Magical Obedience Training

Purple Fairy, I take great pride in my training of pups. I strive to be the very best. Not for the prestige, but to help these suppressed pups flourish and grow into the faithful, loving dogs I know they can be for their handlers and owners.

Pup play is very gear-dependent but, really, it can get in the way. Pup personalities vary, and he may not be into leather or latex. The gear is a poor physical approximation of the pup’s mental identity… Thus, I wish my training was so effective that it induced physical changes so at the end, the boy would become a real kemonomimi.

In other words, the boy’s ears would change into dog ears, he’d sprout a real dog tail, and his canines would lengthen a bit. Depending on the pup, he might grow some dainty claws, his penis might attach to his belly in a supple teeth, or his feet might reshape into paws.

All in all, the trainee’s physical appearance would accurately represent the duality of his mental being. So, Purple Fairy, is it possible to bestow such a power upon me?

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The Best Boy


I blinked. One moment, I was floating in this vast, endless void, and the next, it was like waking up from a dream. My mind was fuzzy. Unfocused. It was a bit unsettling. Normally my head would be clear, ideas whizzing past at a hundred miles an hour. And yet, none of that was there. I felt slow. Sluggish. And as hard as I tried to clear my head, there was just this faint thread of euphoria that kept me right where I was.

“Hey,” said a soft voice. It was familiar. Almost painfully so. But I couldn’t figure out why. Nor could I put a name to it. “Hey,” it said again, “come back.”

It was too bright. I had to squint. Why was it so bright? I turned my head in the direction of the voice, and although I could barely make him out through the light, I recognized who it was that I was talking to. “M-Mike?” I stammered. The word came out clumsily, tumbling out of my mouth instead of rolling off my tongue, almost like I hadn’t spoken in a while. Language felt… foreign, weird as that was.

“Yeah, Will,” he said, as he reached down and rubbed my cheek. I looked up at him, feeling a strange and unconditional love and adoration as his fingers brushed against my skin. He was so handsome, too. I was so lucky to—

And all of a sudden, I couldn’t quite remember why I was so lucky. Nor did I recall why looking at him made my heart flutter. He was my best friend, but that was it. I wasn’t in love with him… right?

It was then that it hit me, like a bucket of ice water dumped over my head. Why was I looking up at him? Why was I on my hands and knees? Why was I naked? “What the fuck!?” I exclaimed.

I almost jumped up, but something kept me on the floor. The first time, it was weird. The second time, it sparked this weird pain between my eyes. I tried a third time, but my head just throbbed from the effort. “Where am I, Mike?” I asked him. My mouth once again fumbled around the words, which was extremely unsettling since I was used to speaking in public. It was like I was relearning how to talk. “Why am I naked? What day is it? Ugh… My head… Did I pass out like this?”

“Heh,” said Mike, sheepishly. “I guess I should help you with all that, eh?” he said. I still didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t know it then, but the truth was that I didn’t understand much of anything anymore. He placed his fingers on by head, his thumbs on my forehead, his other fingers framing my face. He pushed my head back and whispered “Remember…”

It all came back to me like running face-first into a brick wall. I was a business executive. Had been? I was making obscene amounts of money every month despite how young I was. I had been up for a promotion, but I had been so stressed about it. Every ounce of the wits that I had used to get up to where I was had suddenly switched gears to focus on every possible way that I could fuck it all up.

I had been so stressed that I blew Mike off for our regular weekly get-together for a month. The last time that I saw him, I remember that he had looked so worried. But I still couldn’t get a handle on how long ago that had been, by now.

The memories got hazy… I remembered finally getting my shit together for a couple of hours… I invited Mike over… Then, the next thing that I remembered, I was on all fours, barking at Mike, begging with my eyes for his bone. That instant, a year’s worth of memories slammed into me.

Having to get toilet-trained in the backyard of my own house… Getting led around on a leash… Eating food happily from a dog bowl… Curling up at Mike’s feet while he watched Netflix… Curling up on his lap when he felt like letting me up on my own furniture… Following him around wherever he went… Wagging my tail with excitement when he got back from work…

And I even gave him access to my life savings… All the money I’d worked so hard for. What the fuck had I been thinking? Then, other memories bombarded me. Sniffing Mike’s ass. Sniffing his crotch. Mouthing at the head of his cock as it was obscenely outline din his pants. Begging sweetly for his bone, moaning, mewling, and whining for it, sucking on his cock like my life depended on it, fucking my ass on his finger while he watched television.

My cock was getting hard. I fought it. But I knew that I couldn’t do so for very long. I fell to the floor as more memories came, one after the other. Spreading my legs for master. Wagging my tail for master. Spreading my cheeks for master. Presenting my rump for Master to fuck. Begging for Master to bury his bone in my butt.

And then there was the humping, the endless, frustrating humping. Whatever he had used to pup me out, he had used to make it impossible for me to cum on my own. I remembered pawing at my puppy dick, rubbing it on the bed, on the furniture, on Master’s leg. No matter how hard I tried, the only thing that could make me cum was Master’s command.

“What… What did you do to me…” I grunted. I was hard. So hard. My cock was dripping. It all felt so wrong, but so right at the same time.

“I made your life better,” said Mike. “You were so stressed, doing all that thinking. You hadn’t been sleeping… You know, I wanted to be with you for years, Will, but you were always too busy making money and being brilliant to notice me.”

He looked down at me, his bright blue eyes sparkling in the light. “And why should you have paid attention to me. I was the college dropout. The friend you kept around and helped because it made you feel good. I was the charity case, wasn’t I? And you felt that by being my friend you would be giving back to society.”

“So, what?” I said, through gritted teeth. “You turned me into your pet, Mas—!” I bit down on my lip as hard as I could. No way. No way was I going to say that word. No way was I going to call him that.

But it was so deeply ingrained. I felt I wouldn’t be able to resist it for long. “That’s sick…” I whispered, whimpering as I felt the phantom sensation of Master’s cock sliding into my puppy hole. “You should have just asked me out. I liked you, too, Mast—!”

“Well… I guess… Bit too late for that now, though, isn’t it?” said Mike. “Though… That’s why I was feeling guilty. I told myself that after a year, I’d give you a chance to get away… This is your chance.”

A chance. A goddamn chance. I had one. I intended to take it. “Oh, you’re going to regret this, you motherfucker…” I hissed. But fuck… My hole was tingling. There was an itch deep inside. Instead of getting up, all I could do was reach behind me to scratch at my hole. Oh damn… That felt so good… “What did you do with my money?”

“It’s all still there,” said Master. “Really… With all the extra time I had in my hands, I went ahead and learned how to play the market. Turns out I’m actually pretty good at it… You’re richer now than you were before.” Master shrugged and patted me on the shoulder before walking away. I was tempted to follow, but I stayed put.

A stray memory made itself known. “Jesus fuck… Oh god…” I moaned quietly. I remembered being fucked for hours in both ends by two fucking machines. I got hard. So hard. I leaked all over the carpet that I hadn’t even noticed until now. I almost reached down to stroke my puppy prick, but I knew that good puppies didn’t do that. In the back of my head, I knew it was fucked up, it was wrong, and yet it felt so right.

“Oh god…” I whimpered, clawing at my thigh with my free hand while frantically fucking my puppy hole with the other. I remembered riding a dildo in the bathroom, my puppy prick flinging pre-cum all over the place. “Turn me back!” I demanded, afraid that the pleasure was going to make me succumb, was going to make me waste my chance. “Turn me back now!”

And yet a small part of me screamed, “No! Don’t!”

“I’m afraid enchantments can’t just be undone like that,” said Master. “You have to really want to reverse them, even in the depths of your soul, before anything can happen.” He turned around and a small smile was playing on his lips. “In your case… All you really have to do is get your fingers out of your ass, get up on your own two feet, and walk out the door.”

“This is my house!” I said. “I’m done playing your sick games!” But even as I said the words, I slipped my fingers deeper, bucked my hips onto them, fucked my dignity away on my own hand.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t come back in after… You just have to get up and walk out the front door. Then you’ll be a free man,” said Master. “To be honest, though, I want you to stay. I love you.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I growled, through gritted teeth. “You lost the right to say that when you turned me into… into this…” The anger drove out the submissive thoughts, sure, but the horniness, the intense, burning, eager arousal, it remained. My poor cock was so neglected. I wanted to stroke it. But I couldn’t. Not just because it would be inappropriate for a puppy like me, but because I also wanted my old life back.

Or at least I think I did. But then another memory came to me. “Oh fuck…” I whispered. “Oh fuck, that happened… Oh god…” My cheeks and ears burned. My boss, Jason… The guy I had had the hots for. He had come to my place looking for me. He had been a douchebag… And he had royally pissed off Master…

My hand crept up my thigh toward my dick.

I had been watching from the corner. I had been hiding behind the couch when all of this happened. Jason had demanded to come in, calling Master a loser nobody. Then, all hell had broken loose. Jason was up one moment, and on his hands and knees the next, frantically panicking, trying to stand back up but failing, turning around to run away only for Master to grab him by the back of the collar to wrench him back into the house.

I remembered. That day I had gotten a new puppy friend. We had played with a double dildo. Oh shit… I remember how it had felt. That was one of the few days that Master had let me cum. All over Jason’s face.

“I’m glad you decided to stay, Will,” said Master. I glanced at him. He was grinning. At first I didn’t know why he was grinning. I felt good. So good. So hazy. So happy. My brain felt like it was shutting down. And then I realized that I was jerking off. I knew I had to stop, but it felt so good. That small part of me that didn’t want this to end was taking over. And I realized that Master liked this. And that it was always nice to show off for Master.

No. I tried to convince myself that I needed my old life back. But did I really? People at work had always been assholes.

No. That wasn’t right. My colleagues had been great. They had never been mean to me. I couldn’t just turn my back on them. But why couldn’t I? And why did thinking about doing it feel so right?

Mike wasn’t my Master… But why shouldn’t he be? He loved me. He fed me. He gave me treats. He trained me. He disciplined me. He kept me dumb, horny, and happy, like a good pup. And not to mention, he had a really yummy bone in his pants.

I started to giggle, pumping my cock up and down, the thoughts slipping away from me faster than I could try to catch them. It was like the pre-cum dripping down my cock was draining the resistance right out of me. I started to pant, drooling. Soon I was back on all fours, stroking my puppy dick furiously, stroking it while I was on my hands and knees.

I wagged my butt and whined. Why was it empty? Where was my tail? I whined again, louder. I looked at master, eyes wide and pleading. I needed my tail back. It was so cute. He said it was so cute. It was my favorite part of me, because Master said it was his favorite part of me. Other than my collar, I guess. And my puppy prick. And my puppy hole.

I pawed at my face. Where was Master again? I hadn’t seen him all day. And why was I in the soft-floor room? I wasn’t supposed to be in here. My heart sank. Oh no. Master might get mad… I whined at myself and looked around. I could maybe get out before Master got home. But I was so horny I couldn’t help but paw off. “Here, boy!” said Master.

I looked up. Master? Master! I was so happy I was practically bouncing. “Come here,” he said, patting me on the head. “Silly pup. Did you forget I was just here? Come on. Let’s collar you up.”

I presented my neck to Master, puffing my chest out proudly as he closed the buckle around my neck. “Who’s a good boy?” Master asked. “Who’s a good boy?”

I turned around and presented my butt to him, wiggling it from side to side so that my cute puppy tail would wag for him. Woof! I was a good boy!

I was the best boy!


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