Tempting Fate

Pfft. The pink fairy. Sounds like some weak pixie. I’d like to see your “Pink Fairy” have a go at me, the hottest Texan around. I get more girls that any of you and I’d like to see your pink pixie try and get me.

Story Request by @unabashedwinnerboi
(Source: @lucas-drake)

Strong words. Manly words. Arrogant words. They’re not words that would have ever occurred to you to utter. Not anymore, at least. But to think that you had spoken them just a couple of months ago, as if you believed every syllable, as if you believed yourself strong enough to stand in defiance of something much older, much more primal, and much more powerful than you.

But you didn’t know better. And you certainly won’t ever know better. It would be so nice to say that you have learned your lesson, but you’re not very good at learning anything that doesn’t have to do with choking down a cock or riding one. Whatever brains might have once been there in that pretty little head of yours have long since melted away. What dregs had been left behind, you’ve managed to cum out by now. 

And to think that the first few days after issuing your challenge, you had thought that you had won, not knowing that the changes had already begun and were slowly turning you into something else from the inside out. The first time you noticed anything wrong was when you couldn’t get it up for the hot busty chick you’d picked up from the bar. Then, when you couldn’t even cum without sticking a finger up your ass.

The begging had come after you spent a month trying and failing to cum, having shoved three fingers in your asshole. Straight porn wasn’t doing it for you anymore, but you couldn’t bring yourself to watch gay porn either. You begged for clemency, for mercy, but only the silent night answered you each time. You didn’t get to cum until you bought a dildo, and when you finally did you so, it was so intense that you thoroughly soaked yourself in cum before passing out, waking up crusty all over.

By the time that you had your first real cock, you couldn’t think anymore, and you spent most of your time spaced out and giggling. You had been fired, but you didn’t even notice. The first cock you got shoved up your tight little boypussy belonged to the coworker that had come by to check on you. After that things just went downhill.

Now you spend your days at your own little whorehouse. You’re the only employee, but it’s never empty. And you’re glad it isn’t. Because you can scarcely imagine life without a dick down your throat or up your ass, stupid little slut, too dumb to do anything but be a fucktoy for other men.

The Pink Fairy was disappointed that you couldn’t learn your lesson, though and he would have left well enough alone, except he remembered what you’d said to him and he decided to be particularly cruel this time around. He put your mind back together, let you go back into your body, but he made sure that you were only ever there as a passenger, helplessly watching and feeling as you eagerly slurped down cock and revelled in cum.

So much for “pink pixie,” straight boy. Maybe next time don’t fuck with the Pink Fairy.

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