Enter the Hierarchy

First of all, thank you for everything until now. I really appreciate your work.

Now, to get to the point, to experience humility after having become an Alpha is needed to be a well-rounded person. Therefore, I will give myself to the First Hierarch to become a Hierarch myself and get the next Alpha process to become a more powerful Alpha.

I’m wondering, though… I’ve never seen you at Hierarch Industries and wonder how you got all that information. Are you the First Hierarch?

Story Request by @iets20
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Social Justice Whore

Hey, I’m a self-professed SJW and recently I’ve just been shouting at my friends a lot. I’m wondering if the Pink Fairy can help me make things up to my conservative and … err … “centrist” friends by cursing me to be a big-dicked, muscle-bottom who gets silly and horny around conservative guys until he needs them to anger-fuck his huge, bouncy, pinko commie ass.

To balance it out… Maybe some of their right-wing views can dribble out onto the floor?

Story Request by @rugbyjockca
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