Halcyon Sunset pt. 3

Now that Marcus has taught him how to be a good boy, Hyperion must prove that he has internalized his lessons by showing off just how good of a boy he really can be.

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Hyperion shivered as Marcus patted him. It was such a simple gesture but it felt so good and he didn’t know why.

"You liked that," said Marcus with a light laugh. You really liked that."

Hyperion nodded. "I-I did," he said.

A smile tugged at Marcus’ lips. "You want more, don’t you?"

Hyperion nodded again. "Y-yes," he said.

Marcus raised an eyebrow. "Yes, what?" he said.

Hyperion gulped audibly. He didn’t know what was expected of him. He looked into Marcus’ eyes and felt as if he were falling into their blue depths. "U-um… Y-yes, please?"

Marcus chuckled. "Good boy," he said as he patted Hyperion again.

Hyperion had to suppress a moan. He never would have imagined praise could feel so good. The patting was a bit patronizing but at the same time, it made him feel oddly warm.

"Now, was that so hard?" said Marcus. "It felt natural. Didn’t it?"

Hyperion flushed. "Please" wasn’t a word he was used to saying. He was more accustomed to commanding and giving orders but Marcus was right. It had felt natural to say. It had felt right.

"M-more, please…" Hyperion whispered as he leaned into Marcus’ touch.

"Eager, aren’t you?" said Marcus. "What makes you think you deserve more pets? Only good boys get pets, you know. Are you a good boy?"

Hyperion blushed. It was such a simple question and yet he found himself struggling to respond. "I-I dunno…" he mumbled softly, averting his eyes. "I-I guess I am?" he said.

Marcus raised an eyebrow. "You guess?" he said. His lips curled in a little smirk. "Do you remember when we promised we would be honest with one another? You told me you were a leader—an Alpha. Is that true?"

Hyperion’s cheeks burned. A soft whine escaped him as he shook his head. He couldn’t bring himself to answer the question.

"So if you failed to tell the truth, what did you do?" said Marcus.

Hyperion averted his gaze. Shame coiled in the pit of his belly. He couldn’t bear to look into Marcus’ eyes. "I-I lied…" he mumbled.

Marcus chuckled. "And do you think lying is a heroic thing to do?" he said. "Do you think lying is a good thing to do?"

"N-no, but—" Hyperion started to defend himself but Marcus clicked his tongue, cutting him off.

"I only asked if you thought lying was a good thing to do," said Marcus.

The flush on Hyperion’s cheeks turned darker as he shook his head.

"And if it isn’t a good thing, then what is it?" said Marcus.

Hyperion gulped. He looked at Flicker. He didn’t know why. Maybe it was a vain attempt for help. But the speedster’s focus was entirely on Marcus. "A-a bad thing?" he stammered.

Marcus smiled. "And would a good boy do a bad thing?" he said.

Hyperion’s face fell. He felt his heart drop into his stomach. "I-I suppose not," he said.

"Then a boy that does bad things is…?"

Hyperion felt like his face was about to burst into flames. "A-a bad boy…" he whispered.

Marcus smirked. He moved his hand to cup the side of Hyperion’s face. "You need not look so crestfallen. A bad boy can become a good boy. All he needs is a little bit of discipline."

Hyperion swallowed. His mouth felt dry. He could feel sweat beading on his brow. "T-then discipline me… Please?"

Marcus chuckled. "With pleasure," he said. "Now. Strip."

Hyperion glanced at Flicker. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d seen each other naked but the context was different and he was feeling surprisingly self-conscious.

Marcus must have noticed the hesitation as he clicked his tongue with displeasure. "Good boys are obedient," he said, his voice sending a shiver down Hyperion’s spine. "They neither question nor second-guess. They do as they are told when they are told to do so."

Hyperion’s eyes snap back to meet Marcus’ gaze. He gulped. "Y-yes, Sir…" he said as he stripped off his suit jacket.

He tugged his dress shirt out of his slacks and undid the buttons down the front. He pulled it off one sleeve at a time, revealing his deeply tanned skin underneath, though a hint of pale flesh peeked out over the top of his pants.

"Good," hummed Marcus. He sounded pleased. "Keep going."

Hyperion shivered. The praise went straight to his cock, making the obscene outline pressing up against his pants leg even bigger. "Y-yes, Sir!" he said, a frisson of excitement wending its way through his body.

The front of Hyperion’s pants was tight as he undid the clasp. He locked gazes with Marcus as he pushed the pants down his legs and shivered at the hungry look that greeted him. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants off, standing there in just his underwear and socks.

Without his pants, his tan lines were even more prominent, pale skin hiding a pair of tight orange bikini briefs that were tented in the front.

Hyperion pulled off his socks but hesitated as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs.

Marcus rubbed his thumb in slow circles over Hyperion’s cheekbone and said, "All the way, boy."

Despite the gentle tone of Marcus’ voice, it was remarkable how much authority he managed to slip in just four words. Hyperion couldn’t help but shiver, his body obeying before his mind could even register the order.

Hyperion shimmied his briefs down his legs. He managed to get them halfway down his thighs before his cock caught in the elastic.

He kept working the briefs down his legs, pulling his cock along in the process. He couldn’t help but groan as the tension grew. And then, with a quiet, dull thrum, the waistband released his hardness.

A low grunt spilled from Hyperion as his cock sprang up. It flung a thin strand of pre-cum through the air, which landed on Marcus’ immaculately-shined leather shoes.

Hyperion didn’t think he’d ever been so hard. His cock bobbed up and down between his legs, bigger and stiffer than he’d ever known it to be.

His cheeks burned. It was one thing to be naked in front of a stranger. It was another entirely to be hard in front of one.

Hyperion tried to cover up but Marcus tutted and said, "Good boys don’t hide anything from their owner. They show off their tight, sexy bodies for their owner’s pleasure."

Heat spread down Hyperion’s neck. "Y-yes, Sir," he mumbled as he lowered his hands to his sides.

"Good," said Marcus. He released Hyperion’s face and sat down. He patted his leg and said, "Bend over my knee, boy."

Hyperion took a single tremulous breath before he did as he was told. The more he obeyed Marcus’ commands, the easier it got to just not think about them.

He squirmed a bit as he laid himself across Marcus’ lap. His hard cock pressed up against the side of Marcus’ leg, sending thrills of pleasure up his spine.

"Good," said Marcus. He placed a hand on the back of Hyperion’s thigh and gently tugged. "Spread your legs a little."

Hyperion did as he was told. He moved his legs apart, his knees against the cushions, his feet on top of the armrests.

Marcus reached between Hyperion’s legs. He curled his fingers around Hyperion’s shaft. It throbbed at the touch, eliciting a soft moan from Hyperion.

He tugged on Hyperion’s cock. He pulled it back so it would be exposed in the space Hyperion had made between his legs.

Once Marcus released Hyperion’s cock, it tried to spring back to its natural position but Marcus’ thigh was in the way. Hard as he was, the position was a bit awkward and uncomfortable but not once did the thought of complaining ever cross his mind.

Hyperion squirmed on Marcus’ lap. His cock was upside down, pointing at his feet. The underside was exposed, his balls resting on top. He felt vulnerable in a way he’d never felt before and the weirdest thing about it was that it turned him on.

"Ah, fuck!" he cried out as he felt a sudden and sharp smack land on his ass cheek. Before he could say anything else, Marcus spanked him again, making him lurch forward.

"Good boys refrain from profanity," said Marcus. His voice was gentle but firm. "Repeat my words back to me and thank me for helping you learn how to be a good boy."

Hyperion’s lower lip trembled. His cheeks flushed with shame. Marcus was inflicting an indignity on him, spanking him so he would learn a lesson, but he had asked for it.

"G-good boys refrain from profanity," he stammered out despite his humiliation. After all, good boys were supposed to follow orders without question and without hesitation. "T-thank you for teaching me how to be a good boy, Sir."

Marcus chuckled. He cupped Hyperion’s ass and rubbed it for a moment before drawing his arm back and delivering another sharp smack. "Good boys do not pretend to be something they’re not. They do not pretend to be leaders. They do not pretend to be Alphas."

Hyperion gasped, his back arching at the impact. He was an adult. He wasn’t supposed to surrender to a spanking. It was shameful. It was humiliating.

And yet, he couldn’t help himself. It turned him on. The sharp stinging pain on his asscheeks made his skin tingle and his cock leak.

He gulped audibly and repeated what Marcus had said, word for word.

Marcus chuckled. "You are a quick learner," he observed with some fondness in his voice. "Do make sure to count how many spankings you’ve received," said Marcus, rubbing Hyperion’s ass as he said so.

Hyperion took a single, tremulous breath. He craned his neck to look up at Marcus, his cheeks flushed. "Y-yes, Sir," he said.

He didn’t even know why he’d started using "Sir." It was an appellation that rarely sprang to his lips. The only person he’d ever called "Sir" before was Team Halcyon’s mentor Midnight.

But for some reason, it just felt natural to call Marcus Sir. It felt right.

Marcus lifted his hand. "Let us continue," he said. "And should you need a reminder: that last one was number three."

"Nnnh!" Hyperion groaned as the fourth spank landed on his bare bottom.

"Good boys do not try to take charge or make decisions on their own," said Marcus. He gently rubbed the place where the spank had landed but the soothing motion did little to help the sharp, stinging pain.

"Good boys let their owner take charge. They let their owner make decisions for them. They accept they are at their happiest when they have someone to tell them what to do."

"F-four, Sir!" Hyperion groaned before he faithfully repeated the words. Just saying them, hearing them in his own voice, did something to him. It made his cock throb, pre-cum leaking out of him onto the upholstery. "T-thank you for teaching me how to be a good boy, Sir!"

Marcus chuckled. He continued to the next lesson. "Good boys would rather let their owners think for them. Thinking is too hard for them. They find thinking unpleasant. They only do it when they have to," he said, punctuating the end with another sharp spank.

"Ah!" Hyperion cried out, his toes curling from the bizarre pleasure-pain that coursed through him at the impact of Marcus’ hand.

The pain was sharp. It was impossible to ignore. He’d been in bad fights before—had endured training sessions that left him bruised and battered all over. The pain of Marcus’ spankings hurt more, somehow.

Hyperion took a ragged breath as he repeated the words back to Marcus. It was weird. It shouldn’t have felt so good. It shouldn’t have turned him on so much.

It was punishment. It wasn’t supposed to be enjoyed. But part of him couldn’t help but want more.

Another spank landed. Hyperion’s back arched. His toes dug into the seat cushions.

"Good boys are meek and humble. They feel no need to elevate themselves. They recognize the superiority of their owners and they are happiest where they belong—at their owner’s feet."

Hyperion recited the words back to Marcus and hissed through gritted teeth as another spank landed shortly thereafter.

He didn’t know exactly when the shift had happened, but he wasn’t just repeating the words. He was starting to internalize them, taking them to heart.

He wanted to be a good boy, deeply and sincerely. Despite the pain and the tears in his eyes, he fought through it all.

"Good boys are respectful," said Marcus. "They do not raise their voices. They do not speak over others; they wait their turn to speak. Most of all, when their owner speaks, they listen."

"…When their owner speaks, they listen." Hyperion could feel it. The more he said the words, the more he believed them. Not just these ones, but all the ones he’d said before. He was becoming a good boy. With every spank. With every word.

All the silly little thoughts that weren’t about being a good boy had long since flitted away. His mind wasn’t racing anymore. For the first time in his life, he was able to focus solely on one thing. And he hung on to Marcus’ every word.

"Good boys are honest. They do not lie to their owners. They do not hide from their owners. When they are naughty—because no good boy is perfect—they tell on themselves. When they make mistakes, they come clean and accept their punishment because they know it will help make them better boys for their owners."

Hyperion flushed. He’d broken this rule, in a way. But he was taking his punishment. And he knew he was becoming a better boy for it.

"Good boys are earnest. They love to serve. They are eager to make their owners happy. They want to be the best boys they can possibly be," said Marcus as he stroked Hyperion’s sore ass cheeks.

Yes. Yes. For the longest time, all Hyperion had wanted was to build a successful team, to gain the recognition of the people.

He had a different dream now, a different goal. He wanted to be a good boy. No. No. He wanted more than that. He wanted to be the best boy he could possibly be.

"Good boys are property," said Marcus. "They are happiest when they are owned. They give themselves wholly to their owners—body, mind, and soul."

Hyperion’s breath caught in his throat as he repeated after Marcus. "… Body, mind, and soul," he whispered, knowing the words to be true.

He used to think he would never belong to any man but now he knew the truth. All this time, he’d needed to be owned. He’d craved it.

And now his dearest desire was fulfilled. He belonged to Marcus. From the bottom of his feet to the top of his head, he was Marcus’ boy.

No more spanks landed afterwards. Hyperion slowly relaxed, though his cock remained hard, pulsing insistently between his legs.

Slowly, the sharp pain of the spanking faded into a dull ache. Hyperion felt oddly at peace, sighing softly as Marcus’ fingers threaded through his hair and massaged his scalp.

"Good boy," said Marcus.

Hyperion could almost hear the smile in his owner’s voice. It made him happy.

The praise made him flush with pleasure and satisfaction, too. It was a recognition that he’d conducted himself well.

"You did so well," said Marcus. "There is much yet for you to learn but you did so well with just this."

A low moan spilled out of Hyperion. He never would have imagined he had a praise kink but it made sense.

He’d always craved approval. This was just the logical conclusion. And his body loved it. Marcus’ words sent a frisson of pleasure through him, making the small puddle of pre-cum at the tip of his cock grow even larger.

"T-thank you for helping me become a good boy, Sir," he whispered.

He meant it.

After a few minutes, Marcus patted Hyperion’s bottom. "Sit on my lap," he said.

Hyperion had drifted into a strange, floaty headspace while Marcus was petting him. However, the moment he heard the order, he couldn’t help but scramble to obey.

He sat up, straddling Marcus’ legs. He tried to sit, only to wince. Marcus had soothed him but that didn’t mean the pain of the spanking was gone.

The corner of Marcus’ mouth pulled into a little smirk. He cupped Hyperion’s ass and said, more firmly and more insistently, "Sit."

Hyperion whined softly. But he had to do as he was told. "Good boys follow orders," he mumbled to himself as he forced himself to sit on Marcus’ lap.

Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t help but whine. "Hurts…"

Marcus chuckled. "I know it does, pet," he said as he placed his hands on Hyperion’s hips. "But can my big, strong hero manage it?"

Hyperion’s expression hardened. He nodded. Even if he wasn’t a leader anymore, he was a hero. And thanks to Marcus’ reminder, he remembered that he was supposed to be able to endure pain like this—and worse, even. "I-I can, Sir!" he said.

Marcus smiled. He moved his hand up to Hyperion’s lower back, stroking along the curve of the younger man’s spine. "Arch for me," he said.

Hyperion’s cock twitched. He arched his back, just as he was told. It had the added effect of forcing him to push his ass out and Marcus was only too happy to take advantage.

A soft moan spilled out of Hyperion as Marcus grabbed his ass with his other hand. "Good boys are sexual creatures," said Marcus. "They are horny little things only too eager to please their owners with their bodies."

The repetition was instinctive, at this point. Hyperion echoed the words and moaned as he finished.

Something stirred in his stomach. Like a great coiled serpent slowly waking. He’d been horny before—the spanking had turned him on so much he’d leaked profusely on the couch—but now he was even hornier still.

A breathless gasp escaped Hyperion when the heat gathering in his chest went straight to his cock. He couldn’t help but move his hips, gyrating them in Marcus’ lap.

Marcus was hard. Hyperion could feel the stiffness of it through the pressed fabric of the older man’s dress pants. He couldn’t help but moan, grinding his cock against Marcus’ bulge.

Hyperion looked down. His eyes widened at the sight of it. The outline pressed up against the side of Marcus’ thigh bordered on the obscene.

"Good boys crave their owner’s cock," said Marcus.

Hyperion didn’t need those words to be said. His mouth had gone dry the moment he saw the shape of Marcus’ hard cock. He repeated the phrase anyway. "Good boys…" He gulped audibly as he trailed off. "Good boys c-crave their owner’s cock."

Marcus smiled. "When they are not working on a task their owner gave them, their minds inevitably wander back to their owner’s cock—to how desperately they want to feel it inside them."

Hyperion’s hole twitched. His whole body felt hot. Marcus’ touch on his skin was electric.

His pucker fluttered. His back arched. A moan spilled from his lips. He could scarcely think of anything besides Marcus’ hardness. "P-please, Sir!" he begged. "Please, please fuck me!"

Marcus chuckled. He patted Hyperion’s butt. "Good boy," he whispered, even as Hyperion flinched from the sudden pain that flared on his ass cheek. "Such a good boy. You will get what you want soon enough"

Glancing off to the side, Marcus snapped his fingers. "Be a dear, Flicker. You know where the lube is, yes?"

"Yes, Master!"

Hyperion nearly jumped at the sound of Flicker’s voice. He’d been so absorbed with Marcus that he’d entirely forgotten Flicker was present.

Part of him felt bad but he also knew Flicker was a good boy. Flicker would understand. It was hard to pay attention to anything else when Master was in the room—when Master was touching his body.

A moment later, Flicker returned. "The lube, Master," he said, kneeling in front of the couch as he held the tube out to Marcus.

Marcus accepted the tube. He looked Hyperion in the eye, the corner of his mouth quirking into a little smirk.

He leaned forward, pressing his lips to the space behind Hyperion’s ear. "Good boys are endlessly horny. When not busy with a task, when their silly little heads are empty and waiting to be told what to think, they pine for their owner’s cock."

There was a quiet snap as Marcus popped the cap on the tube of lube. He drizzled a generous amount over Hyperion’s crack.

Hyperion’s eyes widened. He sucked in a ragged gasp as he felt the cold slick drip between his ass cheeks.

He was glad the lube didn’t stay cold for long. It warmed quickly, first to match his skin temperature, and then hotter and hotter until it was on the verge of being uncomfortable.

A low moan spilled from Hyperion as the lube dripped over his quivering quim. It was hot. It made his flesh tingle.

Marcus chuckle. "Their holes twitch. Their cocks strain. They cannot help but daydream about sucking their owner’s cock or begging to take it from behind."

Hyperion whined. It was too much. His hole was practically sucking in the lube. He wanted it so badly. "Master, please…" he whimpered as he ground his ass into Marcus’ lap, the dull ache from his spanking inconsequential in the face of the overwhelming lust he felt.

He just wanted to be fucked.

"Food boys love to be horny. They love to feel sexed up all day, eager and desperate for some attention from their owner."

Marcus dipped his middle finger into the cleft of Hyperion’s ass. He rubbed around the ring of muscle, teasing the trembling rim of it with the tip of his finger.

"Good boys never come unless given permission by their owner. They love the exquisite torture of it. The frustration."

Hyperion shivered as Marcus licked the side of his neck. The hot, wet tongue left a trail of lingering heat on his skin.

"The denial reminds them their bodies belong to someone else. It builds and builds and builds until it is all they can think of—and they will do anything for their owner to give them permission."

Hyperion gasped as he felt Marcus’ finger finally breach him. It slipped inside to the first knuckle, rubbing his hole from the inside.

Marcus chuckled. "There is nothing more precious to good boys than their owner’s seed. They crave it. They need it."

Hyperion shuddered as Marcus moved his other hand to the front of his body. He groaned as fingers dug into the flesh of his cobbled abs, tracing the hills and valleys of his muscles.

"The longer they go without it, the more desperate they become to get it," said Marcus as he nipped at the lobe of Hyperion’s ear. "And yet they understand their owner’s seed is a reward. A privilege reserved for only the best and most well-behaved boys."

Hyperion placed his hands on Marcus’ shoulders as he leaned forward, supporting his weight on Marcus’ frame. He arched his back and pushed his ass out, moaning softly as Marcus’ finger slipped deeper inside him. "P-please, Sir… P-please, give me your cock! P-please breed my virgin boyhole!"

Marcus chuckled. He worked the finger deeper, up to the second knuckle. "My, my. Where is the earlier bravado? That arrogance you seemed so proud of?" he said as he moved the hand on Hyperion’s stomach lower. "Do you think you deserve it, boy?"

Hyperion nodded. "I-I’ll be good, Sir," he said. He was determined to prove himself, to show Marcus that he was worthy to receive that beautiful cock. "I-I’ll be your best boy, Sir!"

Marcus laughed. "Good boys do not make promises they cannot keep," he said gently. "However, I do appreciate your gusto. In my view, enthusiasm such as this deserves reward."

Hyperion followed Marcus’ gaze when the other pointedly looked down. He can’t help but lick his lips as he watches that bulge twitch.

"Go on," said Marcus as he moved his hand away from Hyperion’s stomach and back onto his hip. "Let him out."

Hyperion’s fingers trembled as he moved his hands down the front of Marcus’ body. He took a breath as he grabbed the waistband of the dress pants.

He undid the buckle on the belt, unclasped the pants, and tugged the zipper down. The outline of Marcus’ cock throbbed, as if eager to be released from its confinement.

Hyperion gulped. He slid a hand past the garter of Marcus’ silk boxer briefs and wrapped his fingers around Marcus’ shaft. It was thick. Hefty.

He gasped when he pulled Marcus’ cock out. It wasn’t enormous, just a hair bigger than his own. And yet it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

His mouth watered the moment he laid eyes on it, his hole clenching tight around Marcus’ finger. He wanted it even more now that he knew what it looked like.

Marcus hooked the thumb of his free hand into the waistband of his pants. He shimmied it down to his knees as he said, "If you want your owner’s seed tonight, you will have to work for it, little sun."

Hyperion nodded. He swallowed. He was so horny and so desperate for that cock, he was willing to do anything. "Y-yes, Sir…" he whispered.

"Prove to me your worthiness and I might consider rewarding you with my precious seed to carry around inside you for the rest of the day," said Marcus with a little smirk.

"I-I’ll do it, Sir!" said Hyperion almost breathlessly. "I-I’ll prove I deserve your cum!"

Marcus smiled. "Make me nice and slick then, little sun," he said as he handed the tube of lube to Hyperion.

Hyperion cracked the cap. He drizzled a substantial amount over Marcus’ cock, flushing at the quiet grunt he managed to elicit from the older man as a result.

He’d never touched another man’s cock before—even if he had fantasized about doing it many times. He wrapped his fingers around Marcus’ considerable girth and groaned. Somehow, he felt like he was holding the most precious thing in the world.

At the same time, Marcus added a second finger to Hyperion’s hole. "You’re rather tight, aren’t you, little sun?" said Marcus. "Have you never had this part played with before?"

Hyperion leaned against Marcus for a moment as he tried to process the intense sensation of his hole stretching around two whole fingers. He whined softly as he admitted to the truth, "N-no, Sir… M-maybe a little rubbing but never—"

Marcus caressed Hyperion’s side, lightly stroking his flank. "Easy now," he said gently but firmly. "Relax. Try to push out. Yes. Just like that."

It worked, much to Hyperion’s surprise. He would have expected pushing out would make things more difficult but instead what it did was make his hole more pliant.

He groaned as Marcus slowly worked him open, spreading those fingers to stretch him wider. It felt good. It felt right. It was as if his body was awakening to its purpose.

Hyperion couldn’t neglect Marcus, though. He could feel the warmth of the lube and the heat of Marcus’ cock soaking into his hand. It turned him on—made him horny.

He worked his fist up and down the length of it, spreading the lube all over. He’d touched his own cock so many times but this was different. He stroked Marcus, slowly working over the older man’s thickness with his fingers.

"First time?" said Marcus as he glanced down with a smirk.

Hyperion’s cheeks flushed bright red. "I-it is, Sir," he said.

"Never experimented?" said Marcus.

Hyperion’s ears got hot. "N-never, Sir," he said as he shook his head and tried to bury his face in Marcus’ shoulder.

"Why is that?" said Marcus.

Hyperion could almost hear the smirk in Marcus’ voice and he felt as if his face was going to burst into flames.

He couldn’t believe he was about to admit to something he’d never even said out loud before but Marcus had asked a question and good boys were honest with their owners—good boys didn’t hide anything from their owners.

Hyperion gulped down his apprehension, the rhythm of his stroking faltering. "I-I was hoping Boreas would be my first," he said.

Marcus chuckled and patted the couch beside him. "Come up here, Flicker," he said. "What do you think of that?"

Hyperion glanced at Flicker. He’d forgotten, yet again, that Flicker was still in the room with them.

A twinge of guilt coursed through him. He’d always known Flicker had a bit of a thing for him. He’d just always pretended not to notice. Because he’d never felt the same way for Flicker. Because he’d hoped Flicker would get over it eventually.

Flicker smiled. It didn’t look like he was hurt or angry at all as he leaned against Marcus. "It’s obvious now that he says it, Master," he said with a light giggle. "No wonder he wouldn’t even give me the time of day when I was pining for him."

Hyperion gulped audibly. His hand went still. "I-I’m sorry, man," he said. "I-I just didn’t know what to do. We’ve been friends for so long. I-I was afraid of what might happen if I told you no."

Flicker shrugged. "I get it," he said. He poked Hyperion in the side. "I’m not blind. I know Boreas has a powerful ass."

Hyperion blushed.

Flicker sat up and grabbed the sides of Hyperion’s face. He planted a kiss on Hyperion’s lips.

At first, Hyperion tried to pull away. It wasn’t that he was repulsed. It was just surprise—an instinctive reaction.

It didn’t take long for him to start kissing back. Flicker was a damn good kisser. It made him feel warm on the inside and made his skin tingle.

When they broke apart, Hyperion breathlessly said, "W-what was that about?"

Flicker smirked as he cast a look at Marcus. "I still want you," he said matter-of-factly. "But Master owns my heart now. He owns all of me."

Leaning forward, Flicker traced the tips of his fingers down the curve of Hyperion’s spine. "I want to be with you," he said. "But not as a couple. Not anymore. I want to be a good boy for Marcus together with you."

Hyperion’s cock throbbed and a quiet moan spilled from his lips. He didn’t know why but he found the idea incredibly hot.

Flicker looked at Marcus as if asking for permission. Marcus smiled and nodded. No words needed to be exchanged. This was the communication between a boy and his owner. It was beautiful.

Reaching between Hyperion’s legs, Flicker wrapped his fingers around Hyperion’s cock and gave it a little tug. "Think about it, Sam," he said. "We can both have our dreams. I can be with you. And you can be with Wyn."

Hyperion gulped audibly. His mouth ran dry. His heart pounded in his chest. He couldn’t shake the image, now. The three of them, on all fours in front of Marcus. Flicker to his left. Boreas on his right. All three of them rock hard, horny, and desperate for Marcus’ cock.

His expression must have betrayed how appealing he found the idea as Marcus smirked and cupped the side of his face.

"He likes it," said Marcus.

Flicker giggled.

Marcus licked his lips, a predatory gleam in his eyes as he fixed them on Hyperion. "However, let us not get ahead of ourselves. You have yet to prove yourself to me, little sun."

Hyperion’s earlier confidence found its return, though subservient now to his desire to please Marcus. He looked into Marcus’ eyes as he said, "I’ll do anything, Sir."

Marcus smirked. He leaned in and nipped at Hyperion’s bottom lip. Gently, he moved Hyperion’s fingers off his cock and wrapped his own fingers around his base. "Ride me, little sun," he said.

Hyperion moaned as he pushed himself up. He reached down, grasping the first couple of inches of Marcus’ cock in his fingers to line it up with his hole.

Slowly, he lowered himself on Marcus. He gritted his teeth as the head pressed against his entrance. Despite the fingering from earlier, it wasn’t easy to get it in.

The pressure built. Little by little his hole gave way, burning as it stretched around the blunt head of Marcus’ length.

Marcus moved his hands to Hyperion’s hips. His grip was firm but not tight, more encouraging than anything else. "Breathe," he said. "And remember to push out."

Hyperion obeyed the orders instinctively. No thinking about them, no second-guessing. His body reacted and the results were even better than he expected.

He gasped as his hole gave, yielding to Marcus’ cock. He could feel himself stretch around it, a moan spilling out of him as he felt the crown of Marcus’ glans slip past his pucker.

Marcus moved one hand up along Hyperion’s back. His fingers dipped along the curve of Hyperion’s spine and continued upward until they were cradling the back of Hyperion’s head. "You are doing good," he said gently as he applied a little downward force on Hyperion’s hips. "Keep going."

Hyperion nodded. "Y-yes, Sir," he said, sweat beading on his forehead. He pushed himself down Marcus’ length, groaning as his hole opened for the considerable girth.

Marcus was so thick it hurt but it felt good, too. Good in a way Hyperion didn’t have the words to describe. Good in a way he never would have expected.

Suddenly, a bolt of intense pleasure like lightning struck Hyperion. He threw his head back, his back arching, his toes curling. The head of Marcus’ cock had pressed up against something inside him.

Despite his eagerness to get all of Marcus seated in his hole, Hyperion had to stop and breathe for a moment. His legs trembled where they straddled Marcus’ lap, his breath shallow and uneven.

Marcus laughed. "You’ve found your G-spot. How fortuitous," he said. "All good boys turn to putty when their owners play with their g-spot. Their brains melt. Their tight, sexy bodies lock up. And it feels so, so good they get addicted to the sensation."

Hyperion could understand why. It was intense. Almost too intense. But it was amazing in a way that defied description.

He lingered there for a moment, chewing on his lower lip as he ground his hips and rubbed his prostate with the tip of Marcus’ cock. It felt so good.

Marcus returned his other hand to Hyperion’s hip and clicked his tongue. "Good boys put their owner’s pleasure first. They exist for their owner’s pleasure."

Hyperion stopped. His legs quivered. His hole clenched and unclenched around the head of Marcus’ cock. He repeated the words. He felt them sink into him, carved into the core of his being.

"If good boys get pleasure, it is as a side-effect of giving their owners pleasure. They never use their owners for their own pleasure. Never."

Hyperion repeated the words. He felt them in his heart. He knew them to be true. "I-I’m sorry, Sir," he murmured as he leaned forward and resumed his course, slowly impaling himself on Marcus’ cock.

The deeper Marcus’s slipped inside him, the bigger it felt. He’d never felt so full before. His ring burned from how thick the older man was.

But the pleasure was equally intense. The satisfaction was incredible. He felt as if he was finally fulfilling his purpose and he could scarcely think of anything besides how good Marcus was filling him up.

Now that he’d had a taste he never wanted to feel empty again.

It took a few more minutes before Hyperion felt Marcus’ balls tickle his crack. He was sweating and panting. He felt so profoundly full of cock he didn’t feel like much of a person anymore and just more of a hole, a receptacle for Marcus.

Hyperion’s ass cheeks quivered as Marcus stroked them. "Well done," he said. "But this is only half the battle, little sun. You have saddled the stallion. It remains yet to ride him."

"Y-yes, Sir," said Hyperion, swallowing audibly. He sat on Marcus’ fully-seated cock for a short while, giving himself time to adjust to the girth of it.

Once he felt comfortable enough to move, he did so. He started with small motions, no more than an inch either way.

Even so, he couldn’t help but gasp. It felt even better than he’d thought. Marcus was thick enough that his cock pressed against Hyperion’s prostate even when it was just seated inside him but actually feeling it rub against him was intense.

It didn’t take much longer before Hyperion was moving with more enthusiasm. It was difficult not to. It felt so good he couldn’t help but crave more.

He bucked his hips, fucking himself on Marcus’ cock. He could scarcely believe he hadn’t tried this before. It was amazing.

He didn’t know if it was just his imagination but he could have sworn he felt Marcus’ cock reshaping his insides. His chute was being molded to fit Marcus perfectly.

Marcus’ hands tightened on Hyperion’s hips. "That’s it," he said. "Good boy. Bounce that tight virgin hole on your owner’s cock."

"Y-yes, Sir!" Hyperion grunted. With Marcus’ encouragement, any hesitation he might have had evaporated entirely.

He moaned as he bounced his ass on his owner’s fat cock. It felt so good he could hardly think of anything else.

Hyperion wasn’t a hero. He wasn’t a person. At this moment, his whole being was reduced to nothing more than a tight hole. His whole world was the cock pumping in and out of him.

The low grunts and moans that Hyperion managed to elicit from Marcus made his blood hot. It spurred him on. Made him bounce harder. Faster.

It wasn’t long before he felt the familiar tension of an oncoming orgasm coil in the pit of his belly. He was close. So close. And he hadn’t even touched his cock once, leaving it to bounce helplessly, flinging pre-cum all over the place.

"S-sir, Please!" Hyperion begged as he squeezed his hole around Marcus’ cock. He could feel his inner walls flutter, milking the length of the member sawing in and out of him.

A low grunt escaped Hyperion as Marcus’ fingers tightened around his hips. They dug into his skin. The pain was slight but the edge it gave the pleasure was intense.

"Once I come inside of you, there will be no going back," said Marcus. "If you let me come inside you, it will be the same as you fully giving yourself to me."

Marcus leaned forward and caught Hyperion’s lips in his own. He bit Hyperion, not hard enough to make him bleed but certainly hard enough that there would be bruising later.

A single strand of glistening spit connected them when Marcus broke the kiss. "In exchange for my cum you will give me all that you are. Your mind. Your body. Your soul. Are you ready for that? Are you certain you would like to be a good boy for me?"

Hyperion licked his lips. He looked into Marcus’ eyes. They were so bright. So blue. He could stare at them all day and get lost in their depths. "Yes…" he muttered, faltering briefly in his rhythm.

He snapped back to reality and shook his head. "Gods, yes!" he said, eager and full of energy. "Please. Please. Please make me yours, Sir! Fill me up! Breed my hole! Own me with your cock and knock me up with your will. Please!"

Hyperion’s back arched as he hissed through gritted teeth. Marcus had given him another spank and the pain of it entangled with the pleasure he was feeling as he rode Marcus.

"Just this once, I will forgive it. But if you are going to be mine, you will understand and accept that I am the one in charge, am I clear?" said Marcus. "Do not presume to tell me what to do."

Hyperion whined softly. "I-I’m sorry, Sir," he grunted as he leaned against Marcus’ body. "I-it won’t happen again…"

Marcus smiled. "It better not," he said as he adjusted Hyperion’s hips. Without warning and with considerable, unexpected strength, he slammed Hyperion down on his cock.

Hyperion’s eyes went wide. His back arched. His legs locked in place. His toes curled. The orgasm threatened to boil out of him but with sheer willpower, he managed to fight it down, the pleasure instead concentrating in his ass as his insides fluttered and quivered around Marcus’ throbbing, pulsing length.

"With this, you become mine forever," said Marcus.

Hyperion’s mind went blank as he felt shot after shot of hot cum splattering his insides. It brought him back to the brink. His cock pulsed, bobbing up and down between his legs as pre-cum dripped liberally out of his piss-slit.

Somehow, he managed to fight the orgasm back down. He knew he wasn’t allowed to come without permission. He wouldn’t dare.

The sensation of denial was intense. The frustration was exquisite. He didn’t know why but he loved it and part of him dearly hoped Marcus would never give him permission.

As the high of Marcus’ orgasm faded, as his fingers loosened around Hyperion’s hips, he said nothing about letting the younger man come. Hyperion shivered, knowing deep down that the silence was deliberate—a test of his conviction to be a good boy.

Hyperion choked down the complaints as he collapsed against Marcus, both of them breathing heavily. His cock rubbed against the front of Marcus’ dress shirt, but he pointedly ignored the insistent pulsing.

He wrapped his arms around the back of Marcus’ neck and buried his face in the side of it. "Yours, Master…" he mumbled, feeling oddly happy as the heat of Marcus’ load seeped into his insides.

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