The Temptation of Clayton Hubbard pt. 3

Clay is seeing Briar everywhere. Memories of their first night together have stayed with him and his body can’t help but crave the demon’s touch. The exam proves more difficult than anticipated and desperate and out of options, he makes a deal with the devil.

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Clay took a breath as he crossed the threshold into the exam hall. After 20 minutes of waiting outside with students in his course and in the handful of others that were making use of the same exam location, his anxiety was through the roof.

It took a few minutes before everyone was settled. Clay, fortunately, managed to find his seat fairly quickly. It was on the aisle, in the middle row of the section that was assigned to his course.

Clay set his bag on the floor beside him and pulled out a pencil and an eraser. He also took a water bottle out and placed it in front of him.

To his right was a wooden divider. If anyone wanted to cheat off his paper—or if he wanted to cheat off anyone’s paper—it was going to be all but impossible. Not that it was a new measure to ensure academic honesty.

"Please bring all your bags to the front," said one of the invigilators standing at the front of the room. "You’ll only need your pencils. Erasers. Water bottles if you have them. Put away your notes and other study materials. Make sure your phones are off or on silent and leave them in your bags. Remember, this is a closed-book exam."

A different invigilator on the opposite side of the room called out, "Those in Professor Clark’s STAT0100 class, you’re allowed to have calculators on your desks. No, phone calculators aren’t allowed."

Once the invigilators had finished, the students surged toward the front. Just as Clay was pulling back from his bag he bumped into another guy from his course.

He looked up to apologize and stopped, the words dying in his throat when he saw Briar looking back at him. His heart thumped in his chest as he blinked and shook his head—he didn’t want to believe the demon was actually there in the hall with him.

Sure enough, when he opened his eyes again, he realized the guy wasn’t Briar at all. He sighed with relief and said, "Sorry about that."

"You okay?" said the guy. "You seem a little pale."

"Oh, yeah. I-I’m fine." Clay laughed nervously, cold sweat beading on the back of his neck. "Sorry for bumping into you. That felt pretty hard. Are you sure you’re okay?"

The guy nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Just try and be careful next time."

Clay scratched the back of his neck as they made their way back to their seats. "I’m not usually so clumsy. It’s just… Finals season, you know? Stress."

"Ugh. I know, right?" said the guy. "Honestly, why can’t they just give us four or five smaller exams throughout the term, you know?"

"Oh, man. That would be great," said Clay. It would still be stressful, but five smaller exams would at least mean less to study and try to retain.

Before the guy could respond, the invigilators called out, reminding the students to return to their seats. "Gotta go," said Clay.

The guy nodded and smiled. "Good luck, man."

"You too."

Clay glanced at the clock as he sat down. There were five minutes left before the start of the exam and somehow he knew they were going to be the five longest minutes of his life.

Invigilators walked down the aisles with armfuls of exam booklets, with one of them standing at the front of the room to give instructions. "People in the aisle seats, you’ll be getting a stack of booklets. Take one and pass it along to the rest of the students in your row."

It was an easy enough instruction but part of Clay was afraid he might mess it up.

"Once you receive your booklet, make sure to fill in the information on the front page. Give your full name and student number. Write down your course and instructor. Don’t forget the date."

The last instruction gave Clay a moment of panic as he struggled to remember the date.

"Also, do not open your booklet until you are told to do so. We are watching and we will notice."

One of the invigilators stopped by Clay’s seat and handed him a stack of booklets. He took it into his hands and looked up to say thank you, only to stop as his heart leaped into his throat. Briar was staring down at him with a wicked little smirk.

"Are you okay?"

Clay shook his head. Sure enough, it turned out he was seeing things again. "Y-yeah," he said. "It’s just the stress. I think I’m losing my mind. But I’ll be alright since this’ll be over soon."

The invigilator nodded and smiled. "Do alert us if you start to feel unwell, however. We’ll see what we can do to accommodate you."

"Thanks," said Clay. He took the stack, grabbed a booklet for himself, and turned to the side to pass it on as the invigilator continued down to the next row.

Clay froze when he saw Briar holding out a hand for the stack of exam booklets. Despite himself, a frisson of arousal wound its way through his body, making his cock twitch.

"C’mon, man. Just pass the booklets. We’re all stressed here and just want it over with."

Clay didn’t know whether to be alarmed or relieved that Briar hadn’t shown up. Even so, he couldn’t help it. Part of him was disappointed.

"Sorry," he mumbled as he handed over the booklets.

Turning back to his exam papers, Clay balled his hands into fists and took a deep breath. "C’mon Clay, focus," he muttered to himself. "You can’t afford to be distracted now."

He grabbed his pen and started filling out the information on the front page. He’d scarcely finished when the invigilators asked them to look through the exam to make sure that all the pages were present.

"Does anyone still need a booklet or need theirs replaced?"

Clay looked around and saw a handful of people raising their hands. It only took a minute to get them sorted out and once everything seemed to be in place, the chief invigilator looked at the clock on the wall and said, "Alright. It is currently 4:04 PM, meaning pens down at 7:04 PM. You may begin."

Clay buried his face in his hands. He was sweating bullets. The exam was turning out to be much, much harder than he imagined it would be.

The first few questions had been alright. He’d struggled to explain himself properly but he was pretty sure he managed to do a half-decent job.

He wasn’t so optimistic about the rest. The question he was stuck on was particularly frustrating. He knew that he knew how to answer properly. He just couldn’t quite put it to paper.

He’d reviewed the specific type of problem that the question presented. He remembered it distinctly. The solution was just on the tip of his tongue and no matter how hard he tried he could not get it down.

Flipping through the rest of the exam booklet, he tried to find another question he might be able to do before circling back to the one he was stuck on but he was out of luck. The questions only seemed to get more difficult the further he looked.

To make matters worse, the difficulty of the exam steered Clay’s thoughts to how much better of a time he would be having if he’d succeeded in summoning a familiar.

The questions were difficult but they weren’t impossible. He understood the subject material. He was just so stressed out he was blanking out hard.

His thoughts inevitably drifted to the result of his failed summoning attempt. Just the thought of Briar sent a thrill through him and he barely managed to stifle the moan that threatened to spill out of him.

He tried to ignore the sensation but the arousal only continued to build. Heat pooled in his stomach and his cock twitched against his leg. For all the willpower he could muster, the insistent pulsing between his legs was nigh-impossible to ignore.

He leaned forward, planting an elbow against the desk and cradling his temples in his hand. He slipped his other arm under the table, rubbing his cock through the thick fabric of his sweat pants.

Clay fought down a moan as memories of the fateful night with Briar resurfaced in his mind. His hole twitched, the phantom sensation of Briar’s hands on his hips sending a shiver up the length of his spine.

He closed his eyes and he was transported back to that evening. He could almost feel the pain of getting crushed against the wall, of being stretched around the considerable girth of Briar’s cock.

He opened his eyes, breathing heavily and trembling all over. He didn’t know if it was fear or excitement but in all likelihood, it was both.

Chewing on his lower lip, Clay tried to focus on his exam. He tried to push away the memories but the phantom sensation of Briar’s cock pummeling his guts made it all but impossible.

He gritted his teeth as he stroked the length of his erection through his pants. Though he was never going to admit it, his body had grown to crave the pleasure Briar had shown him that night. He could refuse to acknowledge it, but he couldn’t deny the truth.

Clay whined, rubbing insistently at the outline of his cock. Just a few days ago it would have been unthinkable for him to be doing something like this out in the open but he couldn’t help himself.

It was as if Briar had stolen his inhibitions, his ability to pretend he was a normal, moral person. Briar had broken his belief that he could resist his carnal impulses if he put his mind to it—that he could remain faithful to his boyfriend despite temptation.

Clay groaned softly. It was unfair. If he just hadn’t tried to take that shortcut, he would have happily remained a steadfast and loyal boyfriend to Tom but Briar had ruined any chance of that now.

He felt he was owed compensation. He had no illusions that it was little more than a pipe dream but he couldn’t help but wish that Briar would at least man up and take some responsibility. The least the demon could do was help him with his exam to make up for taking his innocence away.

No sooner had the thought coalesced in Clay’s mind than did the brand Briar left behind on his body burn. His eyes went wide as he took the edge of the desk in a white-knuckled grip. It was agony and the grounding sensation of his fingers digging into the wood was all that kept him from screaming.

Despite himself, Clay couldn’t help but smack the surface of the desk a few times in an effort to stymie the pain shooting through his body. It didn’t help, but it did manage to attract the attention of the invigilators and the students nearest him.

"S-sorry," he said sheepishly, trying and failing to keep the tremor out of his voice as sweat beaded on his brow and trickled down the sides of his face.

Clay looked at his exam booklet but it was hopeless. The words were blending into one another, the problems somehow making less sense to him than they did when he first saw them.

Hard as he tried to focus, his eyes just glazed over and slid past the words without processing them. Not that he could have, anyway. Concentrated arousal was burning through his veins, sending his libido into overdrive.

"Do it, said a voice in Clay’s ear as he massaged the length of his cock in an attempt to distract from the burning pain of the heart-shaped brand just under his navel. "Take your cock out. Stroke it. Give in to the temptation. You know you want to…"

Clay shivered. He was sorely tempted. It would feel so good and the pleasure of jerking off was definitely preferable to the stress of taking the exam but he couldn’t.

There were people around. Other students were focused on their exams but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t notice. And the invigilators were making their rounds, besides.

"You’re only doing yourself a disservice denying the truth of your nature," said the voice in a low, gravelly timbre that sent a chill down Clay’s spine. "You shouldn’t restrain yourself anymore."

Clay bit back a moan as his cock pulsed. He wanted to believe he could stop rubbing himself under the table if he wanted to but he wasn’t so sure anymore.

"Go on," said the voice, the dulcet tones curling around Clay’s ears. The temptation caressed Clay’s mind and flooded his body with heat. "Show the world just how much of a perverted fuck you truly are—how much of a slave you are to your desires."

Clay squeezed his eyes shut. A low moan escaped him before he could stop it and he could only hope that no one noticed.

"Inferior creature pretending to be more than you are," taunted the voice. "Pretending to morals when in truth you don’t give a shit about doing the right thing—when all you really want is to be used by your betters."

Clay shook his head. He refused to listen to the voice. "You’re not here. You’re just in my imagination," he muttered under his breath, defying the voice’s commands even if he still didn’t manage to remove his hand from the outline of his cock. "I don’t have to listen to you."

"Stupid little morsel. I am far from a mere daydream," said the voice.

Clay’s eyes widened with the realization. It was Briar’s voice, only slightly deeper and more guttural than on the night they first met.

He fought down a whimper. While he’d half-expected that the demon would show up again sooner or later, the reality that Briar was still lingering around him was terrifying.

"Please… Just leave me alone… Get out of my head!" Clay whispered, lowering his head to avoid the notice of any of the invigilators. "The night I tried to summon you was a mistake. It’s not going to happen again. I’ve learned my lesson now!"

That no response was forthcoming did little to allay the anxiety Clay felt. "I-I won’t even ask you to reverse what you did!" he hissed urgently into the crook of his arm. "I-I just want you to let me be!"

Clay must have struck on something that amused the demon because Briar laughed and said, "Not asking me to take back my mark isn’t the sacrifice you’re making it out to be."

Briar practically purred as he continued. Clay could almost feel the heat of the demon’s breath on the back of his neck with every word. "My mark and the changes to your body, they are gifts. We both know you like them."

Clay shook his head but Briar clicked his tongue—as much as a disembodied voice could click its tongue—and said, "Honestly, fuckmeat. I’m disappointed you’re still pretending to be something you’re not."

"I just want to be able to live in peace," Clay whimpered.

Briar laughed. "Fine. I’m not a monster. If that’s truly how you feel then I’ll leave you alone."

For some reason, those words didn’t offer Clay any relief whatsoever.

"Though I had thought you might want some help with your exam…" Briar trailed off, a teasing lilt to his voice. "Ah, but obviously you have everything well in hand. So clearly you don’t need me."

Clay hesitated. He didn’t think he was going to do much better on the exam, however much effort he put into it. The offer was really tempting but he knew, deep down, that nothing good could come from continuing to interact with Briar.

As desperate as he was, he wasn’t quite that desperate. He shook his head. "I absolutely don’t want or need your help," he said.

Briar cackled. "Alright," he said. "I know when I’m not wanted. But do call for me if you change your mind."

"Yeah, that’s not going to happen," Clay whispered. He almost expected Briar to get the last word in but silence was all that answered him.

He should have been relieved that Briar was gone but he only felt more anxious. He almost felt… forlorn. But that was impossible. He didn’t want Briar back. He loved Tom.

No matter how desperate the situation got, he had to be strong. He couldn’t give in to Briar. It was bad enough that he had to keep the demon a secret from his boyfriend—the last thing he wanted was to dig that particular hole even deeper.

Clay looked up at the clock. There were thirty minutes left on the exam.

It was a miracle his exam booklet wasn’t soaked through given how much he was sweating. Not that it would have resulted in much of a loss if it were. He wasn’t even half done.

Clay had done his best but ultimately come up short. He just couldn’t remember the things he’d studied for. It was like they’d drained out of his head, melted out by the stress. And it certainly didn’t help there was an insistent, pulsing need between his legs to distract him the whole time.

He was out of options. The only thing he could possibly do was accept that he was going to have to derail his entire life plan.

He had no idea how today’s results were going to domino into the future but he doubted it would end up being good. If he was the only one that would be affected, he might have been happy to let the pieces fall where they would but he wasn’t. He had a boyfriend now.

Clay grit his teeth. He couldn’t keep leaning on Tom to help him whenever he had unexpected expenses. It was bad enough that he always felt like a chump whenever Tom picked up the bill when they went out to eat or watch a movie.

Giving up now meant more than just another year of not being able to pay the debt he owed to Tom. It meant another year of adding to the debt.

Tom probably didn’t see it that way but Clay was brought up believing that relationships should be equal. That both partners should be bringing value into the relationship.

Despite his better judgment, Clay knew what he had to do. He hated that he had to do it; he hated that part of him was excited to do it, but goddamn it, he tried to do it the right way and had nothing to show for it. And he couldn’t afford failure. Not now. Not at this juncture.

"Briar!" Clay called out in his head. "I need help!"

The silence that answered his plea was deafening. "I know you’re listening!" he practically screamed. "I was wrong, okay? I need help!"

A minute ticked past with no response. "Please!" Clay begged, more and more desperate with every minute that slipped past.

Clay gulped, tears pricking at his eyes. "Please. I need help…" All the bravado of earlier was gone. "I-I’ll do anything… Please…"

Mercifully, Briar’s voice returned. "Are you really willing to do anything?" he said.

Clay shivered. He hadn’t considered the weight of his words but he had no choice now. He nodded. "You can do anything you want to me for one night. Just one night. I have a boyfriend and I can’t keep doing this to him."

Briar laughed. "You’re not doing anything to your precious little boyfriend."

"I am." Clay clenched his fists. "Tom might not know it but I’m stabbing him in the back."

Briar chuckled, clearly amused. "Fine," he said. "I’ll help you out. But for one night, you’re mine."

Clay’s relief was short-lived as a frisson of excitement coursed through him. He fought it down, unwilling to acknowledge his body’s response to the idea of being used by Briar again.

"Th—" Clay started, only for the word to die halfway stuck in his throat as the brand burned even hotter. A groan spilled from him, attracting a couple of glances.

Fortunately, he managed to hold in the scream when he felt an unexpected pair of hands on his shoulders. "Miss me?" said Briar.

"Holy shit!" Clay blurted out, just as an invigilator was passing by.

He lowered his head, cheeks burning in shame. "What are you doing here?" he hissed, knowing that Briar would probably hear him even if he kept his voice low. "Are you crazy? What if other people see you?!"

Briar laughed. "Honestly, you’d think you would be proud to have a Prince of Hell as a ‘familiar’ instead of trying to hide it."

"I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of," Clay grumbled.

"Mm. I suppose that’s true. Now that I think about it, your kind shouldn’t have anything to be proud of. Besides the fact that you humans make for good fuckmeat, anyway."

The deep, rich scorn in Briar’s voice sent a shiver down Clay’s spine. He had to fight down a moan. He’d never felt more objectified in his life and yet, somehow, for some godforsaken reason, it excited him.

"You’re worrying over nothing," said Briar. "If I didn’t want to be seen, none of these pitiful fucks could see me even if they wanted to."

Clay flushed at the casual way Briar dismissed the other people in the room. He acted as if humans were beneath his notice and somehow a part of Clay found that hot.

He slipped a hand down the front of his sweatpants, no longer able to help himself. He wrapped his fingers around his cock and squeezed, a quiet moan spilling from his lips.

Briar’s mere proximity was intoxicating. Clay was already finding it difficult to think through the arousal. His thoughts were getting cloudy, his head filled with a haze of lust.

Clay might have even forgotten why he’d called Briar out at all if not for the fact it was right in front of him. Needless to say, nothing less than sheer willpower allowed him to hold on to the modicum of lucidity he had left.

"A-are you going to snark all day or are you going to help like you promised?"

Briar chuckled. "I’ll help," he said.

"Okay. Good." Clay flipped back to a question he’d left blank because he just couldn’t, for the life of him, remember how to solve it. "Tell me what the answer is to this one."

"Do you seriously believe a Prince of Hell would know anything about human academics?" said Briar, sounding almost incredulous in his mockery.

Clay fumed. "Well, what’s the point of you being here, then? If you can’t help me get a good grade, then there’s no reason to let this farce continue."

Briar snickered. "Do you want the answers or do you want a good grade?"

The question gave Clay pause. "Well, I guess a good grade renders the answers moot so if you can get me that, then…"

"Good. Then I’m going to need you to do exactly as I say," said Briar.

Clay glanced at the clock. 20 minutes left. "Fine," he said. He was entirely out of options and it was too late to back out now.

"Close the booklet. Get up. Walk to the front and turn it in."

Clay was going to protest but figured it would be a waste of energy. He went up to the front, Briar behind him.

"Mm. So plump and sumptuous. I daresay I’ve made a masterpiece," Briar purred as he cupped Clay’s ass from behind.

Clay blushed. He lowered his booklet to try and hide the obvious erection in his pants. He had no idea what possessed him to wear sweatpants and go commando today but suffice to say, he was regretting it.

"You’re excited too, aren’t you?" Briar teased, leaning forward so he could whisper the words right into Clay’s ear like the devil he was. "I can’t wait to feel that tight cunt wrapped around my cock again."

"Well, it’s gonna have to wait. You have to hold up your end of the bargain first."

"Oh, you don’t have to worry about that." Briar chuckled. "I gave my word. And we might be many things, but one thing we never do is break our word."

Clay wasn’t convinced but it was too late to do anything about it anyway. They were at the front already. He walked up to his professor, Dr. Magnussen—a handsome man in his 60s with thin silver-rimmed glasses—and handed in his paper.

"Finished?" said Dr. Magnussen.

"Are you stupid? Why else would we be submitting our exam?" sneered Briar.

"Hm?" Dr. Magnussen frowned. "Did you say something?"

Clay’s eyes widened. "N-no, Professor."

"Hm. Weird. I swear I heard someone calling me stupid," said Dr. Magnussen, trailing off as he flipped through the exam booklet. "Are you sure you want to submit your work, Mr. Hubbard? There are 15 minutes left on the exam. I give partial marks for work done, even if the answer is ultimately incorrect."

Clay opened his mouth to speak but Briar cut him off before he could. "Say you’re sure and ask him to grade your exam right now."

Despite his reservations about the whole thing, Clay did as he was told. "I-I’m sure, P-Professor. P-please g-grade my paper n-now if that’s p-possible."

Clay couldn’t help but stammer. He was fighting down moans as Briar had slipped a hand down the back of his sweatpants and was playing with his asshole.

"You understand that given your current standing in the course, failing this exam means having to retake it next year, correct?"

Clay chewed on his lower lip and nodded. "I-I d-do, P-Professor!"

"Alright. It’s your funeral," said Dr. Magnussen as he picked up his pen. Before he could begin marking, however, Briar reached out with his other arm and tapped the center of the professor’s forehead.

Clay’s eyes widened as he realized for the first time that Briar had talons in place of his nails. The sharp black point drew a drop of blood from Dr. Magnussen’s forehead, which spread out and formed an inverted pentacle.

Dr. Magnussen froze for a moment. His bluish-grey eyes glowed red for a fraction of a second before returning to their normal color.

Blinking in surprise as he flipped through the exam booklet, Dr. Magnussen looked up at Clay and said, "My apologies, Mr. Hubbard. I must have been mistaken. I thought some of these pages were blank when I first looked through them. Yes, I would be more than happy to grade your work."

Clay couldn’t help but shiver. It had never dawned on him how truly powerful Briar was but he was beginning to get an inkling.

"My, my. Mr. Hubbard. I must admit. This is the best work I have seen in all my years teaching this course," said Dr. Magnussen. "Your grasp of the subject matter is truly astounding. I could not have put these answers better myself."

Clay gawked. He’d never heard Dr. Magnussen be so overtly positive about a student. Though kindly in person, the professor was known to be one of the strictest markers in the faculty of science.

"There. Happy?" said Briar. "Time for you to pay your part."

Clay nodded. "As soon as we get home," he said. "I promised a night with you, remember?"

Briar laughed. "It’s 6:46, little morsel. The sun has set. It’s already night."

Clay shivered. The ramifications of the deal hadn’t truly set in until that moment.

"W-wait," he stammered. "W-we can’t do it here. Not in front of my professor. There are people watching!"

Clay gulped. He knew deep down there was very little he could do or say to dissuade Briar but it was worth the attempt. "I-I don’t want others to think I’m some sort of freak."

Briar laughed. "Now why wouldn’t you want that, fuckmeat?" he said.

Though Clay couldn’t see the demon from the way they were standing, he could practically hear the smirk in Briar’s voice.

"You should, how do you humans put it? ‘Live your truth’," Briar sneered. "You should be happy to show people that you’re a freak and a pervert and a cock-drunk whore. After all, that’s all fuckmeat is good for."

Clay flushed, his cock visibly twitching in his pants now that the only thing he could use to hide it was in Dr. Magnussen’s hands. "I-I’m sorry, Professor," he whispered.

"Hm?" Dr. Magnussen looked up. Given that he was seated, he was perfectly at eye level with Clay’s crotch and the tent in the front of his pants.

Instead of looking scandalized, however, the old man seemed almost amused instead. "It’s perfectly normal, Mr. Hubbard. You’ve nothing to apologize for. In fact, you should enjoy your virile young years. They pass by faster than you’d think."

Clay was more than a little bit taken aback. He gawped at Dr. Magnussen in disbelief. This, coming from the man that went after any public displays of affection in his class, gay or straight.

Briar laughed. He was enjoying himself, Clay could tell. Reveling in the utter confusion he was no doubt causing.

With a swift nip at the lobe of Clay’s ear, Briar said, "No one in this exam hall will think you’re doing anything out of the ordinary," he said.

"They’ll all watch you getting railed against the desk, your asshole dilating around an invisible cock," Briar whispered, the low sultry tone of his voice sending a thrill of pleasure through Clay.

Briar pressed his lips to the base of Clay’s neck."They’ll know you’re nothing more than an eager receptacle for demon cock. And they won’t think anything of it at all."

The idea of what Briar was proposing was absurd. It defied belief. But how else was Clay supposed to explain his most prudish professor being okay with a rock-hard erection bobbing in front of his face?

Briar hummed, the heat of his breath ghosting over the back of Clay’s neck. "There’s no reason for them to find this odd, after all. All of you understand that deep down, this is the truth of your nature. Past all the delusion and the pretense, you’re nothing more than fuckmeat."

Clay’s lower lip trembled as a moan spilled out of him. "F-fine. G-go ahead."

Oh, he played at being reluctant and grudging but he knew well enough that part of him wanted nothing more than what Briar was saying. Part of him wanted to be slammed against the desk, railed until he forgot his name, and all in full view of the entire hall so they would know he was fuckmeat.

Briar laughed and smacked Clay on the ass.

The force of the impact stung, even despite the heavy fabric of the sweat pants. The sound wasn’t even slightly muffled and it took all of Clay’s willpower not to cry out from the pain.

"It’s funny that a pair of sloppy holes thinks it gets a say in when and how I take my prize," said Briar.

Without warning, Briar reached around the front of Clay’s body and grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and sweater.

Clay couldn’t help but wince. He could feel the demon’s talons tearing through the fabric, pulling the fibers apart. "Y-you’re not going to make me walk home naked, are you?" he said almost breathlessly.

Instead of answering, Briar simply shushed him. With a resounding rip, Briar tore the shirt to shreds, letting the tattered dregs fall to the floor in a heap around Clay’s feet.

"Fuckmeat doesn’t speak," said Briar as he rubbed his hands up and down the front of Clay’s torso. "Fuckmeat doesn’t get an opinion."

Clay shivered, his skin breaking out in goosebumps as the cold air of the exam hall met his bare flesh. His back arched, followed by a high-pitched whine that attracted many eyes, when Briar grabbed his nipples and yanked hard on them.

The pain was intense, but so was the pleasure. Clay’s eyes watered as Briar took the stiff nubs of his nipples and squeezed them hard. He whined and whimpered, his toes curling as the pain shot through him.

"I do so enjoy the pathetic little noises you make," said Briar, rolling Clay’s nipples between his thumb and index finger. "These would look great pierced and chained together. You should consider it."

Clay shook his head. He didn’t want to. He wasn’t into that kind of thing. And besides, Tom would notice and ask questions and he couldn’t have that.

"It really is pathetic, you know?" said Briar. He didn’t miss a single beat, torturing Clay’s nipples with an ease that could only come from experience.

"Pretending to still be a person. Hah." Briar sneered at Clay. "You’ll feel better if you just resigned yourself to the truth that you’re nothing more than a desperate cock-socket."

Clay’s cheeks burned. He fought down a moan even as his cock throbbed. He wasn’t going to give Briar the satisfaction of knowing that he was enjoying the degradation. He didn’t even want to acknowledge it.

Briar laughed. "It’s cute that you think you can hide the way your body reacts from me."

The relief Clay felt when Briar released his nipples was short-lived. He hissed as the blood flow returned, making them tingle something fierce. The pain made his cock throb—he’d never imagined he would have masochistic tendencies but Briar somehow brought it out in him, blending the agony with pleasure to the point he could scarcely distinguish them.

The sensations were so intense he barely even noticed Briar had grabbed handfuls of his sweatpants. It only registered when it was far too late for protest—not that objections would have done him much good.

The sound of tearing fabric sent a thrill through Clay, his cock springing free of the confines of his sweatpants as soon as Briar tore them to shreds. The cold air made his hardness jump, a glob of pre-cum that had been beading at the tip dripping onto one of the exam booklets at the edge of the table.

Dr. Magnussen chose that moment to look up, again at perfect eye level to look right into Clay’s dripping cock. Clay was mortified but the professor didn’t even comment on his raging erection. "I have to say, Mr. Hubbard. I admire the insight that you’ve demonstrated in your answers thus far. I am glad you were able to bounce back from your personal circumstances."

It was both profoundly disturbing and arousing that Dr. Magnussen seemed to see nothing out of the ordinary. There was something utterly depraved happening in front of him and yet he didn’t even seem to think it worth mentioning.

"See?" said Briar, "Didn’t I tell you? Why would these humans ever question something that’s natural?"

Clay flushed with shame. "J-just get it over with," he said, unwilling to believe that Briar was right.

Briar chuckled. "You don’t get to dictate anything, hole. Bust just this once, I’ll indulge you. I know that sweet pussy has missed my cock. The way it gripped me last time, it was almost as if you didn’t want me to leave."

Clay flushed. "T-that isn’t true!" he protested. "I-I’m just doing this b-because I’m d-desperate! I-I have no choice!"

"Oh yeah?" Briar purred.

"Y-yeah. Y-you shouldn’t get me wrong. I-I’m just playing along. T-this is all for my future with T-Tom." It almost felt wrong saying the words when he was this exposed and this hard but Clay needed to say it. "I-I’m doing all of this f-for him."

"A hypocrite and a liar, truly impressive. I didn’t think you could be even more pathetic and yet here we are…" Briar laughed. "It would be funny if it weren’t so sad."

"I-I’m not lying!" Clay hissed.

Briar snorted. "Liar," he said. "You don’t give a shit about Tom. You’re just pretending to care about him—pretending to be loyal to him—because all your life you were told that’s the right thing to do."

Fingers wrapped around Clay’s throat, Briar forced him to tilt his head back. "Fuckmeat aren’t moral creatures. It’s a delusion. A collective lie to make you all feel better about yourselves. What you really want is the pleasure. You’re just too much of a coward to embrace the truth."

Clay shook his head. "No," he said. "You’re wrong. My love. Our love. It’s real. I know it in my bones. The way he makes me feel happy, that’s what makes it true."

Briar snickered. "Could you be more clichéd?" he said. "I can prove everything you just said is bullshit."

Clay grit his teeth. "Alright, then. Prove it."

Briar chuckled. "As you wish." He grabbed Clay by the hips, hotdogging his cock between the plump asscheeks.

Hot pre-cum dripped down along the underside of Briar’s cock, slipping into the cleft of Clay’s ass. It made Clay’s skin tingle, made his hole twitch upon contact.

"H-how does this prove anything?" said Clay, fighting down a moan as his asshole fluttered, practically kissing the meat of Briar’s cock.

Briar rolled his hips, sliding his girth up and down along the crack of Clay’s ass. "You’ll see," he said. With every thrust, he coated Clay’s crack with the slick heat of his pre-cum. Then, he aimed and pushed his cock head up against the quivering entrance.

When Briar stopped, Clay took the opportunity to sneer at him. "What?" said Clay, "Is that it? That’s your proof?"

"Guess you’re right," said Briar, though his voice sounded anything but resigned. "Okay. You win. Your love is real. You don’t need me. I’m going to leave now."

"W-what?" said Clay, a cold sweat trickling down the side of his face. "What do you mean? What about our deal?"

Briar chuckled. "You said I could do anything I want to do to you for a night. Well, this is all I want to do. The deal is done. I can go."

A cold knot formed in the pit of Clay’s stomach. "S-so you’re just gonna leave? Just like that?"

"Mhm," Briar hummed. "I know when I’m not wanted. And I won’t push you."

Clay gulped audibly. He had an inkling of what Briar was trying to do. He wasn’t going to fall for it. This was his chance to free himself of the demon’s influence once and for all and all he had to do was let him leave.

"O-okay. Fine," he said, ignoring the chill that ran down his spine the moment he said the words. "If that’s what you want, then leave."

"It is what I want," said Briar as he released his grip on Clay’s hips.

"Okay, then," said Clay, fighting tooth and nail to resist the part of him that wanted nothing more than to tell Briar to just fuck him already.

"I’m going," said Briar, his talons tracing narrow scratches along Clay’s ass as he pulled away.

The moment Clay felt the pressure of Briar’s cock head on his hole let up, he buckled. His entire body lusted for the demon and he would have been lying if he said that no part of his mind did as well.

The emptiness that he’d been feeling ever since that fateful night with Briar, the hunger that had been gnawing at his insides, it was all too much. "W-wait!" he said, at the very last moment, as all the willpower he had to muster resistance crumbled to dust.

"Make up your mind, fuckmeat," said Briar. "First you tell me to go. Now you tell me to stay. Which is one is you going along with the sad lie that you’re a person and which one is you acknowledging that you’re nothing more than an animal—than fuckmeat—deep down?"

Clay’s cheeks burned. He couldn’t believe what he was saying—what he was about to say. "T-the fuckmeat wants you to stay," he said. Then, after a moment. "I-I want you to stay."

Briar laughed. "That’s what I was hoping for," he growled as he savagely grabbed Clay by the hips, his claws digging into Clay’s skin.

Violently and without warning, Briar slammed his cock into Clay. A wordless howl of agony escaped Clay as he collapsed forward onto the table at the front of the exam hall, his arms shaking as he tried to hold himself up.

Tears streamed down his face as his hole stretched almost to the breaking point. Briar battered past any resistance his soft guts might have mustered, plunging hilt-deep in one eye-watering motion.

Clay groaned. Briar was bigger than before. He was thicker and longer and the raw brutality of that singular thrust made Clay’s insides ripple with agony from having what was practically a small forearm shoved inside him without warning.

The pathetic part was how hard Clay got at having his insides filled with Briar’s substantial endowment. He couldn’t help but leak, his cock twitching as it dribbled pre-cum all over his classmates’ exam papers.

He would have been apologetic but it didn’t seem like Dr. Magnussen cared. And dark as it was, part of him felt a perverse pleasure in the fact that his classmates’ hard work was being wasted because of him.

He didn’t know where it came from, but there was a raw part of him, deep down, that felt slighted by how easily his classmates managed their exams. How unfair it was that they didn’t have to resort to selling their principles out to a demon to do well.

Clay groaned and threw his head back, bucking his hips despite the pain that made him weak in the knees. The pleasure was there, blunting the pain, and it only got better as he fucked himself on Briar’s hardness.

He couldn’t deny it anymore. He’d been suppressing it in order to focus on his exams but his body craved this. To be filled and owned, used for his destined purpose.

Briar wasted no time. He didn’t give a shit whether Clay had gotten accustomed to his size or not. He pulled out, almost all the way, leaving just the head inside. Then, he snapped his hips forward.

The thrust shoved Clay hard against the desk and shot molten pre-cum into the depths of Clay’s guts. He could feel his insides tingle, and not just from the heat.

There was something in Briar’s pre-cum, an aphrodisiac, maybe, or some sort of drug—he didn’t know. But as soon as it soaked into him, it filled him with blissful, vacant euphoria.

Another thrust forced Clay forward onto the desk. It jolted away from him, but none of the professors grading the exams complained. They just moved back to accommodate the motion.

"You’re certainly being rowdy today, Mr. Hubbard," said Dr. Magnussen. "Worry not. With how well you’ve done on your exam, you’ve more than earned it."

Briar didn’t let up. Not for a single moment. He fucked Clay hard, pistoning his cock in and out of Clay’s supple hole with enough force that Clay was seeing stars before long.

He moved one hand up from Clay’s hip. He placed it between Clay’s shoulder blades, splaying his fingers. It was all the warning he gave before slamming Clay onto the desk hard enough that there was a resounding *crack* that filled the hall.

Clay whined. His cock was trapped between his body and the hard edge of the table. But Briar didn’t care. If anything, Briar seemed to fuck him even harder knowing it was forcing him to crush his cock between his body and the desk.

He didn’t really want Briar to let up, anyway. It felt good. So good. Even if it did hurt.

Briar was fucking his mind as much as his body. That fat cock wasn’t just mixing up his insides, it was twisting his perception. Pain and pleasure, he almost couldn’t tell the difference anymore.

Clay spread his legs wider, bucking his hips as much as he could to meet Briar’s thrusts. The agony and the ecstasy melded into an intoxicating sensation that set his nerves on fire and sent pleas spilling from his lips.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck! Please, Briar. Please breed my pussy. Mmh. Fuck yeah, grind that demon dick into my fuckmeat cunt. Oh fuck. Knock me up. Make me swell with your demon jizz. Please!"

Clay didn’t even know where the words had come from. They spilled out of him with every thrust, as if ripped from the very depths of his soul.

Dr. Magnussen looked up from his marking and smiled at Clay. "Your vocabulary is truly impressive, Mr. Hubbard. I am glad to know that you are exercising your creativity even in your pillow-talk."

Clay’s cheeks burned. To hear those words from his professor, it was an exquisite sort of humiliation. His whole body flushed with shame and yet it made him leak even harder.

Without warning, Briar grabbed Clay by the hair and yanked him up. He growled under his breath as he drilled his cock into Clay’s hole, fiercer and harder than ever before.

Clay was forced to throw his head back and arch his spine, his arms and legs dangling limply at either side as Briar lifted him off the floor with sheer strength. He felt as if his guts were being punched, his insides being bruised with every thrust.

Then, with enough force that Clay felt as if his hips would dislocate, Briar delivered a final thrust. Molten heat flooded Clay’s insides, a moan spilling from his lips, rising higher and higher in pitch as his toes curled and his belly swelled.

The overwhelming sensations sent him spilling past the edge. His cock, battered from being banged against the edge of the desk exploded. Thick hot ropes of cum arced out of him, his balls pulsing with every shot.

The pleasure was all-consuming. He barely even registered that he’d inadvertently given Dr. Magnussen a facial before the edges of his vision went black and he passed out, still impaled on Briar’s cock and suspended from the ground by his hair.

Clay came to a few minutes later, sprawled out on the table, his swollen belly pinned underneath him. Exam booklets were stuck to his skin, adhered to him with viscous cum.

Briar pulled out of him with a wet squelch and immediately, Clay felt a gush of scalding cum coat the inside of his thighs.

"Well, that was fun," said Briar.

Clay couldn’t see it but he could very well imagine a particularly wolfish grin on the demon’s face.

Briar chuckled. "I am satisfied. The bargain is complete."

"W-will you give me my clothes back?" said Clay. He doubted Briar would be so merciful but it was worth the shot.

Briar snorted. "No," he said. "But as long as you’re full of my cum, no one will think it’s weird that you’re walking around all swollen and fucked out."

Clay groaned as he pushed himself onto his feet. His knees wobbled, not just because of the additional weight of Briar’s cum weighing him down, but because the brutal fuck had drained him of his strength.

"You better be quick," said Briar.

Clay groaned, cradling his bloated stomach. "W-why’s that?"

"Because now that your body’s had its first taste of demon cum, it won’t be able to have enough," said Briar. "It’s going to suck it all up even more desperately than our first night together."

Clay was horrified. "H-how long do I have?"

Briar chuckled. "Hell if I know," he said.

Clay gulped audibly. Despite the unsteadiness of his legs, he waddled over to where his bag was. He grabbed it off the floor, not even bothering to sling it over his shoulders as he shuffled toward the exit.

He had to get home. And fast.

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