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Hello Pink Fairy! I was wondering if I could have some help with job hunting? I got a degree and post grad, but every job cares more about experience and connections. Any chance you can recommend me to a good position?

Story Request by @tall-canadian
(Source: queerfever.com || men.com)

You wake up in a cold sweat. Your head is foggy and your thoughts are slow. You remember asking a cute twink in pink leather if they knew a position they could recommend to you. It was probably the Pink Fairy. Or at least you think so. Not that you can think very well right now. But the thing that you remember most vividly is the fact that he answered with two words only: “Bent over.”

You try to figure out what he means by that, but the thoughts just keep slipping through your fingers. The memory of the dream is already fading to nothingness in the back of your mind. You’re not sure you know any jobs by the name of “bent over” but the more that you try to think about it, the more it becomes irrelevant to you. You feel horny all of a sudden. Hot and bothered.

It’s only when you toss the blankets off your body that you realize you’re naked. And sweating. You can feel your body tightening up, whatever little fat you have melting away, your hole twitching between your muscular butt cheeks that grow fat and plump. Your stomach flattens, your abs becoming more pronounced. Your tits grow large and firm, your arms and legs swelling with muscle.

You grunt as you get up from bed, your brains melting right out of your ears as you chuckle dumbly to yourself. You don’t even recognize your own diploma and just watch blankly as it slowly fades away, replaced by a poster of a muscled man with thick, corded arms and a raging erection. “Fuck yeah, bro,” you mumble dully to yourself as you leave the room.

You almost bump into another guy, someone who you recognize as one of your bros, one of your coworkers. He smirks down at you and grabs your cock, giving it a quick squeeze and stroking it. “Excited for our scene today, brah?” he asks.

The words spill out of you before you can even think about them. “God yeah, bro,” you say, grabbing his bigger, thicker, juicier cock. “I want you inside me, bro,” you hear yourself say, your hole twitching even more as the horniness inside you burns away the last dregs of your old self.

The Pink Fairy really pulled through on this one. He not only recommended the position to you, he actually got it for you. From now on you’re going to spend your time happily bent over, taking it for the camera. There’s no other position you would rather be in. Not that you have the brains to imagine that there are any other positions to be in, to begin with.

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