping from his pocket. He’d not had the app for long but the notification sound was distinctive.

He looked up and saw a tall, handsome guy walk in wearing the massage parlor’s uniform. His name badge said "Kristjan," and it wasn’t at all surprising.

The guy looked like a Kristjan. He was handsome in that hot, Nordic way, with blond hair and bright blue eyes.

It also didn’t escape Shawn’s attention that the guy’s phone had pinged, too. Their eyes met in an instant the tension in the air was thick enough to cut.

Kristjan smirked as he walked up to the reception desk, clocked in, and made his way into the back. Just before he disappeared into the staff-only part of the building, he looked over his shoulder and smirked at Shawn.

It was a challenge if Shawn had ever seen one, and he intended to take it. Especially when he saw that Kristjan was a Rank-VII Player.

Since Shawn was just Rank-I, he was confident [Giant Slayer] would give him the kind of edge he needed to take Kristjan down.

"Hey there. Good afternoon," he said, as he came up to the reception desk. "I’d like to book a massage with Kristjan."

The receptionist was only too happy to oblige.

Shawn had to give it to the massage parlor; they knew how to set the mood. The low light and the subtle soothing aroma in the air was very relaxing.

It wasn’t too warm, either. The temperature was just right to be naked, but not too hot to be uncomfortable.

Crucially, it was just warm enough Shawn could sweat. Already, he could scent his musk in the air. It was faint and subtle, unlike it had been in the sauna, but that was to be expected.

As he lay there on his stomach, a towel draped over his ass, he couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. Excited, too, but nervous first of all.

Kristjan was a Rank-VII, which meant he’d fought and conquered 7 other Players already. There was every chance Shawn was out of his depth, here.

Shawn buried the doubt. He couldn’t afford it. If he was going to be Cocklander, he had to be confident. He had to believe he could be the one to stand above the rest.

The door opened, and even though Shawn couldn’t see, he could tell it was Kristjan that had entered. The way he walked in just radiated confidence.

"Afternoon, sir," said Kristjan.


The door shut softly behind Kristjan. He was a big guy and yet, he was surprisingly quiet as he moved around the room.

"Is this to your liking, sir?"

Shawn blinked as a small pot of fragrant oil was held out in front of his face. The scent was pleasant enough, slightly musky, slightly earthy. "That’s fine," he said.

"Very good."

It wasn’t until Kristjan moved away from the massage table that Shawn noticed just how powerful the big guy’s presence was. It was like the gravity of the room shifted with him as he moved around.

It wasn’t long before Kristjan returned. He was warming the oil in his hands, from where a few stray drops dripped onto the small of Shawn’s back and made him flinch.

Kristjan’s touch was surprisingly light. His hands glided easily on a thin layer of oil as he spread it around Shawn’s back.

Shawn had had massages before but this was on another level, entirely. The way Kristjan’s fingers moved over the contours of his muscles was nothing short of magical.

They pressed firmly when needed but otherwise glided lightly over his skin. They left tingling trails of heat where they went.

This was just what he needed. Fuck, it felt amazing. He could practically feel the tension melting away from his shoulders and all Kristjan had done so far was spread the oil around on his back.

A quiet sigh of relief escaped Shawn he sagged into the massage table. He’d never been so comfortable in his life.

A brief frisson of pain shot through him as Kristjan began the massage in earnest. It didn’t last long. The tight muscle loosened right up.

In a low voice that didn’t perturb the serenity of the room one bit, Kristjan asked, "Might I know how long you’ve been a Player, sir?"

A small smile tugged at the corner of Shawn’s mouth. "Less than 24 hours," he said. "How about you?"

It didn’t even occur to him that he might want to keep that particular piece of information to himself. It was like Kristjan’s hands had loosened not just his muscles, but his tongue, too.

Kristjan chuckled. "Ah. Congratulations on your first Conquest, then, sir. I’ve been a Player, myself, for a few months now."

There was a cocky edge to his voice. No matter how hard he tried to keep his voice low and soothing, he couldn’t hide his arrogance.

And Kristjan had earned it, as far as Shawn was concerned. He’d earned it seven times over.

Shawn slowly felt himself unravel under Kristjan’s touch. He lowered his guard voluntarily, and all because he just felt so good under Kristjan’s tender ministrations.

He wondered if the seven other men Kristjan had Conquered all felt this way before they gave themselves up to him. All things considered, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Shawn didn’t even complain when Kristjan lifted the thick towel off his ass. He moaned when the masseuse rubbed massage oil onto his cheeks.

He might even have encouraged it, closing his eyes and easing his legs apart as Kristjan’s fingers wandered into the cleft of his ass. They brushed over his hole, making it quiver, and a soft moan escaped him.

"Just between you and me… I offer deep tissue massage, too…" said Kristjan, coyly. He rubbed his thumb in circles around Shawn’s pucker as he said, "Would you like to try it?"

"Yeah…" Shawn groaned. Despite himself, he wanted to know how those magical fingers would feel inside him.

Amazing, as it turned out. His cock hardened against the massage table as first one finger slipped into him. A second followed soon after, working him open.

A third finger slipped in and really stretched him. It felt so good Shawn could only think of wanting more.

And he might have lost the game then and there had Kristjan not gotten greedy. When the fingers pulled out of him, his hole felt empty and needy, and he whined just to let Kristjan know it.

The fingers didn’t come back, though. Instead, Kristjan said, "Get on your back."

That was enough to break the spell.

Shawn regained his wits and saw an opportunity. He smirked to himself as he flipped on his back.

It was the wrong move. For Kristjan, anyway.

Shawn’s augmented cock stood proudly in the air and no sooner had Kristjan laid eyes on it than he was struck briefly dumb. Kristjan’s jaw went slack as he eyed the big member, and his eyes followed it as it swayed hypnotically from side to side.

"Go on then," said Shawn, with a smirk. "You can touch it if you want."

Maybe that had been a misplay on his part. He hissed as Kristjan’s fingers touched his shaft.

A bolt of electric pleasure surged up his spine. Kristjan’s touch on his cock was even better than he’d expected.

Luckily for him, the masseuse wasn’t so focused on winning the game anymore. Kristjan was leaning closer and closer to Shawn’s cock with every loving stroke until he was close enough to give the head a kiss.

Shawn spotted the exact moment Kristjan broke. It was hard to miss. The masseuse moaned like a broken, desperate man and he wrapped his fingers around the base of Shawn’s cock to swallow it whole in one gulp.

A sharp gasp escaped Shawn as the tight heat of Kristjan’s throat wrapped around him. It was good but not as good as Kristjan’s hand.

It was probably for the best. At least this way, he didn’t have to fear losing control of the situation.

He laid back and gave Kristjan a moment to indulge. He looked up at the ceiling as the masseuse bobbed up and down on his cock, filling the air with the lewd sound of slurping.

It didn’t take long before Kristjan was groaning around Shawn’s cock and rubbing his nose in Shawn’s bush. Between the dual assault of Shawn’s musk and hypnotic cock, Kristjan stood no chance.

"Fuck me," said Kristjan, pulling off with a satisfyingly wet pop.

The demand seemed to come out of nowhere. It caught Shawn off guard for a moment but he quickly regained his composure.

It turned out Kristjan had been fingering himself the whole time he was fucking his face on Shawn’s pole. Ironic, really, that it was Kristjan’s own special trait that did him in.

"Ask nicely and I might let you hop on," said Shawn, with a smirk. He was firmly in command, now.

To Kristjan’s credit, he managed to look conflicted for a second. Then in the smallest, most desperate, voice Shawn had ever heard, he said, "Please, sir… May I ride your cock?"

Shawn chuckled. "Go ahead."

The table creaked dangerously as Kristjan mounted it but it managed to hold itself together. The masseuse straddled Shawn’s hips and reached behind him, lathering Shawn’s cock with massage oil as he guided it into position.

Before Kristjan could slowly lower himself onto Shawn’s cock, Shawn grabbed him by the hips and pulled him down.

Kristjan had done a remarkable job of preparing himself. Shawn slid in with ease, bottoming out to the sweet sound of the strangled yelp his cock had managed to fuck out of Kristjan.

"Go on, boy. Ride," he said.

The table shook as Kristjan bucked and rolled his hips, fucking his eager ass on Shawn’s cock with wild abandon. He leaned forward and braced himself against the massage table, back arching as he slammed his fuckhole on Shawn’s cock over and over again.

The ride was nice but Shawn didn’t like how passive he had to be. It was time for a change of pace.

"Get off," he growled.

Kristjan whined but did as he was told.

Shawn swung his legs off the side of the table and stood behind Kristjan. He put a hand between the Masseuse’s shoulders and said, "Bend over like a good little slut."

Kristjan moaned on the way down. He moaned again when Shawn grabbed him by the hips, kicked his legs apart, and slammed home.

The fuck that followed was brutal. The table creaked and shook and groaned until with a final animalistic grunt, Shawn blasted his hot cum into Kristjan’s guts. The masseuse, on the other hand, had managed to shoot a few loads all over himself, the table, and the floor, in the process.

By the time Shawn’s cock slipped out of his puffy, fucked-out hole, Kristjan’s cock ring had turned a bright shade of pink, and a few new flecks of gold had been added to Shawn’s.

Kristjan got the same instructions as Jun and scurried off to attend to them. Shawn walked out of the massage parlor with a new swag in his step, a bigger cock in his pants, a shirt that was tighter than before, and a brand new trait:

[Tantalizing Touch] – Your touch is titillating and thrilling, able to tease open even the tightest of tight ends.

Shawn woke up with the dawn the next day. He felt amazing.

Ray, who was normally a light sleeper, remained fast asleep as he slipped out of bed. Shawn had fucked him to exhaustion last night, and the evidence was still there, bubbling slowly out of Ray’s ass.

His body was brimming with energy and while it wasn’t the kind of thing he usually did, he couldn’t think of anything better to burn it off than an early morning run. There was a nearby park that would be perfect.

Shawn didn’t bother pulling on a shirt or anything more than a pair of loose sweatpants. He strapped his phone to his arm, put his earphones in, and set off.

He was halfway through his first circuit around the park when he heard the ping of the Cocklander app in his ear.

There was another Player nearby.

Shawn stopped and looked around. It wasn’t such a surprise when he realized where he was. It was the local cruising spot.

He grabbed his phone and checked the stats on the guy that was supposedly in the vicinity. Rank-XIV. Double Kristjan. Whew.

Shawn was confident, though. His traits would be even more effective against this guy since the gap between them was wider.

He looked around, trying to see if he could find who it was. A silver fox leaning against a nearby tree, wearing shorts that showed off the bulge of a sizable erection, seemed the most likely candidate.

The guy looked to be a professor type. Shawn wouldn’t have been surprised if he taught at the local university.

The guy was looking at him like a lion looked at a piece of meat, though. It didn’t seem like the guy even saw him as competition.

He couldn’t just let that stand.

Shawn put on his cockiest smirk and jogged over. Since he was commando, his cock bounced freely in his sweats, and the guy was looking right at his swinging hog.

"Hey," said Shawn, as he came up on the professor-looking guy. He was having a hard time imagining this guy had 14 Conquests. He towered head and shoulders over him.

The professor-looking guy laughed. "Shit, son. You’re a big one, aren’t you?"

The guy’s voice was strangely alluring—a rich, husky baritone that sent a shiver down Shawn’s spine.

Shawn shrugged. "Little bit. What’s up?"

He flinched when the professor-looking guy touched his arm. "No need to be so wary, son. I’m perfectly harmless. You want to tell me your name?"

Shawn sighed. Yeah, even if this guy was a Rank-XIV, he didn’t look too dangerous. Maybe he’d be better off not being standoffish from the get-go. "Shawn," he said.

"Good to meet you, Shawn. Hayden."

Shawn forced a smile. "I saw you staring at me earlier," he said. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Hayden chuckled. "You’re such a helpful lad, aren’t you? So eager to help an old man."

Shawn had an inkling that something was off, but he couldn’t tell what. He ended up just dismissing the thought. It was too confusing.

"I don’t know if I would say eager, necessarily…"

"But you’re willing?"

Shawn shrugged. He guessed it couldn’t hurt.

"That’s good," said Hayden. He glanced down and, instinctively, Shawn followed his gaze. "Because Daddy’s got a bit of a problem and I could use a good boy who would take care of it for me. You’re a good boy, aren’t you?"

There was that niggling feeling in the back of Shawn’s head again but he ignored it. Even if he was uneasy, what was he going to do? Deny that he was a good boy?


"Guess so?" said Shawn. It wasn’t the sort of thing he’d use to describe himself but he did try to be good so he supposed it made sense.

"Then you’ll listen to Daddy, won’t you? That’s what good boys do, after all."

That made sense. Shawn wouldn’t exactly classify a disobedient boy as a "good" boy.

"So why don’t you kneel for Daddy?"

Shawn sank to the ground without even a second thought. He was a good boy, after all, and good boys listened to Daddy.

"Oh yeah… You look so good down there, boy. Don’t you think that’s where you belong?"

Shawn grimaced. He felt a dull throb in his temple. Something was wrong, but he didn’t know what. "No, Daddy," he said. "I don’t think so…"

Daddy chuckled. "Silly boy. All good boys know Daddy knows best. So if I tell you that you belong on your knees in front of Daddy, that’s where you belong, alright?"

After a bit of massaging, the pain went away. And since everything Daddy had just said made sense, Shawn figured he’d just listen.

He was meant to be on his knees. Daddy knew best.

Daddy patted Shawn on the head and it felt so good. "Alright, baby. Why don’t you reach up and pull Daddy’s shorts down?"

The pain was back but when Shawn ignored it, it went away, so that was nice. "W-why?" he said, looking up into Daddy’s handsome face.

"Silly boy. Good boys obey. They don’t ask questions."

"Oh." Shawn looked down. "Sorry, Daddy."

Daddy chuckled. "It’s alright. Just do as you’re told, baby."

Shawn nodded and reached up. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of Daddy’s shorts and pulled down. They caught on something hard and his mind felt so slow he couldn’t figure it out until—oh.

Shawn blushed furiously as Daddy’s cock sprang free from the shorts and smacked him lightly on the cheek.

"Mmm. Fuck, baby. That’s much better. You’re such a good, helpful boy."

Shawn giggled. Daddy’s praise felt so good. It was making him hard. His sweats were tenting out between his legs, even.

"Alright, baby. Why don’t you play with Daddy for a bit?"

Oh, wow. Shawn was excited. He reached up and wrapped his fingers around Daddy’s cock. It felt so hot and hard. It was so nice.

He played with it for a while, getting so absorbed in watching the foreskin slide back and forth over the pink head he didn’t even notice Daddy panting and moaning and grunting and trying to get him to stop.

"Daddy?" he said, when he realized Daddy hadn’t said anything for a while.

He looked up and saw that Daddy was leaning against the tree, tongue lolling out as he moaned and grunted, desperately bucking his hips into Shawn’s hands.

It was like a switch flipped in Shawn’s head. His eyes widened and he let go of Hayden’s cock, realizing that he’d been doing everything the old man told him without even knowing it.

If not for his [Tantalizing Touch] and the bonus from [Giant Slayer], Shawn might very well have lost.

He pulled away from Hayden and looked around to take stock of the situation. They’d gathered a small audience of a few guys who were standing nearby and rubbing themselves.

He nearly jumped when he felt a hand on his arm. It was Hayden. "Please, baby. Please keep playing with Daddy. You want to make Daddy feel good, don’t you?"

Part of Shawn was sorely tempted to do as he was told but now he knew what the old man’s trait was, he could resist it. The guys nearby jeered. "Give him what he wants, big guy!"

Well, who was Shawn to disappoint the crowd?

He flipped Hayden around with his superior physical strength and, using copious amounts of spit, worked a finger into him. Lube was easier to come by after that since Hayden came almost immediately.

Shawn stretched Hayden open using the old man’s cum for lube and fucked him hard against the tree until he was a babbling, unintelligible mess. When he’d left his load and Hayden’s ring had turned pink, he gave him the same command as the others.

He also left another command, one that extracted an exhausted whimper from the spent silver fox. "Don’t you dare move from this spot until you’ve satisfied every man here like a good little slut, got it?"

He left without waiting to hear Hayden’s confirmation. He was confident his newest slave would follow his order to the T.

Just before Shawn got out of earshot, he heard Hayden’s soft moans as the other guys took their turn. He looked down at his phone and the newest trait he’d picked up and smirked.

[Silverspeak] – You might not be the strongest man in the world, but your words carry weight your arms cannot. When you speak, the world listens, and when you command, it obeys.

He could already think of a hundred different applications.

Shawn was filling out his sweatpants better by the time he got back home. He was feeling even better than this morning, and even though he’d finished his run after dealing with Hayden, he was still buzzing with energy.

The moment he walked in the door, he noticed the smell of coffee in the air and the sound of bacon sizzling on the pan. His stomach rumbled as he ambled his way into the kitchen.

Ray was standing at the stove wearing nothing but an apron—a gag one with "Fuck the cook" printed in front—and making breakfast.

"Oh hey. Good morning, babe. You got back just in time," said Ray, looking over his shoulder to where Shawn was leaning against the doorframe.

Shawn grinned. "Great," he said. "I’m fucking famished."

Ray set a heaping plate of bacon and eggs in front of Shawn before sliding a steaming-hot cup of coffee over.

"Thanks, babe."

Ray chuckled. "No worries. Least I can do for my man."

Shawn was about to take a bite when Ray dove under the table. He peeked out from under the tablecloth between Shawn’s legs, with a sly little smile on his lips.

"Hey, hon? Don’t you think you should have breakfast with me?" said Shawn. That said, he wasn’t going to complain. The sight of Ray’s face looking up at him from down there made his cock twitch.

Ray tugged Shawn’s sweats down, freeing the monster-cock that had been tenting the front of them. "I am, babe. Just focus on your food."

Well. Shawn didn’t want to be rude, or anything. He just scooted forward on his chair to give Ray easier access and had his fill to the musical sounds of his boyfriend slurping on his cock.

Or he would have had his fill, at least, if the food hadn’t evaporated. He’d been having such a great time of eating, too.

The bacon tasted amazing. Better than anything Shawn had ever had in his life, at least. And the eggs were just unctuous and wonderful and perfectly complementary to the meat.

He sighed longingly, looking at the empty plate, feeling strangely hungrier than he had been when he sat down to eat. He wiped bacon grease off the corner of his mouth with the heel of his thumb and grumbled. "That can’t have been it, right?"

Ray pulled off Shawn’s cock, earning another grumble. "Sorry, babe. That was all we had in the fridge."

Shawn sighed. His stomach rumbled. An odd hunger gnawed at him from the inside as he sullenly said, "Oh. Alright. That’s too bad…"

Ray slipped out from under the table. "I’ve got dessert for you, though, if you want it."

Shawn perked up. "Dessert?"

Ray nodded, a small smile playing on his lips.

Shawn’s stomach rumbled. "C’mon, babe. Does anyone say no to that question?"

"Still worth asking."

Ray chuckled and reached for Shawn’s wrist. He pulled him up to his feet and led him over to the living room. Shawn didn’t resist, eager to see exactly what kind of dessert Ray had in mind.

Shawn’s cock twitched as Ray climbed onto the couch on all fours and pushed his ass back. Cum from last night was still trickling from his hole.

"What do you think, babe? In the mood for some cream pie?"

The question didn’t even bear thinking about. Shawn surged onto the couch, clapping his hands on Ray’s ample ass cheeks as he buried his face in the cleft between them.

Shawn moaned into Ray’s asshole as he tongued it like a starving man. He slurped and slobbered all over Ray’s hole, sucking up every last drop of cum he’d put in there just last night.

The taste was beyond describing. Shawn was in heaven. He burrowed his tongue as deep into Ray as he could get it.

After some time—Shawn wasn’t sure how long since Ray’s manly taste made it difficult to think of anything other than "more"—Ray backed into Shawn.

"Let me sit on your face, babe."

Shawn was only too happy to oblige. It took a little finagling to do without having to let go of Ray’s ass but he managed.

Once Shawn was on his back, Ray settled his ass over Shawn’s face. He straddled Shawn’s chest, knees on either side of Shawn’s ribs.

Shawn wrapped his hands around Ray’s hips and lay there, lovingly tongue-fucking his boyfriend as Ray ground his ass into his face.

He groaned when he felt Ray’s fingers wrap around his cock. He was so hard. He was so fucking turned on.

He could barely concentrate with Ray’s ass flexing and clenching around his tongue. Ray just tasted so good and he couldn’t get enough.

Between that and the amazing sensation of Ray’s fingers sliding up and down the substantial piece of meat between his legs, Shawn’s usual endurance went straight out the window.

With Ray’s ass smothering him, Shawn was finding it hard to breathe. His head was getting fuzzy, his thoughts scattering into pleasant static.

The loving handjob on top of that was just too much altogether. A loud moan bubbled up out of Shawn’s throat as his body tensed, his dick twitched, and cum spilled out of him in thick, viscous spurts.

He groaned as Ray moved off his face. "Fuck, babe, that was amazing. Best dessert, ever… C’mere. Let’s cuddle."

"I don’t think so," said Ray. He looked down on Shawn with a smirk as he turned around and backed his ass into Shawn’s crotch. "My turn."

"W-what?" was all Shawn managed to get out before he felt his cock slide into Ray’s tight, warm fuckhole.

Shawn’s head hit the couch cushions with a muffled thud. He whimpered as Ray’s ass tightened around his tender cock.

Not that he would have said no had Ray asked to ride him but he would have preferred if he’d been given a chance to recuperate. "Fuck, Ray, that’s intense," he moaned.

Ray laughed. "I bet."

"C-can you not move… Just for a little bit?"

Ray seemed to think about it for a second. "No," he said, grinding his hips back into Shawn’s crotch and eliciting a desperate whimper in the process.

"Oh, fuck," Shawn moaned, as Ray rode his sensitive cock with abandon. He tilted his head back and clutched at the couch upholstery, powerless to do anything but endure.

Even though he’d just come, it didn’t take long for him to reach the edge again. Ray’s ass was just that good. "Gonna come, baby. Gonna fucking come," he groaned, sitting up with his elbows planted on the couch.

Ray clicked his tongue. "Don’t you fucking dare," he growled, pushing Shawn back down as he leaned over him. "You don’t come until I tell you."

Shawn groaned as Ray stripped off the apron to reveal a purple cock ring around the base of his cock. He could have fought but he couldn’t even muster the will to resist.

This must have been what [Giant Slayer] meant when it said he would be uniquely vulnerable to lower-ranked Players. The Cocklander app hadn’t even alerted him that his boyfriend had become a Player.

Shawn mewled. He was so fucking close to coming but he didn’t dare do it unless Ray said he could. He gritted his teeth and whined, struggling to hold on to the fresh load of cum churning in his balls.

What felt like an eternity passed before he felt Ray’s asshole clamp tight around the base of his cock. Hot cum sprayed from Ray’s cock, splattering all over Shawn’s face and chest.

"Come for me, babe. Breed my asshole."

At those words, the dam exploded. Shawn’s body went stiff. His toes curled. His back arched off the sofa. His hips thrust upward, slamming his cock as deep into Ray as he could before he came hard.

Ray dismounted from Shawn with a satisfied smirk. His purple ring turned almost pure gold, with just a few flecks of purple remaining.

At the same time, the fuzziness in Shawn’s head got thicker. He felt a lot more submissive and deferential, and the feeling of a pink collar snapping shut around his neck brought a moan to his lips.

As his cock softened, he watched his cock ring turn from almost entirely gold, to purple, to pink. His ambition of becoming The One fled beyond his reach but surprisingly, he didn’t feel bad about it.

The metal of the cock ring seemed to flow like liquid over his softening cock. It formed the shape of a lustrous pink cage around his meat, hardened, and shrank.

The cage shrank until Shawn’s cock was practically squeezing out of the gaps even while soft and he couldn’t help but moan at the weight of it.

Ray stroked his cock languidly in front of the camera for the enjoyment of his legions of adoring fans. He’d just blasted a massive load all over himself, thanks in no small part to his prime fuckslave Shawn’s attentive tongue lapping at his asshole.

"That’s it for today’s show, guys. Master Cocklander’s gonna sign off here."

Ray grabbed his cock by the base and shook the last drop of cum free. The ring permanently cinched around his cock and balls was pure gold, now.

He leaned forward, flexed for the camera, winked, and said, "And remember, boys. There is only one."

With that, he cut the video. He reclined, spreading his legs just a bit more so Shawn could get at his asshole better.

He looked out over the city skyline and smiled. This wasn’t the kind of sight he would have enjoyed from his and Shawn’s old place. He was lucky to have a popular show and a harem of intelligent, hardworking slaves that brought in enough to enable all of them to live in relative luxury.

He glanced at the clock on the lower right hand side of his computer screen and saw it was right about time to be making dinner. He got up from the rimming throne and stretched, pointedly ignoring Shawn’s disappointing wine.

Everyone had done a good job today, so they were in for a bit of a reward. Even though the game was over, everyone’s traits remained, and he could think of no better way to use [Delectable Delight].

He sighed happily. It was great to be king.

[Delectable Delight] – Taste is king, but you are its ruler. To say nothing of the sumptuous food your hands will make, your body itself is a treat to titillate the palate and captivate the heart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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