Animal Magnetism

Pup Nitro reminisces on the life he had before meeting his Master

Nitro used to be a regular human. It was so long ago that he couldn’t even remember what his name used to be. He couldn’t remember a lot of things. He tried not to think about that. It was hard to think; thinking made his little head hurt.

Everything Nitro remembered about his past had something to do with Master. He used to be straight, he was pretty sure. He used to think girls were nice. He used to want to hump them. A lot. He used to go to the gym so that girls would think he was nice and would let him hump them.

Master came to the gym one summer. Nitro wasn’t sure how long ago it was. Time wasn’t much of a thing he paid attention to, anymore. It didn’t matter so much, these days. The only times that meant anything to him were the time he had to wake Master up, the time Master went to work, the time Master came back from work, and the time to go to bed. All the other times were just about having fun and doing what Master told him to do.

Nitro shook his head and rubbed his face. He wanted to remember how he and Master met. It was the happiest day of his life! Well, it wasn’t the happiest day of his life when it happened, but it definitely was, looking back.

Even though Nitro didn’t look at other boys the same way he looked at girls at the time, Master had caught his attention. It was because Master was hot. And Master was intriguing. He didn’t talk to anyone, but there was just something about him that attracted the attention of everyone else in the gym.

Master always watched Nitro and the other gym-goers when he did his workouts. His gaze was like that of a hawk. Like a predator. Over time Master stopped looking at anyone else. Every time Nitro went to the gym, Master was there, watching him closely.

Nitro remembered that Master’s gaze had made him feel uncomfortable back in those days. He couldn’t imagine feeling anything other than joy at Master’s attention these days so he couldn’t really understand why he’d felt so put-off by Master back when he was a normal human.

The weird things started happening soon after that. If he remembered correctly, a few weeks after Master started showing up at his gym, Nitro got a girl to live with and hump every night. He remembered the time fondly, but it wasn’t the kind of life that he would ever want to go back to.

At the time, Master always featured in the back of Nitro for one reason or another. He always told himself it was just because he admired Master’s body and wanted to be more like it, at least until the sex dreams started. He always dreamed of humping his girl, but then the scene would change and he’d end up on the bottom with Master mounting him from behind.

It had felt weird at the time. Nitro had known that he was straight. That he was supposed to like girls. That he shouldn’t be enjoying getting his hole stuffed so much, but the dreams always felt so good, and he always woke up soaked in cum that he couldn’t stop them even if he wanted to.

Nitro remembered feeling so unsettled by the dreams that he considered either going to the gym at a different time to avoid Master or asking Master to leave. He was just glad that he’d decided to do neither. It hadn’t been Master’s fault that Nitro had perverted sex dreams about him.

And besides, Master had had every right to be at the gym. Master paid for his membership, just like everyone else. It wasn’t his fault that Nitro had been too weak to resist Master’s natural charm.

Things only got weirder after the dreams started. Nitro remembered how it went. Every time he showered in the gym, Master would walk past him, and he would smell Master. Master always smelled so good. The scent of Master made him feel a bit light-headed and hazy and it still did and it was the best feeling in the world.

Nitro grinned. He remembered how he used to black out whenever he caught a whiff of Master’s scent. He’d come to some time later, not really aware of how long it had been, just that he’d been staring at the wall with a boner for so long that the shower water was cold.

Once the blackouts started, every time Nitro looked at Master, he would randomly pop a boner. He remembered thinking that Master was so fucking hot. He couldn’t stop thinking about Master. His girl got upset with him, but he didn’t feel bad at all when she broke up with him.

Nitro remembered being so desperate for Master’s scent that he made up every excuse to try and get close to Master. At first the faintest of whiffs of that uniquely exquisite aroma was enough, but not for long.

Master’s scent was like the best ever high in the world. Nitro remembered that he’d smoked something that used to make him feel like Master did, but Master was just a hundred times better, so he stopped.

Before he met Master, Nitro would have never stooped so low, but at the time he’d felt like a junkie, craving his next fix. He started sneaking around, following Master into the locker room, stealing Master’s jock and rubbing himself through his gym shorts while Master was taking a shower.

Nitro was able to get away with it for a while, until one time Master caught him. He remembered feeling so embarrassed and trying to come up with a believable excuse, but his boner had been so obvious and he hadn’t even managed to pull the jock away from his face.

Master had said something to Nitro then, but he couldn’t remember. All he did remember was that afterward, he stopped being sneaky. He followed Master around just so he could sniff and smell Master, especially right after Master had a workout, which was when the scent was strongest.

Nitro remembered being so excited when Master asked him to spot for him. While Master was lifting his weights, Master asked Nitro about his work. Nitro remembered feeling so silly, not being able to find the words to explain what his job was, until Master helped him remember that he was just a go-go dancer.

A low moan escaped Nitro. He remembered that at the time he felt like Master wasn’t right, that his real job was at some big company doing something with big numbers. That didn’t really make sense, though. Master was always right. And besides, Nitro didn’t really understand numbers at all. There was no way he could have been working for a company doing numbers even back then.

Nitro could feel his little puppy prick getting hard in its cage. Gosh. His little puppy brain was being all sorts of silly today. He’d just remembered, he didn’t actually have a girl back then.

Nitro had done the same thing back then, when Master asked him what his life was like. He’d said that his life was good, that he had a good job, and a loving family. Master had been good enough to remind him that it was probably all just a dream, that in reality he lived in a too-small apartment because his parents kicked him out and that the only friends he had were the big rough scary men that came around to pay for his body.

A quiet giggle bubbled up out of Nitro as he wagged his tail. He didn’t quite remember those men. He remembered thinking, back when Master told him about them, that they weren’t real. But of course they had been real. Master was always right. It was just that Nitro’s brain was all fuzzy and mushy, so things got crossed a little bit, sometimes.

Nitro didn’t have any bad feelings about the men that used to use him, but they weren’t very good friends. They were rough on him just the way he liked, but they never stayed around. They made him sad and lonely and sometimes they didn’t even pay so Nitro had to worry about how to make his rent.

Heat bloomed across Nitro’s cheeks. He remembered spilling all those thoughts and feelings to Master. It was rude, but Master had been gracious, at least. Nitro didn’t really remember what Master had told him back then, but it had something to do with getting away from all of the sadness and loneliness and worries by being his dumb, slutty puppy.

Nitro said yes, of course. He remembered being so happy when Master took him home that night. Master showed him his butt and Nitro was so confused at first, but then he caught a whiff of Master’s scent and all he could do was stick his nose in Master’s butt.

Master said something, but Nitro couldn’t remember what it was at all. He’d been so busy smelling Master. It was like the smell was going up his nose and into his brain. Nitro had felt like his brain was getting fried but he hadn’t minded. Master had smelled so good he couldn’t stop.

It wasn’t like Nitro needed a human brain anymore, anyway. Master said so. He didn’t need a brain at all. Thinking was too hard. Master was going to do all the thinking from him from now on.

Nitro was so excited. He couldn’t wait. He’d been sitting in front of the door waiting for Master all day. Today was the day, Master had said. Today was the last day he would be able to use human words and think human thoughts. He wagged his tail. Soon enough he would be nothing more than Master’s dumb slutty puppy and he couldn’t be happier.

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