Two Heads

Hi! I just want to be a dumb little twink. Maybe it starts senior year of High School when I get placed in the dumb math class? Maybe I get bored and confused of all the numbers and see a hot twink with a bubble butt in front of me and I start to finger myself without thinking? Maybe later I go to his house to work on homework but we can’t think about much because I’m not the brightest bulb in the shed and neither is he 😉

Story Request by @letsgayboi77
(Source: @bi-times)

It isn’t until you’re well into your twenties that the world realizes what has happened to you and countless other bright young lads. But by then you’re too far gone to be helped. Not that you would want to be helped, anyway. You’re enjoying your new life too much. The endless sex, being treated like a princess, all the pleasure and happiness without all of the stress and baggage of the life that you would have otherwise led if not for what happened to you in High School.

You were 18. You were supposed to graduate. But toward the end of the school year you suddenly started having a lot of difficulty with subjects that you used to be very good at. Well, people noticed that your grades were doing a backslide. But the truth was that you had been struggling for a while, your previous record the only thing really keeping you afloat.

But inevitably, you failed your finals and ended up being held back a year. The first semester you really tried, but math just refused to come to you. Facts from history class went in one ear and out the other. And your Biology teacher might as well have been talking to a brick wall if she wasn’t talking about penises, and even that only held your attention briefly if it wasn’t about human penises.

Needless to say, you were put in the math class for dumb kids during the second semester. No one called it that, but it was pretty clear what it was. Not that you understood that fact by that point in time. You used to be pretty good at maths, but by then the numbers bored you. You couldn’t understand even the basics, and once you saw the fat ass on the twink in front of you, you couldn’t help but give in to your baser instincts.

You fingered yourself and moaned quietly in the back of the room. Your teacher, overworked and underpaid, didn’t care enough to make a stink about it. But you needed to pass. Somehow. You couldn’t be held back in school for another year. It was so dreadfully boring. So you decided to get some help. And who better to ask than the twink with the cute butt?

Only problem was that once you got to his house for a bit of studying, you realized that he was just as dumb as you. If not dumber. The two of you ended up zoning out and just giggling. For some time, at least. And then you got horny. It made him horny. And before you knew it you were making out sloppily on his bed.

Of course, neither of you really wanted to be the top on this occasion. And for some time you were glad just grinding your crotches together, your limp dicks smearing pre-cum all over yourselves. But eventually your holes became too hungry, too horny. Fortunately, the twink had a double-headed dildo in his nightstand.

When that toy slid into your ass, it was unlike anything you’d ever felt before. You were hooked. Nothing felt as good as the sensation of that rubber cock fucking you as your asses smacked together time and time again with every backward thrust. His parents caught you together like that, but by then the both of you were too far gone to care, drooling your brains out and dribbling what little intelligence you had left out of your cocks.

No one knew what you had turned to, only that you had squandered your potential. But you didn’t know better. You were one of the first bubble boys. And even though you weren’t “successful” as far as most people defined the word, you had plenty of cock and enough money to get by. And honestly, there was nothing else that you could want. You were too dumb to have more complicated desires.

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