A Passing Suggestion

This twink‘s been following me around, though I don‘t know why. I asked him what his deal was and he referred to Hierarch Industries. Can you help?

Story Request by @iets20

Maybe it’s not the best idea to accept advice from random twinks following you on the streets, but there’s something about the over-eager way that he told you to go to Hierarch Industries that piques your interest. Of course it was a bit creepy, but there was also a strange yearning in those eyes that makes you think that it’s more than just a stalker being weird. Besides. You’re pretty sure that if he wanted to get you alone to take advantage of you, a public consultation clinic was probably not the best place to do it.

You look up what Hierarch Industries is, and while you get a lot of the corporate speak on the face of the company, you’re not entirely sure you understand the philosophy of it. But you don’t see anything that sets alarm bells ringing, so you figure there’s no harm in going. Besides, if their guarantee that they can change your life turns to be some weird culty thing, you’re confident that you’ll be able to resist and get out of it.

The next week sees you at the Hierarch Industries clinic for your free consultation and you can’t help but feel a bit antsy in the waiting room. A number of guys have gone before you but so far none of them have come out. You’re stunned when someone emerges from the back with a familiar face, but an entirely different body and attitude. He looks more confident, more self-assured. Not only that, but he’s taken on what is practically the idealized form of a man. It’s a jaw-droppingly amazing transformation and you find that earlier apprehension slowly turn into excitement.

When you get called, you’re practically vibrating with nervous energy. You sit down as the man in the lab coat takes his place behind the desk. He taps away at the keyboard and takes a look at the screen and chuckles. “I see that one of our unmated omegas has taken an interest in you,” he says. “Well, luckily for the both of you, according to what we have on file, you are indeed eligible for the Alpha program.”

You ask what that means for you, and the person in the lab coat says that it will improve your self-confidence and your self-worth on top of a whole host of physical benefits. You ask how soon you can start and you’re handed a small cup. The technician tells you that you can start right away, and that all you need to do is drink up. You do so, and almost immediately you feel warm and tingly all over.

You ask if that’s normal, and they assure you that it is. You can scarcely contain yourself as you moan out loud, your cock turning rigid in your pants that are suddenly too-tight around the waist. You fumble with the button as your entire body seems to bulk up, muscles bulging out, filling you with newfound strength.

Your fingers are thicker than you’re used to, making them mostly useless for the delicate task of popping open your fly. So instead you grasp both sides of the button on your waistband and yank them apart, sending the button flying. It hits the wall in the back of the room with a quiet ping. As your shirt grows tight around your chest and shoulders, you grab at your collar and tear through the cloth with surprising ease.

A low growl rumbles through you as you look down on your naked torso for the first time. You were pretty built to begin with, but now you had the body that you had always dreamed of. You flex, feeling the intense power thrumming through your veins. You don’t do it for the guy in the lab coat. You do it more for yourself, to test out the limits of this new, awesome body.

It isn’t until the transformation has settled, when your skin feels prickly and hot, that you realize just how horny you are. While at one point you may have been shy about doing so, you reach down and wrap your thick fingers around your even thicker cock. It feels good. Better than good, actually. It makes your cock twitch, a droplet of pre-cum dripping from the tip.

“Alright,” says the attendant, getting up from behind the desk and putting a hand on your arm. “Let’s get you mated, shall we? Trust me, your omega has been waiting a long time for this. I have no doubt that he’s been driven up the wall with desperation for this cock of yours for the week that it’s taken you to come to us.”

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