The Temptation of Clayton Hubbard pt. 4

Clay sinks deeper into addiction, his body craving Briar’s abuse. His hope that Tom will be able to pull him out is dashed when he realizes Briar has ruined him for the tender kind of lovemaking he used to enjoy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

It was the eve of Clay’s last final and yet the last thing on his mind was studying.

The curtains in his room were drawn. The only light in the room came from his laptop screen, which was on the mattress, between his legs.

Clay panted, groaning as he moved his hand up and down along the length of his cock. He was so hard and so horny he could scarcely think straight and the sound of wet squelching served as a background accompaniment to the moans issuing from his laptop speakers.

His other hand was further down between his legs, three fingers deep in his asshole. He plunged them frantically in and out of his sloppy, wet hole, trying to recreate the sensation of Briar stretching him. It was a pale imitation.

Clay moaned. He was desperate. He’d been edging for hours and no matter how urgently he pumped his cock or how feverishly he finger-fucked his pussy, he couldn’t quite cross the final threshold.

Thinking of Briar got him close. So close he felt as if he was teetering on the rim of a cliff, the only part of his body still connected to solid ground the tips of his toes.

But no matter how hard he tried to remember the sensation of Briar’s rough hands on his hips or the way Briar’s cock pounded his insides to mush, release was always out of reach. It was so, so close, but it might as well be on the other end of the universe.

Clay had survived two more exams since the first one. He’d tried to study for the second, only to find that nothing stuck.

He had his suspicions. He could usually retain at least a little bit but this time all the knowledge slipped from him like water through a sieve.

Briar had probably done something to him. It was the kind of thing a demon would do. He distinctly remembered the wording of the deal he’d made with Briar during the first exam—he’d given briar permission to do anything Briar wanted to do to him for a single night.

Whether or not Briar intervened, Clay ended up calling for him during the second test as well. That time, Briar had told him to not even bother filling in any of the questions.

He’d gone up to the front of the class the moment he’d filled in his details. Briar had taken care of the rest, and he’d taken his prize right after.

Clay moaned at the memory. Briar had come up behind him and stripped him naked in moments, slipping into his hole without warning. And then Briar had picked him up, cradling his knees to lift him into the air.

He frantically jerked himself, the lewd squelching that filled the air intensifying. The scene was vivid in his mind still, the way Briar had manhandled him, swinging him around so that the entire hall could watch him getting stuffed.

Clay’s hole clamped around his fingers as he remembered it, the way Briar had mercilessly plunged in and out of him for the entertainment of his peers. It had been humiliating and titillating in equal measure and he couldn’t quite get the memory of it out of his head.

It wasn’t enough. It still wasn’t enough. It had been like this for days and it was driving him up the wall. The only times he’d come at all in the last few weeks has been at the end of Briar’s cock and the ramifications scared him.

He didn’t even bother to study for the exams anymore. There was no reason to. The information escaped him as soon as he closed his books. And besides, the answers weren’t important if Briar was there to secure his good grades. All he had to do was sell his body.

As fucked up as it was, Clay was starting to fear being lucid. The brief moments of clarity in the thick haze of lust had once brought relief. Nowadays they only came with crushing guilt.

He was never more aware of his descent into madness and depravity than when his mind cleared. It was during those vanishingly short moments that he was struck with the weight of his betrayal of Tom—repeated every time he moaned Briar’s name instead of Tom’s while getting railed.

Those fleeting minutes of lucidity were becoming less and less frequent the longer he spent without his fix. In a perverse way, he was glad for it.

He was so horny most of the time that Tom was relegated to little more than an after-thought. His mind was often so fuzzy and clouded that he could barely feel the guilt.

Another orgasm was frustratingly denied. Clay wrenched his hand off his cock with a lewd squelch and a low groan.

He watched his erection throb, quivering between his legs as pre-cum leaked from him. A froth of slime, spit, and lube clung to his hardness.

His last final was tomorrow. On the one hand, he was excited. He was sure to get his fix. Briar would fuck him and he’d finally get to come. He just didn’t know what would happen after—how he’d survive once the exams were over.

Instead of relief, he felt only apprehension. He knew he’d have to start meeting Tom again, but he had no idea how things would play out.

Clay could pretend everything was alright during the day—he was sure he could, anyway. But he didn’t know if he could pretend to be normal in bed.

Briar had gotten him accustomed to a certain type of treatment. That wasn’t bad in and of itself. He just didn’t think Tom would ever willingly inflict that kind of treatment on him.

He didn’t even know if Tom could give him what he needed. Three fingers and all the porn in the world hadn’t helped him achieve an orgasm. What if he didn’t come during their first night together after a while? What if he couldn’t come?

The questions haunted Clay but he buried them. He couldn’t bear the thought. It was a bridge he’d cross when he got there.

Right now, what he needed was relief. Briar was the only one who could give him what he craved. He didn’t even particularly care about the grades anymore. He just wanted to feel Briar again. His body was hooked. And as much as he wanted to deny it, so was his head.

Clay was on his back, his legs in the air, and as much as he was loath to admit it, everything suddenly felt right with the world. He didn’t think he’d ever felt such a profound sense of relief.

Today, Briar was fucking him on top of one of his classmates’ exams. The wooden dividers on either side of him had been knocked down by the vigorous rutting, and they rattled against the surface of the desk with Briar’s every thrust.

The slapping of Briar’s hips against his ass was accompanied by the sound of wrinkling paper as he slid back and forth over the poor guy’s exam booklet.

Clay didn’t even question why the guy—a cute blond with a button nose and sky blue eyes—didn’t seem at all bothered by what was going on in front of him. The guy should have been furious at his exam being ruined but instead, he was just smiling and shaking his head as if amused.

Briar was the culprit. Clay was sure of that. But part of him was starting to believe that maybe it wasn’t Briar’s powers. That maybe people weren’t complaining because it was natural for him to be getting fucked by a fat demon dick.

Clay didn’t get to dwell on the thought. The sensation of Briar’s cock pounding his insides, rearranging his guts, was too much. The force and the violence of the demon’s thrusting made him see stars.

It seemed that every time Clay saw Briar, the demon seemed more… demonic. Today, Briar had sharp little horns sticking out from his temples. They were no more than two or three inches long but they were wickedly sharp and polished to a gleam. For some reason, Clay found them incredibly hot.

A particularly forceful thrust tore a delirious moan out of Clay before he could help himself. The wave of pleasure that crashed over him was such that he could scarcely think, his thoughts derailing and scattering into fuzz.

The noise seemed to provoke Briar into fucking even harder. He growled under his breath, pushing down on Clay’s legs to fold him even further in half.

Clay liked to think that he was a fairly flexible guy but what Briar was doing to him went beyond flexibility. His body was contorting in ways that shouldn’t have been possible with human anatomy.

The way Briar was reshaping Clay to fit his perverted whims was incredible. It was as if Clay was putty in his hands. Clay to be molded—ironically enough.

Much as he tried to resist the thought, a part of Clay had to wonder if maybe he’d been wrong about human anatomy the whole time. Maybe, just maybe, this was the way the human body was supposed to be: pliable and yielding, easy to shape to the desires of his betters.

Clay moaned as he watched the bulge of Briar’s cock pushing out against his belly. It grew and shrank with every thrust, obscene in its size and what it represented.

For a moment, it was as if he was in a trance. Nothing in his mind but the pleasure pounding through his body. And then, a stray thought—streak of clarity in the haze of lust.

It was Clay’s last final. He should have felt relief. Exam season was over. The most stressful part of the year was done. Instead, what he felt was an apprehension that shuddered through his body from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.

Clay shivered and moaned, the anxiety doing nothing to temper the pleasure coursing through him as the molten heat of Briar’s cock scraped his insides. But he did worry. Not about his grades or even what he was going to do about Tom. The only concern in his head was how he was going to get his fix of demon cock now that he was going to be without an excuse to call on Briar.

As if he were reading Clay’s mind, Briar chuckled and said, "It really isn’t that difficult of a problem, fuckmeat. Though I suppose that silly little head of yours might have some trouble grasping even simple problems."

Clay flushed at the casual degradation. A thrill of pleasure surged down his spine, the tingling moving from the back of his neck to the tip of his cock.

"All you need to do is call for me," said Briar with a wolfish smirk. "Even if there’s nothing you need me to do for you. I’m always happy to remind fuckmeat where it rightfully belongs."

Clay moaned, arching his back and curling his toes as Briar drilled him even harder. Despite himself, the notion that Briar would come to fuck him without needing an excuse excited him.

But the rational part of him wasn’t quite as flush with anticipation. It took a great deal of effort to fight through the haze of lust but he managed to ask, through gritted teeth and hot, shallow breaths, "A-at what cost?"

Briar laughed. "The price will be the same as it has ever been," he said, his voice low and menacing in a way that made Clay’s cock twitch. "Every time you call on me, you’ll give me another piece of yourself."

Clay tilted his head back submissively as Briar leaned down and licked a long stripe along his neck. "I may have marked you mine," said Briar, "But nothing is quite as satisfying as a haughty human slowly and willingly debasing himself for a demon."

Three days since Clay last saw Briar and it was already driving him up the wall. The more time passed, the hornier he got, and the easier it was to make bad decisions. So far, at least, he’d been good.

He was like a crack addict undergoing withdrawal. He was fidgety and irritable. He couldn’t stop touching himself. It took every bit of his willpower to pretend that everything was okay whenever he talked to Tom but it was becoming more and more difficult by the day.

Briar’s words echoed in the back of his mind. He was a junkie looking for a fix and the only thing he needed to do to get it was call out for the demon to come and take him and show him the meaning of the word pleasure.

The price was high. If he gave in, Clay would have to sacrifice a little bit more of himself and he felt like he’d already given up way more than he could afford. And yet with every minute he spent with all that lust and need bottled up, he felt more and more that relief was well worth the price.

The only thing that gave Clay the will to resist was Tom. Tonight was the first night they were going to spend together in a while and he was honestly looking forward to it.

He was hoping Tom would be able to scratch the itch inside him. Tom had to. Because he didn’t know how much longer he would last if Tom couldn’t.

Part of him wanted to cling to what loyalty and faithfulness he had left. He felt as if he was going to lose his mind but it was one thing to call upon Briar out of necessity and another entirely to do so simply to satisfy his carnal cravings.

As twisted and depraved as everything he’d done so far was, Clay had had a good reason for it. But now that exams were over, now that he didn’t need Briar’s help, calling on the demon to satisfy the hunger gnawing at his insides would be nothing more than an indulgence.

So he pinned his hopes on Tom. He pinned his hopes on tonight. Because he knew, deep down, that if Tom didn’t satisfy him, it would only be a matter of time before he was crying out for Briar.

Clay was ready. He was naked and kneeling on his bed. He was lubed. His cock was hard—though it was hard most of the time these days.

He’d also gotten his nipples pierced. Two small gold hoops dangled from the stiff nubs, connected with a thin gold chain between them.

How much of it was Briar’s influence and how much of it was his own idea, he didn’t know. It didn’t make a difference anyway. It looked good on him. He could only hope Tom would like it, too.

Clay had been waiting patiently so far, but he was at the end of his rope. He leaned forward, bracing an arm against the mattress to steady himself while he reached back with the other to play with his hole.

He rocked his hips, moaning as he fucked himself with his fingers. His hole was soft and warm, ready to be fucked. It yielded easily, slick with lube.

He didn’t want to waste time with foreplay. He was prepped already, stretched so Tom could sink into him without hesitation. He just wanted a warm cock inside him, and fast.

Horny as Clay was, he couldn’t help but feel anxious too. If neither his fingers nor his biggest dildo could do for him what Briar’s cock could, he had to wonder if Tom’s would be enough.

He wanted to say that he’d stay a broken, pent-up mess for the rest of his life to stay loyal to Tom but he knew he would be lying if he did. He knew he’d end up calling upon Briar. He’d fuck himself silly on the demon’s cock.

Little by little he’d give himself up. He’d let Briar mold him with every fuck until his cunt remembers the shape of that fat hog—and only that fat hog.

Clay moaned. He hadn’t expected the idea to turn him on so much. He hated that he did, but he could hardly deny what he was feeling when his cock was twitching and dripping like never before.

He couldn’t even help but fantasize about it. How he would end up in the future, maintaining the façade of a happy and loving relationship with Tom on the surface while spending every waking hour obsessing over the sensation of demon dick pounding his insides to mush.

It was filthy. It was wrong. It was reprobate. And yet Clay didn’t think he’d ever had a hotter fantasy in his life.

It was a vision of his ideal future, twisted and perverted by Briar’s influence. He should have rejected it outright and yet a part of him felt as if it would be preferable to his dream of being happily married.

"Clay? Babe?"

A chill ran down Clay’s spine when he heard Tom’s voice from the living room. "I’m in the bedroom, babe!" he called out, his entire body tingling with anticipation.

Before Tom could get to him, Clay returned to his kneeling position. He pulled his fingers out of his asshole and placed his hands on his lap just in time for the door to swing open and admit Tom into the room.

"Well, I have to say this isn’t what I expected first thing tonight," said Tom. He quirked an eyebrow, the corner of his mouth curling in a little lopsided smile as he took in the sight of Clay on the bed.

"Oh yeah?" Clay leaned back, propping a hand up against the mattress to support his upper body. He pushed his hips out just a little bit, putting his hard cock prominently on display. "What were you expecting?"

Tom chuckled, his gaze fixing on Clay’s erection. "I was hoping we might catch up over a pleasant dinner."

Clay sat back up and shook his head. "No!" he said hastily and perhaps with more aggressiveness than he intended. He flushed when he realized what he’d done and explained himself. "It’s just… I’ve gone through all the trouble of prepping myself, you know? It’s been so long, babe. I want you so badly."

"Hah. Well, I can’t say that I don’t feel the same way," said Tom as he approached the bed. He leaned over and pressed a kiss to Clay’s temple. "Dinner’s good, but this is good, too. You can be my appetizer."

Clay shivered and licked his lips. He pushed his chest out. "Do you like my surprise?" he said.

Tom hooked a finger under the chain and tugged lightly on it, eliciting a low moan from Clay. "I was wondering what it was you meant when you said you had a surprise," he murmured.

Clay arched his back, a heavy breath spilling from his lips as Tom followed the curve of the chain and tweaked one of his nipple rings.

"Honestly, I didn’t think you were into this kind of thing," said Tom. "But I love it. It looks good on you."

The bulge in Tom’s pants said there was more to the praise than pithy words. It twitched when he moved his finger back to the middle of the chain and tugged, drawing out another low moan from Clay.

"Fuck it," Tom breathed. "I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Get ready for a juicy load, babe. I haven’t busted a nut in weeks. Who knows, tonight might be the night you get knocked up."

It took every bit of Clay’s willpower not to sneer. It was rich hearing something like that from Tom when the man could spend the rest of his life saving up his loads and never come near to the sheer volume of Briar’s orgasms.

"Fuuuck, babe. That’s so hot," Clay breathed. He wrapped his arms around Tom’s shoulders and tugged him down on top of him.

Tom laughed as he was going down. "I even have a name already," he said as he knelt between Clay’s legs and stripped off his sweater and shirt.

"Oh yeah?" said Clay, his heart beating fast with equal parts anxiety and anticipation, his gaze fixed on the outline of Tom’s cock in those tight pants he liked to wear.

"Alex. I’ve always liked the name." Tom smirked as he undid the button on the front of his pants and tugged the zip down. "I think you’d make a beautiful mother, babe."

Clay flushed. This line of conversation was embarrassing. "Well, that won’t happen if you don’t fuck me already," he hissed, trying to sound more fond than he actually felt.

"Getting there, babe," said Tom, licking his lips as he worked his pants down his legs and tossed them aside. "Just…admiring the view. You look amazing all spread out under me like that."

"Well, the view appreciates the compliments but would appreciate your dick more," Clay snarked.

Tom laughed. "Wow, babe. Really feisty tonight, aren’t we?"

Clay watched as Tom stroked his cock. He couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. He remembered it being bigger than it was but it couldn’t even hold a candle to Briar’s battering ram of a cock.

"Can you hand me the lube, babe?" said Tom.

Clay shook his head. "You won’t need it," he said. He pushed his ass onto Tom’s knees, raising his legs in the process and cupping the backs of his knees to hold them out of the way. "Look. I’m ready for you."

Tom sucked in a sharp breath. He rubbed a finger over Clay’s throbbing hole. "You weren’t kidding," he said. "Wow, babe. I don’t think you’ve ever been this soft and warm before."

"It’s because I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, babe," said Clay, growing more and more impatient with every little thing Tom found to delay the main event.

"Well, if you insist… I’ll just stick it in," said Tom as he tapped the head of his cock on Clay’s hole.

"Oh, I insist," Clay pretty much growled.

Tom leaned forward a bit, unfolding his legs from under him to get into a better position. He placed his hands on Clay’s legs, holding them apart as he angled his cock and pushed inside slowly.

Clay groaned as he felt his pussy spread around Tom’s girth. He didn’t feel the stretch he used to feel with Tom, nor any of the intense burning he got whenever Briar entered him.

"Fuck, babe. It’s almost like you’re sucking me in," Tom gasped. His cock slid inside Clay with ease but even so he went slow. "You doing okay, babe?"

"Yeah," said Clay. He barely even registered Tom’s cock. It was there. He could feel it, sinking into him inch by inadequate inch, but it didn’t fill him up like it used to.

Tom grunted once he was buried to the hilt. As always, he stayed there for a minute or two to make sure Clay could adjust to him.

In another life, Clay might have appreciated the gesture. Not in this one. It felt like the longest minute of his life, having a cock buried inside him and yet not feeling it go anywhere. He had to buck his hips a little just to get some stimulation out of it.

"Ready, baby?" said Tom, planting his hands on either side of Clay’s head.

"Just fuck me already, babe," Clay grunted, squeezing his hole tightly around Tom’s cock. "I’ve wanted this for weeks." And so far, it wasn’t living up to expectations.

Tom smiled. "As you wish, babe," he said. He leaned down and kissed Clay as he rocked his hips. He started slow, as he usually did, thrusting in and out only by an inch or so.

Clay flinched when Tom kissed him and only remembered to kiss back after a moment. It almost felt wrong to feel the passion in Tom’s kiss.

He used to love the way that Tom would make out with him deeply and lovingly while they fucked but now it felt out of place. Briar had never kissed him and it was hard for him to imagine the demon ever being as tender as Tom was.

It was unsettling. Not that he’d gotten used to Briar’s rough, degrading treatment of him but rather the fact that he wasn’t sure it was a bad thing.

Clay groaned as Tom picked up the pace, reaching a respectable clip before long. His cock plunged in and out of Clay’s sloppy hole and yet…it wasn’t enough.

"Harder," Clay panted, bucking his hips and bearing down on Tom’s cock as hard as he could to elicit even just a tiny bit of stimulation. "Faster. Please. Babe."

Tom hesitated. The pace he was going was as fast and as hard as they’d ever done it. "Are you sure?" he said. "I don’t want to hurt you."

"I need it harder, babe," said Clay. "It’s just been so long. I need your cock inside me!" he lied.

"Okay, babe. You want it harder, I’m gonna give it to you harder," said Tom, though it was clear he was rather reluctant. He pumped his hips, driving his cock harder into Clay’s ass just as he was told to do.

It wasn’t enough. Tom’s heart wasn’t in it and he wasn’t scratching the itch. If anything, he was making it worse. Every faltering thrust only reminded Clay of the way Briar took command of his body, using him without regard for his pleasure.

Clay wanted more. He needed more. "Choke me, babe," he said breathlessly. "Wrap your fingers around my neck. Squeeze until I can barely breathe."

Tom was taken aback by the request. His eyes widened and his rhythm faltered. "W-what?" he said.

"Oh, yeah, babe. Go on." Clay grabbed one of Tom’s hands and placed it on his neck. "Choke me. And slap me. Slap me hard."

Tom stopped thrusting. He frowned. "What’s gotten into you, babe? Are you alright?" he said.

"I will be if you do what I tell you to," Clay practically growled. He pushed Tom’s hand into his throat. "Go on. Babe. It’s okay. You love me, right?"

"I-I do love you, but—"

Clay fought back the urge to snarl. "Then do it! Choke me! Slap me! Call me names! Use me like a cheap whore!"

Tom shook his head. "No, babe. No. I love you. That’s why I want you to feel like you’re a prince, not a who—"

That was it. Clay had had enough. He grabbed Tom by the shoulders and flipped him onto his back, straddling his boyfriend’s hips.

"C-Clay, please. Wait a second. Let’s stop and talk—" Tom’s protests were cut off by a low moan as Clay bounced his ass up and down on his cock, squeezing tightly around him and massaging his length.

"No more talking," said Clay, grunting as he pounded his ass on Tom’s hardness. He grabbed the chain connecting his nipple piercings, twisted it around his knuckles, and yanked hard, moaning with relief at the sharp pain that shot through his chest.

It didn’t take long before Clay’s frantic bouncing had Tom grabbing him by the hips. Unfortunately, Tom was still trying to be gentle. Even though he was thrusting to meet Clay’s ass, he wasn’t doing it nearly hard enough and Clay didn’t know how else to make it clear that he wanted to be treated like a piece of dirt instead of a person.

The more Clay desperately tried to scratch the itch inside him, the more he realized that Tom would never satisfy him like Briar could. And he couldn’t help but think that he shouldn’t have been surprised. There was no way a mere human could live up to a demon.

"B-babe I’m going to come!" Tom cried out.

"Oh fuck. Yeah, babe. Breed me." Clay didn’t really care. His cock had gone soft already. As much as he wished that Tom could give him what he needed, it was abundantly clear that Tom couldn’t.

Tom grunted, thrusting up to bury his cock as far as he could into Clay’s throbbing asshole, and came.

Clay barely felt it. Compared to the flood that was Briar’s orgasm, even Tom’s weeks-long load felt like little more than a trickle.

He only stayed in place, crouching over Clay for as long as it took Tom to get soft and slip out of him with a lewd wet squelch. He didn’t bother trying to hold Tom’s cum inside him and it dripped out all over Tom’s cock and balls.

"That was amazing," Tom whispered as Clay rolled over onto the bed beside him.

Clay smiled. "You were amazing, babe," he said, lying through his teeth as he curled up next to Tom. "I can’t wait to do it again with you."

Tom chuckled. "Hey, uh… This might not be the best time but… What was that with the…" Tom gestured at his neck as if he was afraid to address the matter directly.

"Oh, that?" Clay chuckled and scratched his cheek. "I-I guess I just saw it in porn and thought it would be hot," he said.

Tom didn’t seem convinced but was gracious enough to let things go. "Okay," he said. "Look, I’m not exactly opposed to doing those kinds of things but you have to warn me ahead of time."

Clay fought the urge to roll his eyes. He didn’t really see the point if it wasn’t spontaneous. He wanted Tom to genuinely treat him like dirt, and not as part of a scene or something. "Okay, I’ll do that," he said.

"Good," said Tom. He reached over and tucked a stray lock of hair behind Clay’s ear. "Thanks for tonight, babe. You were fantastic. I love you."

Clay smiled. "I love you too," he said, leaning in for a brief, chaste kiss.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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